Seth and Summer were peeling potatoes in the kitchen when Marissa walked into the room declaring they were staying for Thanksgiving.

"What?" Summer asked.

"Yeah something with the caterers." she shrugged as Kaitlyn walked in.

"Anyone seen Taylor?"

"Not since before Ryan left." Summer said.

"What?" Marissa asked loudly.

"She disappeared like five minutes before Ryan said goodbye." Seth replied.

Marissa fled the room immediately, yelling the name of her half sister, "Taylor where are you?"

"I'm gonna stay back here." Taylor said when Ryan started to approach Trey.

"I won't be long." he said.

"Take as long as you need." She said giving him a small smile, and waving to Trey, "Happy Thanksgiving."

"You too." Trey said, unsure who the girl was, but she was polite, "Hey little Bro."

"Hey man." Taylor rolled her eyes as she spied on the Atwood brothers from two picnic tables away. Why can't men ever express their emotions. Ryan obviously missed his brother and Trey likewise, but did they express that feeling in any way shape or form? A hug perhaps? A handshake ever? No, just a nod. Men.

Not even fifteen minutes had passed and Ryan was approaching Taylor again, "What's going on?" she asked.

"We uh... we have an errand to run."

"What kind of errand?" she asked glancing back at Trey who wouldn't meet her eyes.

"Seth get the door." Sandy called from the den.

"Summer care to join me?" Seth asked.

"Cohen, I'm mashing the potatoes here."

Seth sighed muttering about Frankenstein and creating a monster as he approached the door, he could still hear Marissa wandering around the house searching for Taylor, when he pulled open the door, "Luke Ward. At my home."

"Hey Cohen. I was looking for Taylor is she-"

"Taylor?" Marissa yelled running down the stairs, "Oh." she added seeing it was only Luke, "Is Taylor with you?"

"No, I was actually looking for her. I wanted to know if she wanted to go to the diner for some pie. You know cause it's our first Thanksgiving together."

Marissa rolled her eyes, "Yeah well we have no idea where Taylor is."

"Come in." Seth said finally shutting the door.

"Where are we?" Taylor asked looking around as Ryan pulled the car up to a house.

"This is my old neighborhood. That's my home." he said pointing to the house next to the one they were pulled up to.

"Your old home." Taylor corrected.

He nodded and smiled, "This is where I've got to... well I have to pick something up." They walked up the walk in silence and Ryan finally raised his hand to knock.

"Ryan Atwood." the girl who answered the door said looking him up and down.

"Theresa hi." he said, "Arturo in?"

"You're just gonna ask for my stupid brother, your not even gonna tell me where the hell you been for the last five months."

"Uh yea, no." Ryan said.

Taylor elbowed him, "Don't be so rude to your friend." she then turned to Theresa, "Hi, I'm Taylor, his neighbor."

"Taylor." he sighed.

"Ah new girlfriend." Theresa smiled sarcastically.

"No, just neighbor." Taylor answered a little too quickly then paused and added, "Wait new girlfriend? So you and Ryan used to...?"

"Off and on. We grew up together, I was the girl next door." Theresa said.

"So's my half sister."

"Still a sister." Ryan said trying to diffuse the tension. But it only made Taylor glare at him and Theresa look confused, "Right, so Arturo?"

"Yeah he's here." she turns and heads into another room, "Mom, look who I found." Theresa said leading the two of them in.

"Little Ryan Atwood." Taylor smirked, "Where have you been? I haven't seen your mom in a while."

"Yeah, uh me neither." he said, "This is Taylor."

"Nice to meet you." Taylor smiled.

"You too, dear." she turned back to Ryan, "Have you heard from Trey?"

"Well that's kind why we're here."

"Your here for the car?" Arturo asked entering the kitchen.

"Hey man, yes." Ryan said half hugging him, half shaking his hand, "Arturo, this is Taylor."

"Well hello-" Arturo started before Ryan stopped him, "She has a boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you." Taylor giggled as Arturo turned back to Ryan, "I forgot how possesive you get over your girls."

"She's not my girlfriend." Ryan said at the same time that Taylor said, "He's not my boyfriend."

"Whatever," Arturo laughed, "Come on man, let's go get it. It might take us a minute to get the engine started."

"You gonna be okay here, or do you wanna come with me?" Ryan asked Taylor softly.

"I'll be fine." she said pushing him towards the door, "Oh my god is that Ryan?" she asked seeing a picture on the fridge.

"You mean Snoopy? That's from the 8th grade musical, you're a good man Charlie brown. Theresa was peppermint patty." Theresa's mom said.

"He did musicals?" Taylor asked grinning, "That's so cute."

"He quit when we got to high school." Theresa said.

"Wow, that's a really pretty dress." Taylor said spotting another picture.

"Yeah that's when me and Ryan went to the winter dance together last year that was a crazy night...we use to get into all kinds 'a trouble... he just know that, he was there one day, next day his house was empty..." Theresa said.

"He didn't plan any of it." Taylor said defending Ryan, "It just happened."

"No phone calls or nothing."

"It was probably hard for him. He was trying to start over, he needed to be able to start over, his brother is in jail and his mom abandoned him. Probably just being here brings up bad memories of his family but he's here for Trey. So try going a little easier on him."

Theresa looked taken aback, then finally said, "You know how to peel potatoes?"

Seth dialed the number and waited for Ryan to pick up, "Yes thank Moses and Jesus in all their glory! Ryan man I need your help."

"I'm kind of in the middle of something here Seth." Ryan sighed.

"But Summer hasn't made a single pass at me all night. I'm begining to think I dreamed the whole thing where she kissed me."

"Seth," Ryan said, "Calm down, look Taylor and I will call you from the road."

"Wait Taylor's with you?"


"Julie and Luke have been looking for her. I guess I'll let them know she's with you."

"Wait what?" Ryan asked glancing towards the kitchen where he could see Taylor happily chatting away with Theresa.

"So are you gonna tell me the story behind Theresa as make the drop?" she asked, heading to the car.

"No, you're gonna take the car and go home." Ryan said angrily.

"What?" Taylor asked.

"You lied to me." Ryan said.

"About what?" Taylor demanded.

"You said you told your mom where you were going."


"Seth just called, your mom's been looking everywhere for you. God Taylor, you know your mom doesn't like me very much- no, make that at all. You know she's gonna pin this whole thing on me."

"Hey! I told her where I was going. God!" She exclaimed, "It's not exactly my fault she doesn't pay attention to me is it?! Besides I wonder who reminded her that I was no where in sight, could it be that sister I have who loves me oh so much? Your precious little girlfriend?!"

"No, actually I think it was your jock boyfriend showing up at my house looking for you." he sneered, "Just go home. I'll catch a bus back to Newport." he added handing her the keys.

"That's fine by me." Taylor said getting in the car slamming the door behind her.

Ryan watched angrily as the car sped away.

"You Ryan?" the guy who Ryan was dropping the car off to asked, "this is a hot ride I'll tell you that, hard to believe your brother could pull it off cause uh he's such a stupid son-of-a-bitch."

"Yeah well what'd you think?" Ryan asked.

"What'do I think about what?" the guy asked shoving Ryan, "Oh, is that the deal?"

"That's what he told me." Ryan said.

"huh, you fellas hear that? I've been waiting six months for this alright and there's something called interest."

"I don't have anything." Ryan said.

"Yeah well interest needs to be paid." the guy said and punched Ryan in the face.

Ryan and the guys froze, as a car horn honked. Ryan looked up to see Taylor in the car, about 10 feet away. She opened the passenger door, and Ryan made a run for it while the other guys were distracted. As he dove into the car he yelled, "Go!"

"Don't you order me around Ryan Atwood, I'm still so mad at you." But she went nevertheless.

"Thank you." he said sincerely.

Taylor didn't say anything as they pulled up to the Cohen house, "Well that was... interesting." she said finally as she reached for the door handle.

Ryan hit the lock button, "Taylor wait. Look I'm sorry. You really had my back out there, and I'm really sorry I was such a jerk. I know how your mom treats you, and I think it sucks but... look I'm just really sorry."

Taylor nodded, "Apology accepted... Snoopy."

"What are we looking for now?" Seth asked tiredly as Summer led him to the pool house, "Another strainer? I really doubt Ryan has anything like that."

"Shut up Cohen. The food is practically done." she said pushing him up against the door and kissing him, "Thanks for inviting me today."

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