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Chapter 3: Hell Breaks Loose

North of the village……

"Damnit! Where are the goddamn reinforcements? Do they expect us Anbu to take care of THREE Akatsuki members by ourselves? Not to mention the dirty scumbags from Otogakure! There are at least five hundred of them! With Kurenai, Gai, Genma and most of the other jonins gone, we won't stand a chance!"

"The reinforcements are blocked by Kisame Hoshigaki! What the! ARGH!"


As expected, after the signal fired from Uchiha Sasuke's hands, the three Akatsuki members got into their positions. After Uzumaki Naruto killed Orochimaru, Sasuke decided that he still wasn't strong enough, and therefore, he went to the Akatsuki and made a deal with them.

Which was why Itachi, Kisame and Deidara were barraging Konohagakure with attacks that have the power to decimate a village five times its size. The Anbu were all devastated, not only did their defenses totally break down, they allowed the enemy various entry points.

Deidara ignored all the pains that came from the shinobis that were blown apart by his clay bombs. Oh yes, he minimized the firepower, and by blowing them apart, yep, they will die slowly, "That's right, ENJOY DEATH YOU DUMBASSES!!!"

And it was only when a green blur flew right at him, did he stop his insane laughter and for the first time that night, he looked shocked. Indeed, the guy in front of him looked like a joke. Green spandex, thick-as eyebrows, ridiculous stance, and looked as if he had no chakra at all. And of course, all of the above is correct, yet one thing he failed to get his thick head on, Rock Lee won't lose to anyone, even at the risk of his life, he vowed to prove that a dropout can defeat a prodigy.

And as Gai once said, "Lee will not lose to anyone, he's a taijutsu specialist." And right when he thought that was it, shurikens flew at him from all directions, and out reveals a kunoichi in a partially revealing pink outfit. Her goal is to prove that kunoichis are just as good as shinobis, and ultimately, she wants to be as strong as the Godaime Hokage. Tenten is not one to be underestimated. She proved that when she floored a Rock jonin during a mission with her extreme accuracy. Even though both are still chuunin-rank, they really have the power of jonin.

They knew that appearances and talents pose no threat to the ultimate outcome of a battle. Even a dropout can beat a prodigy. Uzumaki Naruto. Konohagakure's Number one unpredictable ninja proved that. Now, they were going to prove it. Nothing's impossible if you put your heart to it. Only if you give it your all, will you be truly proud of your efforts regardless of the results. That is the lesson learnt long ago. Now, it is with pride in their hearts, pride in fighting for Konoha that they stand before their opponent.

Deidara licked his lips, oooh boy, let the fun begin.

West of village……

Kisame was having the time of his life cutting shinobis in half. No one could stand in his way. His strength was incredible, combine that with Samehada, and he became almost invincible.

He felt confident in his taijutsu, and even if he went against some great ninjutsu expert, all he has to do is to wave Samehada around and absorb the chakra from the attacks. Therefore, to the Konoha shinobis, he should be invincible. All of them are unworthy. Yet, why was he having this tingling feeling within him? Who was this Hyuga standing in front of him? His eyes, they're different. Sure, his clothes are the same as any other Hyuga member, but Neji learnt his lesson from Naruto a long time ago.

So what if this guy can absorb chakra? So what if he has inhumane strength? None of that matters. One has to control one's destiny, and to do so, one must go against the odds, no matter how ridiculous it seems. If a dropout who has the worst possible chakra control in the world can defeat the first-ever deemed prodigy in the Hyuga clan, then, he would have no problem going against him. He shall prove that he, as a member of the Bunke of the Hyuga clan, can control his own destiny.

After noticing the same movement in stance from his left, he smiled. So, she was his partner. That would be really reassuring. The teenage girl stared down Kisame with equivalent determination. Her white eyes however, revealed a layer of tranquility behind the will to battle. She had proved herself capable after achieving Chunnin rank and finished over fifty A-rank missions.

When she was young, no one acknowledged her due to her lack of strength. And she would always be lonely and sad after hearing how her father constantly barraged her about how she disgraced the Soke of the Hyuga clan. She was about to give up once and for all if not for one ninja, Uzumaki Naruto.

He was always trying, over and over, never giving up. His nindo, "I never go back on my words! I shall never give up!" etched itself deeply into her mind, and with that, she found herself following his footsteps, and slowly, but surely, she became what she is today. She has successfully gained the respect of the Soke family members and her own father, who could finally proudly introduce her to other political members of the council.

She is Hyuga Hinata. He Is Hyuga Neji. Both had different destinies, both thought they were done for, both were saved from the darkness in their hearts………both by Uzumaki Naruto.

And it is with that determination, that they face Kisame Hoshigaki, even if he is one of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū, even if he is Kirigakure no Kaijin, so what? Nothing is for certain, that had been taught to them over and over, yet they never fully understood what it meant before, now it shone in their eyes, clearer than ever. And it is with that rage in their hearts, the rage at those who dare hurt their nakama, that the two Hyugas face the Akatsuki member.

And with a smirk, Kisame pulled out Samehada once more, ready for battle………

East of Village……

'Sharingan vs. Sharingan once again huh?' Kakashi eyed his opponent with contempt. Uchiha Itachi, brilliant prodigy from the Uchiha Clan, graduated at the top of his academy class at the age of 7, mastered Sharingan by the age of 8, became a chuunin at the age of 10, and became an Anbu squad captain at the age of 13. He killed the entire Uchiha clan, all except Uchiha Sasuke, within one night, displaying his overwhelming amount of power.

He has obtained Mangekyo Sharingan by killing his best friend Uchiha Shisui, able to use the most power-dominating genjutsu, Tsukuyomi, and Amaterasu, a jutsu which creates black flames that are hotter than the sun itself and can penetrate any barrier. His jutsu speed is insanely fast, and by merely pointing at you, he can cast a strong genjutsu. Of course, genjutsus are useless against him, seeing how he merely copies your genjutsu and sends it right back at you.

Meanwhile, Copy ninja Hatake Kakashi, like his father, whose skills have been compared to that of the Legendary Sannin, Kakashi is considered a genius shinobi, graduating from the Ninja Academy at age 5 and achieving the rank of Chuunin at 6. At the age of 13, Kakashi achieved Jonin status. Gained his sharingan from Obito, whose body was crushed by a landslide during a mission to save the third member in their team, Rin. And it is with that Sharingan eye, that Kakashi never forgot what Obito did for him, and to avenge him, he perfected Chidori and turned it into an S-rank jutsu, Raikiri. He is the highest ranking technique specialist in Konoha, and said to be the strongest jounin in the village. He even developed his own version of Mangekyo Sharingan. With it, he can manipulate space-time, utilizing it to conduct long-range attacks.

Now, once again, the two face one another. Sharingan vs. Sharingan huh? Hmph. How ironic.

Within the village……

"Come on Akamaru! Gatsuga!"

"Baika no jutsu! Nikudan Sensha! Human Bullet Tank)"

WHAM! Another twenty or so otogakure shinobis down. The two powerhouses in taijutsu of Konoha are fighting it out on the streets whereas other chuunins allow the villagers to retreat back to the evacuation site. They were unstoppable, beating down anyone who dares take a step past them. And if they fail to get to that person……

"Kage Shibari no jutsu. (Shadow Bind Technique)"

"Shinranshin no jutsu! (Mind body Disturbance Technique)"

Yep, Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino rounded up the ones that actually managed to get past and of course, with Shikamaru's Kage Kubi Shibari no jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique), let's say, no one managed to get past them so far.

Aburame Shino sent his bugs to every corner of the village to detect whether any other enemies were lurking in the dark. If there were, great, feast for the bugs, if none, continue searching. It was taking a lot of mental power to actually control five thousand bugs but he thinks he can manage. After all, he is from the Aburame clan.

Shikamaru wasn't really worried about the current situation. Heck, with Chouji and Kiba took care of everything. No, he was worried about the east side of the village, where the old Team seven was, and he knew……things were about to get real nasty. Damn the Hokage for making him a chuunin so early. Everything's so damn troublesome, oh, look, another moron who walked right into my jutsu, jesus, don't they ever learn?

Tsunade was overlooking everything in the Hokage tower with the crystal ball left by Sandaime. She had to be careful. Akatsuki don't make rash decisions, so if they intend to attack Konohagakure, they must have a plan that they think will guarantee them victory. She sighed and looked to the east. Since Jiraiya is overlooking the area, she felt a little more relieved, yet, why had the pervert chosen the west specifically? Did he know something she didn't? Was it really just to prevent Sasuke from escaping? She doesn't know. And that sucks. Pft, what kind of Hokage is she anyway?

All she could do……was wait. And pray for Sakura and Naruto. For she knew, if she so much as took one step into a particular region, all forces shall focus on the centre of village, whereas that region would try and stall her for as long as possible. Now even though she is one of the Sannin, having a hundred people dragging on to you can slow you down……hmph, damn Akatsuki, if they dare lay a finger on her brother………she swears upon her life that she would rip their hearts out if it's the last thing she does……

West of Village……

This region however, is real quiet. Why? Because nobody made a move yet. Yes, Naruto was facing Sasuke, yet neither of them said anything. There is nothing left to be said.

Naruto merely closed his eyes and sighed, "Man……to think that baka kitsune is actually right for once……hahahahahahaha……sigh……you sure you want to do this again Sasuke?"

Sasuke stared at him straight in the eyes, "No, but I have to. To gain power, I must do this. I told you before Naruto, the two of you were just obstacles in my way. If I have to get rid of you to obtain power, I'll do it……without hesitation." And of course, Sharingan was activated.

Naruto scratched his head and he glared at the boy once more, "Look, I didn't get you back here just so you could act out the past all over again. This time, I WILL kill you if I have to. And I can. Don't get cocky Uchiha."

"Hmph. Once a dobe, always a dobe. Anyone knows that. So what if you have the kyuubi? You still can't beat me. You can't do it. Because this so-called friendship holds you back. I swore to my parents that I'll kill my brother to avenge them. And now, I've obtained the power. All I need is a little more and I'll be on my way. So scram. Now."

"So, you just gonna leave again? Sakura means nothing to you?"

"Hmph, she's just a mating tool. All I need her for is to revive my clan. That's all."


"You heard me."

"How could you say that?! Sakura……Sakura……she loves you with all her heart! Did you know that? She wanted to save you and she blames herself for not succeeding. She blames herself! And here you are talking about her as if……as if she's……"

"No need to get emotional. Just because you love her doesn't mean she's important. Besides, she doesn't even care about you. Why don't you just give up already? I don't see what this is doing for you. Why do you protect a girl that won't so much as look at you?"

Naruto clenched his fists, and glared at Sasuke, "You wouldn't understand. I love Sakura, ever since the day I met her, till the day I die. She'll always be in my heart. Whether she gives a damn or not isn't the point. I protect her because I love her. I don't need her to like me back to do that. Love is unconditional. Love is selfless. Now get that through you thick skull you bastard!"

"My, my such emotions. I can't handle it. Oh, then I won't. Now, I don't want to say this anymore. Get out of my way. Or else, Konoha will go down tonight. Your limit is four tails isn't it?" And with that Sasuke smirked.

Naruto growled, "That's more than enough for you teme."

"Oh yes……that may be the case. But……is it enough to take on Manda and Sanbi? I don't think so……"

Naruto's eyes widened, "You wouldn't……"

Sasuke's smirk increased ever so slightly, "Oh but I would. And from the looks of it, preparations are complete………"

And with a huge cloud of smoke, out came a gigantic monster, Manda, king of the snake summons, Sasuke leapt to the top of Manda's head, and laughed evilly, "Today is the end of Konoha! Manda! Eat anything you want. In fact, wait; let's have some fun with this fox in front of us. He shall be your first sacrifice!"

Manda hissed, "Hmph. No need to tell me that you gaki. I don't need orders from you." And with a sudden movement, the huge purple snake propelled itself straight towards Naruto. Naruto cussed and was just about to summon Gamabunta before a single punch stopped Manda right in its tracks. A pink blur was seen smashing the snake in the chin and one powerful hook sent it flying backwards.

The kunoichi landed gracefully, and without a word, stood before them. Now, the three shinobis stood staring at each other. Naruto turned his head away and sighed. Sasuke merely smirked, "Well, well, well. Looks like you certainly got stronger during my leave baby. I'm impressed."

"Sasuke……" The venom dripping from her voice could be felt miles away.

"What's wrong? Aren't you supposed to be happy to see me?" Sasuke feigned sadness.

"Shut it! I can't believe what you just said……how dare you think of me that way! I can't believe I ever fell for a bastard like you! After all the trouble Naruto went, just to get you back……you……you……"

Sasuke merely stared at his fingernails, "What of it?"

"How could you do this to us?! All we wanted was Team 7 back when we started! The team 7 where all of us would work together for that common goal! WHY SASUKE?!"

"Revenge. I'm an avenger. And I'll do whatever it takes to obtain power, because……I have to."

The girl swore, and then took in a deep breath, before getting into her battle stance, "Well, then, I guess there's nothing more to say. Uchiha Sasuke, by order of the Godaime Hokage, I hereby declare you as a missing-nin of Konoha, and as her apprentice and your ex-teammate, I shall ensure your capture."

Sasuke gave a low whistle, "Wow, I'm so scared. Heh, even if you improved, you shall be no where near my level. In fact, right from the start, all you had was a pretty face and some smart brains, that's all. I admit, your chakra control's excellent, but that becomes pointless if you only have a small amount of chakra. And at times of battle, all you did was burden us. Hmph, now you act all high and mighty. You useless whor……"

He never finished the sentence for Naruto's punch reached him first and sent him flying through the forest. "Teme! You've crossed the line! How dare you insult her! If it wasn't for her taking care of you in that damn forest, you would have DIED. Sakura's right, you're no longer the Sasuke I know. You're just a bastard that craves for power, just like Orochimaru."

Sakura took her stance beside him and both got ready. Sasuke stared at them for a long time, before……smiling, "Let's end this……shall we?"

Suddenly, just outside the village……

POOF! A huge cloud of smoke can be seen and ten huge snakes, a little smaller than Manda, appeared. Fangs baring, all ready to rip some flesh. The Konoha shinobis were totally shocked at their appearance. They can barely hold their ground anymore, and here was the enemy, adding more allies to their fray.

Even Shikamaru could see how bad the situation was. Possible tactics were having Shino send his bugs to temporarily distract the snakes, Kiba and Akamaru transform into the wild beast and use Garouga, and finally Chouji could use Cho Baika no jutsu and wrestle the snakes. Yet, all these tactics might cause too much damage to the village. Kuso! There isn't even time for him to think of a strategy. All he has is ten seconds, maybe less. God Damnit!

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out, "Doton: Yomi Numa! (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld)." And the entire forest area surrounding the snakes transformed into a huge swampland, engulfing the snakes bit by bit, yet the snakes were still thrashing about.

"Ninpo Kuchiyose! Yatai Kuzushi no jutsu! Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique" A large toad was summoned in mid-air and brought down to crash directly on the snakes, further hindering their movements. Ibiki turned to the direction of the jutsu user, "Jiraiya-sama!"

"Hurry! Get rid of the Otogakure shinobis as quickly as you can, I'll take on these beasts myself. Now go!"

"Hai!" And all the Anbu hurried off to carry out their mission. Jiraiya sighed, he hated to admit it, but if anything else comes up, he can't do nothing about it. Those two jutsus used up a fair amount of his chakra, and if anything worse appears, oh boy. Better be careful. He bit his finger, and performed a few seals before slamming his hand onto the ground, "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" And once more, a huge cloud was formed, and this time, Gamabunta appeared, and taking in the view in front of him, he asked no questions but merely snorted before saying, "Ha, Jiraiya, things certainly have become quite difficult huh?"

Jiraiya sighed, "You bet."

With the Akatsuki members……

"Gargh! How dare you!"

"Konoha Gonriku Senpuu! (Konoha's mighty whirlwind)". And Deidara went flying once more. Tenten refused to let him take even one breath by summoning ten more scrolls and throwing all the weapons at him with incredible speed and accuracy.

Kisame on the other hand, was fairing no better. That Kaiten move really is a pain. Not only does it deflect Samehada, there were times when he actually lost his footing due to the incredible force of it. And the move that girl was using……she called it Shugohakke Rokujūyon Shō (Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms). That move acts like that Kaiten, yet if he wasn't careful, the chakra blades have the potential to sever an arm or two off. Damn it.

Itachi was getting impatient. He was still drawing with Hatake Kakashi, not only did Kakashi successfully resist his Tsukuyomi, but all he was able to keep up with his speed. He was surprised that the Copy ninja improved this vastly over the years. Yet, if he didn't do something soon……maybe it's time……

And with a silent gesture he sent red fireworks all over the sky, and at that instant Kisame and Deidara's eyes lit up. "Aw hell yeah! About time we did that!"

Kisame merely guffawed and slammed Samehada towards the two hyugas who, as expected, used their various defense techniques to try and counter, yet, that was all Kisame wanted, he forced them aside and dashed off.

Itachi aimed an Amaterasu at Kakashi and not caring whether it hit, dashed off as well.

And during this time, all three of them were activating seals at the speed of light, and once they reached a clear area, they slammed their palms down onto the ground, and in an instant, hell broke loose………

With Team 7……

"What do you mean Sanbi?" Naruto asked after once again, clashing his kunai with Sasuke's sword so that Sakura could use the chance and bash his head in.

"What do you think I mean dobe?" Sasuke smirked and just as Sakura's fist was about to connect, the whole ground shook and the typical smoke generated from a summon could be seen, although this seemed more like a cross-technique between extraction and transportation.

Naruto's face drained of all colour as he saw that creature. God no, hell no. It can't be! But there it was, the turtle-like Sanbi, growling aggressively at the puny mortals standing beneath it. This information was too much to behold, for Naruto knew……even he himself might not be able to take on this monster……

Rest of the village……

"What the hell is that thing?!"

"It…it's the Sanbi!"

"You've GOT to be kidding me!"

"Sent reinforcements! Hurry!"

"Get Hokage-sama right away, if this continues, Konohagakure will be destroyed!"

Jiraiya was shocked that the Sanbi still existed. He thought that it was sealed away by the Akatsuki a year ago. Damn it.

"Bunta! Abura da!" Hand seals done.

"Yosh!" And with a burp, a huge stream of oil was spit out of his mouth.

"Katon: Gamayu Endan! (Fire Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet)." And as fire meets oil, a gigantic ball of flame was sent towards the monster and engulfed it straight away. The attack continued for almost a minute, yet, no signs of pain was shown on the monster's face as it merely shot out a huge current of water and stopped the attack.

Once Tsunade saw the Sanbi, she teleported to where Jiraiya was and stood beside him, hands on his back, pouring all of her chakra into him to prevent him from experiencing chakra exhaustion. And as she stood beside Jiraiya, she asked, "So……what do you think?"

The gama-sennin gave a sigh, "This……may be the end, Tsunade."

And as much as she hate to admit it……having three Akatsuki members, Manda, a few more hundred oto-nins, and Sanbi invading the village at the same time………this……might be it………

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