Sorry, it has been way too long since I last posted!

222 I'd love the idea of having one on SGA :D
225 It's annoying the hell out of anybody ggrrh
229... No kidding, Ronon has been on the cast of BW

219. Wraith (to victim)
"I'm not touching you... hrhr ...I'm not touching you... hrhr"

220. Ford
"I spy with my little eye..."

221. Evil guy

"I see you are used to pain."

"I have been working out with Ronon Dex."
Evil guys


"I have spared with Teyla Emmagan."
Evil guy


"And I have McKay on my team."
Evil guy


222. Sheppard
"So this is the atlantean prototype armor you were so exited about? Duh... Looks kinda... boring..."

"What where you expecting? Iron Man?!"

223. McKay
"So, what's going on over there?"

"Oh, Shit... this looks like your average worst nightmare coming true."

"Hm, lemme see... It doesn't include Zelenka being promoted, the Wraith killing us with a super nova bomb, me being eating by a gigantic whale, Lorne growing a mustache or Ronon confessing his undying love for me – sorry, but definitely not worst nightmare time yet."

224. Heightmeyer
"So John, what's bothering you?"

"I'm afraid I'm losing my humanity Kate... "

"After effects of the Itarus bug?"

"No, it's a lot worse than that... I beat the officially atlantean Tetris high score – and I felt like bragging about it in the mess!! Geez, I'm turning into a McKay..."

225. McKay (on a replicator ship)
"Okay, common – ah, here! Accessing the database, where's that stuff – okay, download... Hu? No premium user... Enter code below – sure right, what is this? Rapidshare?"

226. Ronon
"Teal'C ... has your team also tried to teach you how to read their language?"


"You still think you are on the 'right' side after reading War and Peace?"

"Wait until you've read what they call The Grimm brothers' fairy tales... And they read them to their children."

227. McKay
"You know what? Next time we run into the Repilcators, lets just install Windows Vista... Might do the job and kill them for real."

228. Teyla
"The ways of my people are different."

"You sure say that a lot Teyla."

"Well, it's a lot more shorter than 'God, what a bunch of savages your people are, you pathetic space monkey from another galaxy who's thinking his culture is actually superior to mine'."

"Uhm... 'Kay..."

229. Sheppard
"Damn, Looks like Radek won't come up any time soon ... Looks like we need to play Baywatch Ronon."