Title: One Night

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"I've ate more than I should have," she complained, sitting back against the padded dining chair. "More than what I usually eat all day." She surveyed the remains of her breakfast; scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, a pile of the softest most delicious pancakes and golden, sticky syrup – a small dot of which lingered agonizingly tempting on the corner of her mouth. Booth sipped his coffee, watching her over the rim with dark eyes – his gaze intent. "What are you staring at?" she asked, smirking self consciously. "Do I have something in my teeth?"

"No, but you've a glob of syrup stuck to your mouth." His grin was wide and easy. Brennan flicked her thumb over her lip, frowning. "You're cute when you're not being all condescending and intelligent. There's something very un-intelligent about you when you've missed your mouth." He drained his coffee, placing the cup on the matching china saucer with a clatter before getting to his feet. She watched him knot his tie, checking his reflection in the mirror.

"Hmm," she responded. "Imagine how I feel when I watch you shovelling pie." Brennan stood, tightening her robe. "Can we talk?" she asked, standing in the bathroom doorway as he trailed his fingers through his hair. The air smelt of soap and cologne – of Booth, she thought. "I thought maybe we should talk about things and come to a resolution before we leave today. We work together after all." She thought of her colleagues at the Jeffersonian and how they'd surely recognise tension between them.

"Sure," Booth said resting against the counter, crossing his legs at the ankles and his arms across his chest. A classic defensive pose, she knew.

"Yeah... umm... should we sit?" With her hand she gestured to the unmade bed and the sofa beyond. He levelled a stare. "Or we could just discuss it here. Last night was good. Better than good, it was great! I don't mean to insinuate that your technique was less than adequate because that's certainly not the case. Umm..." He tried to hide his amusement at her discomfort but he so enjoyed watching her, the unflappable Temperance Brennan, squirming. "I know I'm reserved and somewhat emotionally stunted. Angela tells me so all the time and I'm... embarrassed by how I am perceived to be cold." He straightened, crossing the bathroom to stand before her.

Her chestnut hair sat about her face still uncombed and her cheeks were flushed pink both with anxiety and her resent orgasm. In her eyes he saw a self-doubt that he never thought he'd witness in her for all the time he'd known her she'd been so confident and certain of herself. He recognised that underneath the professional facade, Brennan was just like the other women he'd known. Like them and yet so unique.

"Brennan," he began before pausing and clearing his throat. "Temperance," he corrected softly, resting his hands on her shoulders. The muscles beneath were tight and he realised just how nervous this conversation made her. "You may come across at times as being incredibly clinical, but in the time I've known you I have never met a more compassionate woman. You might not be an FBI agent and your calling may lie in the hard laws of science and laboratory but you have a desire to help people, to put their sorrows to rest and give the victims of misjudge peace. Professionally, I've never met a warmer person. Personally... I'm just getting to know you and..." he took a deep breath. "This is such an unmanly thing to say and if it ever gets out, you're in mega-trouble, but you are an amazing lover... you're fierce and gentle, wild and sated and this morning when I woke up I was more satisfied than I've ever been in my life." And I want every morning to be exactly the same¸ he added silently.

She looked at her feet, heaving a deep sigh. "Well... that makes this easier. Booth... I'd like to continue things with us. Nothing dramatic," she added with a shaky laugh. "I'm not suggesting marriage or children... certainly not children. But... are we too old to be boyfriend and girlfriend?" He smiled at her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I've never been big on official names anyway. We are what we are and right now, we're enjoying each other's company right?" She nodded. "No one needs to know, Brennan. Not at the FBI and not at the Jeffersonian. We're adults, and we can have a private relationship outside of work." He thought about having dinner with her, sleeping in the same bed as her and finally, with a tremble running through his body, making love to her knowing that his time with her wasn't limited to a measly twenty four hours in a hotel room.

"I guess so," she agreed. "I'd like to keep this quiet... no speculation." Now that she'd opened herself to the idea, it didn't seem so scary to be in a relationship with Booth. She was smiling somewhat 

when he leaned down and kissed her quickly on the lips. For their first official relationship kiss, she was disappointed. But it felt oddly familiar.

"We need to be leaving otherwise we'll be late." Just as they'd arrived, Brennan knew they'd leave separately. He to his office and she back to the lab. "But if you like we can meet for dinner tonight?" She began to dress, shaking her head as she did.

"Can't tonight," she replied. "I have a sixteenth century skeleton to authenticate and a dozen reports to write." As she bent to gather her belongs, including the discarded vibrator that had provided her so much pleasure the night before, he stepped behind her and reached for her hips. She stiffened, his arousal pressing against the curve of her ass. "Although... you could come by later tonight." He gasped, scandalised.

"A booty call?" He asked, pressing harder against her now. She was already wet and the thought of working through an entire day was torture. "I feel cheapened." Booth stepped back and she almost whimpered as she straightened, turning to face his half-smiling, half-scowling face. "Although I'm not going to refuse. You're killing me, Brennan." He took her hand, guiding her open palm to his erection, straining against his pants.

"We're going to be late," she protested weakly, stroking him now of her own accord. He groaned, releasing her hand. "But... we're never late. What's one day?" He grinned, reaching for her. His mouth found hers in an instant as he led her eagerly towards the bed.

"One night," he scoffed as he began to free her of the clothes she'd only just put on. "As if."


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