Summary: All grown up and living in New York City, Julie and Connie get a blast from the past that changes everything.

Author's Note: So remember on Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw dated the Russian? Yeah, see the episode where she met him was on yesterday, and this kinda happened. Its Julie/Gunnar...which should be interesting. I think I'm retiring the continuity...or at least giving it a breather, so this is totally free, on its own! Enjoy it!

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The Cat and The Iceman

Chapter 1: What's with the pigeon?

"I don't get it," Julie said looking at a black and white photograph of a squashed pigeon on a sidewalk.

"I think it's like a metaphor." Her friend Gary said, "The pigeon represents Carla's soul, which has been crushed by the foot traffic of life."

"Oh," Julie said, "OK, I see that I guess."

"Actually, I just thought the feathers were cool," Carla said coming up behind them. "But your analysis is better, mind if I steal it to tell reporters and art critics?"

"Carla!" Julie said hugging her, "with the exception of the pigeon, which I still don't really get, everything looks great! We're so proud of you." They were at a show opening at a gallery that was showing Carla's photos. It was her first big gallery showing.

"Where's Connie?" Carla said, looking around, "She said she was coming."

"She got stuck at work," Gary said, "She's on her way, she would have called you, but she knew you'd be freaking out."

"I'm here!" Connie said, running in, pulling her shoe, which had fallen off back on, "and so sorry!" She hugged Carla, "Congratulations! I'm uber proud of you!" Connie looked at the photo in front of them. "What's with the dead bird?"

"It's a metaphor for Carla's crushed soul," Julie explained, "or something."

"Oh," Connie said, "Cool!"

"Don't look now," Gary said, "Cute guy at the food table looking over here." The three girls turned their heads. "I told you not to look."

"Oh my God!" Connie exclaimed, "Julie, that's"

"No," Julie cut her off. "It can't be, it just looks like him."

"No," Connie said, "No, it's definitely him. Was he that hot when we were thirteen?"

"You two know him?" Gary said. "Who is he? And which team does he play for?" Gary usually had decent gaydar, but sometimes he had to initiate conversation.

"If he's who Connie thinks he is," Julie said, "that's Gunnar Stahl. As I haven't seen him in over ten years, I couldn't for the life of me tell you which team he plays for. Although he used to play for Iceland, in hockey at least."

"You should go say hi," Carla said, "from what he's wearing it looks like he has money, and I need to sell pictures."

"He wouldn't remember us," Julie said shaking her head.

"He might not remember me," Connie said, "but I have a feeling he'd remember you."

"Why?" Carla's eyes sparked at the thought of their fine upstanding Julie involved in some kind of scandal.

"I blocked his final shot at the Junior Goodwill Games," Julie shrugged, "which lost his team the game and the tournament actually." She smiled at the memory.

"Also she punched him in the groin," Connie smiled. Julie laughed.

"I forgot that part." She smiled. She was still looking at him. Had he been that hot when they were thirteen?

"Kinky," Gary said. "He's European? That explains why the gaydar was confused."

"Or maybe you're losing it?" Connie teased him.

"Honey," he said, "was I not the one who pushed that little blond one out of the closet for you?"

"Oh yes," Connie said, "I loved that you outed my boyfriend! That made for such a great time in my life."

Julie wandered the gallery, a drink in her hand. She had always loved looking at Carla's work, since they met back in college. She had an amazing ability to capture light and movement. There was one picture in particular that she was pretty sure she was going to buy, it was a gorgeous photo of light streaming into the Egyptian Pool Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Julie's favorite spot in New York City. As she studied the photo she sensed a presence next to her. She looked over and smiled, it was him, Connie had been right.

"It's the cats right?" She looked at him confused. "Why you love the Egyptians so much? They worshipped cats, and you are one?" He smiled at her. His accent had faded a bit, but it was still there. "You do not remember me?"

"I remember you," She said, "I didn't think you'd remember me."

"You, I would not forget," he smiled, "You changed my life. Your friend, the tall one with the dark hair, she was a Duck also, yes?" Why had she never noticed what a nice smile he had?

"Yes," Julie nodded. So they knew each other? What now? "Did you see the one with the squashed pigeon? What do you think the artist was thinking?"

"What do you think they're talking about?" Gary said, to Connie observing Julie and Gunnar in conversation.

"The photos hopefully," Carla said, Gary and Connie shot her a look, "What? I need the money, I'm a starving artist."

"Oh, a starving artist," Gary said, "that explains why you ate all of the Captain Crunch."

"Hey, this showing does well, I could actually start paying rent, and buying my own food," Carla said, "you have just as much desire for it to do well as I do."

"Dear Lord," Connie said clasping her hands in prayer, "Please let Julie convince Gunnar Stahl to buy some of Carla's pictures so that we can all stop paying her share of the rent." The three of them laughed. Julie and Carla had been college room mates, and moved to New York together after graduation. Connie and Gary had met in college also, and had also decided to try their luck at the big city, so the four of them had found a huge amazing loft apartment to share, of course Carla, as an artistic photographer couldn't always make her rent, none of the other three begrudged her this, really, but they liked to tease her about it. "I just can't believe, that of all people he showed up."

"Why do you know so much about photography?" Julie asked. She was so curious about him, just looking at him fascinated her.

"In college I took a few classes," he explained, "I've always loved taking pictures. What about you?"

"I live with a photographer," she explained, "this photographer, actually."

"Live with?" He asked, "So it is serious then?" Julie looked at him and then laughed.

"Oh, no, Carla," she explained, "she's my friend. Carla Estevez, the artist who took the photos."

"Oh," he said quietly, "then you are unattached?" Julie blushed shyly.

"For now," she smiled, trying to flirt, but still unsure about this situation.

"Good to know," He smiled, "It was good to see you again Julie Gaffney." He walked away. She caught her breath, and walked over to her friends.

"So?" Connie asked, "What happened?"

"We flirted," Julie said, scrunching her face, "Sorry Gary!"

"Eh, I'll just have to find my own rich European," Gary shrugged.

"It was very weird." Julie said, "He asked if I had a boyfriend, but then didn't ask for my number. Also he said I changed his life. I don't know what that means."

"Blocking the shot?" Connie ventured the guess.

"Or maybe you hit his balls!" Carla suggested. "And now he can't have children."

"Hmm," Julie said pondering that one, "Oh, also he said he's going to buy the one of the bridge view. Said it would look nice in his bathroom."

"Ah!" Carla hugged her. "I sold a photo, to someone other than you!"

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