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"I wish I'd met you first," Justin had said to Lisa. Back then he'd thought that she and Richard were two extremes on the same spectrum. Dark and light. Good and evil. Angel and demon. Maybe it had even been a little true for a while, but not for very long. Richard wasn't the devil, just a seriously fucked up kid, just like Justin was. Just like Lisa, too, she was just a much more mild case of the exact same thing. Hardly dark and light.

The truth was that Justin still wished he had met Lisa first, more and more as the trial progressed, but he didn't blame Richard anymore. Poor dead Richard. Lucky dead Richard. Justin wished he had shot them both when he'd had the chance, but they'd both been too weak then. Too weak to end their lives once and for all, but Justin was stronger now.

He knew he would be able to pull the trigger this time because what other option was there? Justin knew he would be convicted, but even if he weren't, what would he do then? What was there left in this life to go on to? No, better to die now, quickly, than slowly, later.

And if there was any truth at all in all that afterlife bullshit, he'd see Richard. Justin knew this because if there was an after, both he and Richard would surely go to hell. They had forfeited all right to heaven the way Justin had forfeited any right he had to see Lisa again. He had chosen Richard, and now there was only hell ahead.

Hell and, hopefully, Richard.

Justin nearly smiled as the battered car pushed 97 mph. He was nearly at the Bluff.

"A pact made with relentless fire that requires that while some live, others die," he murmured under his breath.

It would all be over soon.


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