Kingdom Hearts: Reflection

Summary: What if Naminé, Axel, and Roxas were on the Destiny Islands instead of Sora, Riku, and Kairi?

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Xiana: Okay now, this is a story I came up with on my own. I'm sorry if someone else had the same idea, but the truth is, I've never seen this out here before. All I ask is that you read it and judge it fairly. So… here we go. The prologue.


I've been having some peculiar thoughts recently. I've been wondering if any of this is real. And in the end, all I can think is… Is it?

- - -

It felt as if I was sinking, suspended within the deepest reaches of the ocean. And while I knew in my soul that this was just another one of "those dreams," the smooth whisper of the water and the trickling stream of bubbles rushing up past my ears impelled me to open my eyes, to survey the opaque, inky sea enclosing me, to glimpse thousands of phosphorescent particles drifting towards the surface, to break free from the all-encompassing, boundless depths of the ocean to wing away on an endless journey to an unknown destination. An undercurrent towed me away, and gritty sand dug its way into the pliant skin of my cheek and palms. I pushed myself up, throwing my sodden hair back with a shower of misty droplets reflecting the light of the crescent moon, and gasped for air with the power of a maelstrom churning over a turbulent night sea.

Crouching on the desolate beach, I watched the waves roll up to skim over me, unable to soak still farther into my already-saturated garment, a robe deep as shadow. I stood to find two similarly dressed figures standing in front of me, regarding me somberly. Their gloved hands were clasped tightly together, and as I focused my gaze still further, they levitated forward, the shorter of the two silhouetted in the curve of the moon, and each outstretched a hand to me imploringly. I took half a step forward, then another, and now I was pounding through the surf, flitting on top of the water, leaping over the ethereal, half-formed waves rushing on towards the foamed shores.

They hastened towards me as well, but sank beneath the ocean mockingly as I reached forward, barely grazing the edge of a billowing sleeve. Undeterred, I sprang off the curtain of the water, arcing through the air in a flawless dive. I shoved my way through the water, legs churning, arms grasping, my body throwing aside the marine barrier. I was completely unconcerned for my own health, despite the fact that this dream was the most realistic of all those I'd had previously, so much so that I could almost believe that I had, in my haste, scraped against the sandpaper scales of an oceanic fish. The side of my hand almost recoiled in pain, but I continuing paddling downwards until I was overcome by the besieging black of utter hopelessness and sank into its hauntingly destructive melody.

- - -

Light. Brilliance gleamed around me. I woke to find myself on a circular platform, which shone with the gleam of an unearthly stained glass window glimmering its farewell to the setting sun. I wandered to the edge to look over internal darkness.

'You should not have given in.' This disembodied voice was chiding, reproachful, but gentle. 'If even you cannot resist the lure of the dark, what hope have we?' A biting wind snapped through, shattering the terrain and plunging me back into the night.

- - -

When I woke again, I found myself on another platform, similar to the first, reflecting the deep flush of a rose's center instead of a tribute to fading light. Three stone pedestals appeared, each containing a shining force.

'Which will you choose?' The central column shimmered. 'A warrior's soul is valiant, but can that redeem his sins?' The pillar on the left glittered. 'A defender can protect, but can also push away. Do you want to remain alone?' The final pedestal sparkled. 'The magician's path is a lofty one, and many people will respect you. Many more will want to destroy you as something they don't understand. Will you risk it?'

I hesitantly approached the second column. 'The path of the defender? Your path may be hard, and may not end in happiness. Will you accept this?'

"I will." The words rang out and the two cloaked figures from earlier blinked into existence. The taller of the two claimed the power of the central pillar, while the other took the power of magic.

'And now, which power will you choose to give up?' The faceless strangers turned to me. "I… I… th… that one." I held out a shaking finger to point to the taller one. Slowly, he reached out to mockingly repeat my gesture. The other stood impassively, making no move towards me or the other.

"I will not surrender either. Both are of great importance to me."

'Then you shall lose both.'

The light of the platform dimmed, and then flashed brighter than before, so that I was forced to shield my eyes from the increasing luminescence. The only thing remaining was a huge door, covered with ornate carvings and designs. I warily approached the center, pressing gently on the door so that it swung slightly ajar. Before I had the chance to peer through to its boundless depths, the voice admonished me gently. 'Isn't there something else that you should be doing?'

I spun to see a black creature with eyes glowing with citrine fire and sneaking antennae rising from the glowing landscape. Furious at this marring of beauty, I charged forward, realizing only after I had smashed the monstrosity with it that I was holding a long staff in my hands. I looked around, only to see more of the same demons appear. They all rushed me at once.

I threw my hands up futilely, and as I did so, an opaque bubble formed around me. The first monster bounded into it before retreating shakily and toppling over, dead. My barrier faltered, and the beasts prepared for a second onslaught. I was going to die.

But then my tall friend from before, the warrior, slammed a long, curving sword into their midst. Tendrils of dark matter flew off as he readied himself for a long battle. The other floated down beside him, holding a curved rod, with strange knots of wood sticking out at various angles. Together, we forced the creatures away. They sank deep into the ground, which was suddenly no longer supporting me. The tall one caught my hand and tugged me away from the fall to oblivion, but before long, we were confined to a small position of the platform directly beside the door.

'Go ahead.' We obeyed instantly. The door clicked behind me, and we now found ourselves on a dynamic blue column rising from the sea floor. Waves crashed all around, and a gleaming stairway of glassy tiles came into existence, winding upwards to a second pillar.

"Should we go?"


I took the smaller figure's hand, as did the other. We rushed up the staircase, pausing when we reached the top. The moon shone with a bleak ferocity before a huge shadow rose from the center, where the light was strongest. 'The closer you get to light…'

"The greater your shadow becomes." I turned to face the one who had spoken.

"Now… we fight!" Together, the three of us rushed at the fiend, who snapped his fingers unconcernedly. Our weapons vanished, and we slumped helplessly to the floor. He approached us ominously, but we disappeared in a transcendent flash of silver. 'Don't be afraid.'

'You are the ones who will open the door.'


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