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It's been awhile since I've last looked at a flower. Until now I've never taken then time to see what a beautiful creation it is. Very few people in this world take in the detail of simple things. We're all about the new, the big, the exciting, and the better. Yet, when all we have left, when all of what we've known has disappeared. When the people we trust have turned away from us. When the home we've lived in all our lives has been locked, the key thrown away, and the lock changed. When we can no longer access our peace, our inner calm. When we can't hear the voice that subconsciously tells us everything is okay.

We end up looking. We search for something that will bring comfort to our hearts. Something that will bring peace. Something that will take away the pain if only for a minute. It's the simple things that we always search for. It is because they are simple and easy to understand. Not complicated and complex life like.

Standing here, in this funeral home at my parent's grave for the first time, I see something. I see something in the red rose I hold. It's so small and delicate standing up to the tall black pieces of granite. Yet, it stands straight. Tall and proud. As if it were to watch over my parent's buried souls until it died itself.

I look over across the field of standing rock and granite. Buried souls are here. Everywhere. Their destination to heaven or hell, I will never know. It feels peaceful though. Not horrible, like I was expecting.

In the corner, near a tree, I see a crowd. People wearing black, all of them holding white tissues that stood out against the darkness. It is faint, but their cries of sadness float to great me with sorrow.

I hear a woman start to speak. She sounds familiar, like a voice I haven't heard in a very, very, long time. She is stumbling over her words, barely audible. A man walks up and puts his arm around her shoulder. I watch her from afar, taking deep breaths before clearing her throat. Then she speaks.

She speaks about a boy. Her boy. Who didn't and couldn't see how precious his life really was. Everyone assumed that her boy was okay. That he'd keep laughing at jokes made at his own expense. That he'd take whatever cruel comments that came his way. That he'd stand right back up after he fell; even though both his legs were broken. They assumed so many things about her boy. But they never assumed that maybe, maybe this hurt him. They didn't see him as a person, and in turn he couldn't see it himself. He ran from his life.

Ignoring the few people who cared, he finally put an end to his suffering one night. And beside him, where he lay bleeding from a knife to his throat stood those who cared. Those who cried and those who would never forget his tear-ridden face. Those were the people who would never forget him.

I start to walk forward as she finishes. It's almost sick to see the boy's entire school there. The tears of guilt and shame on their faces. The fact that they couldn't realize their mistake before it was too late. That nobody realized the mistake.

As I near the crowd, people step back. It is as if I am in a daze. As I near the coffin, I tremble. Nobody stops me from looking. They're all watching, holding their breaths. I turn slowly to face the crowd and gasp suddenly, air quickly leaving my shocked body. Every person's face I know. Every face I drew in my sketchbook when I was trying hard to understand from their facial expressions, the reasons behind their motives. Their life, love and pain.

The crowd holds my loved ones and my enemies. Every single one of them with tears running down their faces. Turning back to the coffin I look up at the woman who was previously speaking. My mother's beautiful dark blue eyes stare back. Eyes almost identical to mine. I try to open my mouth to speak but I cannot make any words come out. My mother smiles and touches my hand. Grasping it gently, she then lets go, moving her hand to rest on the edge of the coffin lid.

It feels like an eternity of quietness. Of fear or of relief. And now it feels like death. Not a sense of peace in the atmosphere. Looking down I merely swallow slowly.

I stare at myself, my eyes closed tight and my face white and pale with death. And they say 'rest in peace.' My eyes, they betray those words. My face shows agony. And nothing more. I hadn't escaped a single thing. I had merely cut myself off from help. In death I would spend my entity alone. Forever alone.

Looking up into my mother's eyes I can say nothing. For I have nothing to say.

Suddenly, the sun comes out from behind the clouds. As if the sun where wiping them away, the crowd begins to disappear into nothingness. I look back to my mother, unbeknownst to the tears flowing down my face. I only muster up enough courage to ask one question. A question that I was certain she couldn't answer.

"What does this mean?"

And she smiles. She smiles at me, like she did ten years ago. And she smiles as she floats away, leaving me once again, all alone.

Suddenly I find myself standing in front of two granite gravestones. A single rose in my hand. I can still see her smile.

In confusion, I drop the rose and turn to leave. I do not know what just happened, but I want to get out of here as fast as I can. As I take a step forward, I stop as I notice something falling from the sky. It appears to be a small piece of paper. As it lands on the ground, I bend to pick it up. I don't really have a reason for it, I was just curious.

It is envelope, in fact. Picking it up, I open the dilapidated object. Inside I gasp to see a portrait of myself. It was made 10 years ago, a few days before my parent's death. Taped to the portrait is a small note. And written in scraggily print, the very beginnings of my handwriting, were these words.

Even when I'm mad,

Even when I'm bad,

When I'm happy, sad,

Or feeling low,

Let me always know,

That I am special and wanted,

And I will never be alone,

To Sora from Sora

And I smile. Because now I know. And for some reason, here in this graveyard, I feel something that I haven't felt in a very long time. I feel alive.

Walking out of the graveyard and towards the exit, I hear a voice.

"Hey there." An elderly gardener says, smiling and waving a dirt speckled glove.

"Hey." I answer, giving him a small smile back.

"Beautiful day huh?" He says, plucking a few weeds from the ground.

"Sure is." I answer.

"Makes you feel good about being alive. Life truly is beautiful." He finishes, turning back to his work.

This time, even though he wasn't looking, I give a genuine smile.

And looking down at my fallen portrait, I answer him.

"Yeah," I whisper. "Yeah it is."


The End


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Who We Are (Title subject to change) - Four years have passed and Kairi is nervously preparing to start college, alongside accomplishing other personal goals. It's summer vacation and to everyone's surprise, Sora returns. But he's changed so much that Kairi can't even hold a conversation with him. And why does he act like she doesn't exist? And what happens when Kairi finds herself falling for someone she never knew she'd ever like? When Trouble strikes for Namine and Roxas, will they let their relationship fall apart, or will they tough it out like they've always done? And what of Riku, who has just put his life back together but still feels empty inside?


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