Title: Kansas City Shuffle Part 1 of ?

Rating: PG13 I suppose, for minor swearing

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, Mary

Notes: Thanks to a href"http://michelle2007. " Michelle2007 /a for the great beta job! No real episode warnings, but is AU in that Dean isn't really in Kansas anymore…

Disclaimers: I own nothing, I just like to play with what's not mine.

Summary: I suck at summaries but here goes. Dean ends up in a parallel world, only he doesn't know that this is what happened. To make matters worse, his 'Parents' begin to question his sanity.

Kansas City Shuffle

Chapter 1

John Winchester paced back and forth outside the door. At the sound of the door opening, he quickly turned and stepped towards the doctor who had just emerged.

"Can we see him now?" He asked anxiously.

The Doctor shook his head. "Well, I suppose you could, but I think it would be wise, if your wife stayed out here. We've got him sedated, but I'm afraid seeing her may send him into another fit. And you can only see him for a few minutes. Too long may also aggravate him."

Mary gave John a nod, and he sighed. He walked to the door, cast his wife another look before going inside. As soon as the door closed, his son started talking.

"Dad! You've got to get them to let me go, I have to get back to Sammy, he's in trouble dad! Tell them I'm not crazy and get them to let me go, ok?"

John sighed and sat down next to his eldest son. "Dean, your brother is fine, I told you, he's away at school, though when I talked to him last, he was going to come home as soon as he could. He should be here tomorrow. Then you'll see for yourself that Sam's fine."

"No dad! You're not listening to me; no one's listening to me! I'm not your Dean, and it's not your Sammy who's in danger! Why won't you people listen to me! He's got Sam and I have to help him and if you don't let me go he's going to kill Sam and then I'll kill you!" Dean was on his feet and halfway to the door before John had a chance to grab him. As he tried to get his son back to the bed, the door opened and the doctor and an orderly came in. Mary watched from the door as the 3 men shoved her son back onto the bed and injected him with something. Dean locked eyes with her as they did.

"Mom, you've got to see it, I'm not your Dean, please Mom...Sammy needs me...please..." His eyes closed as the drug finally took effect. John went to his wife and pulled her into a hug. She cried softly into his shoulder, as the orderly secured Dean to the bed with straps.

"Oh John, what happened to our boy?"

2 days earlier

"Dean! What a surprise! Come on in sweetie." Mary hugged her son, and then stepped aside so that he could come in. Shutting the door, she threw her arms around him again. It had been 7 months since she had seen him last. "So why the surprise visit? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see you..." she trailed off as Dean set his duffle bag on the floor in the entry then went and sat down on the couch.

"Well, I was in the neighborhood so..." Dean flashed his best smile as he put his feet up on the coffee table.

"Dean Winchester you know better, feet off the table! Now spill, what's wrong son?" Mary swatted his boots off her table before sitting down on the couch next to him.

Dean sighed and leaned back, deliberately not looking at his mom. "I got fired...and the wedding is well...Oh god mom..." Dean sat forward, head in his hands. Mary wrapped an arm around her son's shoulders.

"Sweetheart what happened?"

"Don't say you told me so...ok? I know I should've listened to you, but well I thought you were wrong, but you weren't. I found her sleeping with my boss, in his office. I was fired after I punched him. And well, I went home long enough to grab some clothes, then I just started driving and well, here I am."

"Oh Dean, honey I wish I had been wrong. Well, why don't you go put your stuff in your room, I'll fix us some lunch, ok? When was the last time you ate?"

Dean stood and shook his head, mumbling, "Don't remember," as he picked up his duffle and headed up to his old room, now one of the guest rooms. He flopped down on the bed and buried his head in the pillow. Oh god had his life gone to hell in less than 24 hours. A day ago, he had been happily engaged to the woman of his dreams. Had a great paying job, with people that he liked. Now his world had collapsed in around him. And home had been the only place he could think to go. He wasn't looking forward to dinner though. His mom may not say she told him so, but his dad...He heard his mom calling him down for lunch, but he wasn't hungry. He just wanted to sleep and make it all go away.

When he didn't come down stairs, Mary went up to check on him. She found him sound asleep on the bed. She sighed, then grabbed a blanket from the closet and laid it over him. She closed the door and decided to let him sleep till dinner. From the sound of it he had driven straight through from New York.

At 5:30 p.m., John arrived home to find his son's Impala in his usual parking space. Sighing, he found a place to park on the side of the road, and walked up to the house, wondering what had prompted the visit from his oldest. He walked in to find Mary in the kitchen cooking.

"Hey there good lookin'!" He said as he hugged her from behind. She turned and hugged him back. "I take it Dean and Jess are visiting?"

Mary shook her head. "No, just Dean. Oh John, he's such a mess. He found Jess sleeping with his boss. He got fired after he punched the guy, then he drove straight here. He's been asleep since about 2."

John sighed. "Like we didn't see that one coming! I told him she was no good! But would he listen? No! Just packed up and moved out there with no friends, and no money. I'm surprised it lasted this long!"

"John Winchester, you go easy on your son, he's a real mess right now! We need to be supportive for him. That's what he needs. Now when he comes down for dinner, I want you to tell him he's welcome to stay here as long as he needs, is that clear?"

John sighed. Mary had her hands on her hip and her lips in a pout. Dean had inherited that from his mom and at a young age had found that his Dad couldn't really say no to that face. He nodded. "He can stay." was all he said, before heading to go wash up for dinner.

Dean woke up to the smell of his favorite food. Smiling to himself, he stretched, and then headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. As he was walking down the hall, he saw his father walking up the stairs. "Hey son, mom sent me to get you for dinner. She made lasagna just for you, so I hope you've brought your appetite." Dean smiled at his dad and nodded before heading into the bathroom. John sighed and shook his head, then headed back down stairs. Dean arrived at the table a few minutes later, looking rather pathetic. His smile was forced as his mom updated him on his father's antics, his brother's college stuff, and her bridge points. He really wasn't hungry, but made himself eat 2 big helpings. This seemed to make Mary happy and that was a good thing. As Dean was finishing his second piece, John sat back and looked at him. Dean mentally groaned. Oh God here it comes...

"Well son, your mom filled me in on what happened. I want you to know that you're welcome to stay here as long as you need to. And, if you want, you can pick up some hours at the garage. Stan's on vacation for the next week and a half, so I'm down a man. And since you learned all you know about cars from your old man, you'll do just fine." He smiled at Dean and Dean smiled back.

That wasn't as bad as I had thought, he thought. "Thanks dad. What time do you want me to be up tomorrow?" He figured working on cars seemed a better thing than moping around the house with his mom.

"Well, normally I'd say we'd head to the shop around 6..." Dean groaned and his dad chuckled, "But I'll be nice and say we'll make it 8. Perks to being the boss I guess."

Dean smiled. "Thanks dad. I think I can be up and ready to go before 7 though." He finished up his dinner, and then took the dishes into the kitchen. His mom came bustling in and gave him a light shove. "Ok, now I can get those, why don't you go get some more sleep? Don't think you're dad will go easy on your first day. I'll make up some breakfast for you guys before you head out."

"Ok mom, I'll see you in the morning. Thanks for everything." he said, then gave her a hug. She smiled and hugged him tight. Then she rolled her sleeves up and gave him a look. "Now, off to bed with you!" He nodded and trudged upstairs. As he got ready for bed, he was hit by the sudden realization that his whole life was changed because of one instant. He pulled his laptop out of his bag and turned it on. He found 5 new emails, all from Jess. The first one started off with, "I know you're hurt but..." he didn't read anything beyond that, just hit delete and closed his laptop. He wanted to throw it across the room, but had enough sense to stop himself. Instead he set it on top of his duffle bag and shut the light off. He lay there curled up on his old bed, and for the first time in a very long time, he cried himself to sleep.

The next morning, John got up at his usual time and checked his son's room. Finding no sign of life from the lump on the bed, he headed down stairs. Mary was already up and working in the kitchen.

"Making you guys lunches. And there's sausage and biscuits for breakfast."

"Wow, I don't usually warrant that kind of treatment. Maybe having Dean around will be a good thing!" He grinned at his wife and gave her a kiss. They heard a thump from upstairs and John looked up. "Must've forgotten he was sleeping in a twin bed," he said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Dean woke up slowly. He lay there for several minutes while he assessed things. Splitting headache, soft bed, crusty eyes, gotta pee. Ok I'm at the motel, except their beds weren't this soft. I was with Sam, and then I wasn't, and then there was a loud bang...that explains the headache...

He reached up to rub his eyes, and then slowly opened them to look around. It was at that point that he fell off the bed. He was in a bedroom, a room that was horribly familiar and yet not at the same time. But on the dresser that was at the foot of the bed was a picture. And that was what had sent him scrambling. It was him, when he was maybe 22, and a 18ish year old Sam, and his Dad, and his mom. His mom...and him...in the same picture...adult him...what the..."FUCK!" he yelled.

Mary frowned up at the ceiling. While she knew her boys cussed, they were usually good around her, and kept it to a bare minimum around their dad. There were some more thumps, followed by rapid steps down the stairs. The door to the kitchen burst open. Dean stood frozen in the doorway with a look of absolute shock on his face.

Mary and John both looked at him. "Forgot you were sleeping in a twin bed son?" John asked. Dean didn't reply, just continued to stare at them.

"Sweetie? Did you have a nightmare or something?" Mary asked, moving towards Dean. Dean backed up, threw his hands up palms facing outward.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. You stay were you are! You…Um…I gotta…and you're not real…It's a sick dream, that's all…I gotta find Sam…SAM??" He turned towards the living room, shouting for his brother.

John and Mary shared a worried look. John had been afraid Dean wasn't going to deal well with his situation, but that had been a bit much. He walked after his son, who was now heading back up the stairs, still calling for his brother.

"SAM! Damnit Sammy where are you?? Rise and shine bro, we've got a problem! SAMMY!?!" John stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"Dean," he called up, "You're brother's away at school. Remember? He's at the University of Texas, getting his degree in Psychology. Dean? Why don't you come back downstairs, and have some coffee. We can talk about this, ok?"

Dean reappeared at the top of the stairs. "No offense dad, but I don't think you can help much. I gotta find Sammy. Something must've happened, it's either an illusion and I'm awake, in which case Sammy'll be here somewhere. Or, I'm unconscious somewhere, in which case Sammy'll have to find me and wake me up. So if you'll excuse me, I'll see about finding him, cause he'll be able to help me." Dean disappeared into his room. John ran up the stairs, and walked into his son's room. Dean was digging through his duffle bag and muttering to himself.

"Damnit! I can't even be allowed to have a gun? Not even my knife? Sheesh…ok we've got clothes, the laptop…wait…not Sammy's laptop, huh…that's interesting. Ok, so well, I'll just have to make a stop off at Pastor Jim's for supplies and…Oh god…keys, were are my keys…please let me have my baby still…" he dug around in his pockets till he found the keys to the Impala. "Oh thank you for at least giving me that!" he turned and saw John standing in the door way.

"Look, I'm sorry ok, but you're not real, so I'm gonna leave now, and well, it doesn't matter, because you're not real…so…um…yeah…" Dean walked towards the door but John didn't budge.

"Dean, I'm not letting you leave son. You're not yourself. Look, I know you're going through a tough time, but pretending it didn't happen isn't an option. Now, why don't you put your bag down and come down stairs. We'll have some breakfast and some coffee and talk about this."

Dean laughed at that. "Um…with all due respect, you're not a real thing. And neither is 'mom'. You're both fake and so no, I don't really want to sit and have breakfast. I know what you're doing; you're trying to get me to forget about Sammy. Well it's not going to happen ok? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find my brother. See, if you were really my dad, you'd understand that." Dean shoved his way past John. As he headed down the stairs, Mary appeared.

"Dean, honey, what's wrong? Were are you going?" As Dean side stepped around her, she grabbed his arm. "Dean, stop! Talk to me, what's going on?"

Dean yanked his arm away as if burned and then pushed her back against the stairs.

"Don't touch me!" He yelled as he backed away from her. "You're not my mother! You're not real, none of this is real! Leave me the hell alone!" And with that he turned and ran outside. John reached his wife's side and pulled her up.

"Mary? Are you ok?" He asked. He heard the sound of the impala starting, and then tearing out of the driveway. Mary nodded then threw her arms around her husband. "Oh John…what's wrong with our boy?"

John got his wife settled in the kitchen, then called the garage. "Jay…hey it's John, listen I've got a bit of a family emergency…no Mary's fine, it's my son Dean…anyway, I won't be in, at least not this morning. If you need anything call ok? Yeah I will. Bye."

"John, we have to find Dean…I think we should maybe call the police…James will be able to help us…" Mary trailed off. John nodded, and then called the local sheriff.

"James? Hey, it's John Winchester, sorry to call you this early. Look, Mary and I need your help. It's our son, Dean, our oldest…he's, well something's not right, and he took off this morning. When he did, he was saying some pretty crazy stuff, and we need to find him. Yeah. He's driving his Impala, yes. Yeah he takes good care of that car. Ok, I understand. Thank you James." He hung up, and then slumped back in his chair.

"James will call us when they find him."

Mary nodded, then went and got them both more coffee.