Sleeping with the Enemy

Lady Nefertiti

Summary: Kagome has a few ideas up her sleeve when things don't go her way...and Sesshomaru's more than willing to help her...

Chapter 1: Arousal

"Feh!" Inuyasha scoffed out loud frowning to all that would now see his face which now showed his disgust. He walked ahead of the group just so he couldn't hear the others…Kagome and Sango giggling like silly school-girls about the whole situation that they had landed in. Miroku throwing his world-famous lecherous grins every now and then and Shippo? Cute little Kitsune still didn't know what the hell was going on.

Inuyasha's silver hair blew in the wind as the sun made his hair seem to 'glow' in the rays of the light like a halo. Poor Inuyasha….he never stopped to even realize that even he sported very good looks. Alas, his rough demeanor and over-possessiveness seemed to mar all of that so no one looked at him in awe...unless you were Kikyo.

Perhaps that was the only reason his companions avoided 'direct' contact with him, his roughness and over-possessiveness. No female would stand or appreciate being 'manhandled' and being 'ordered around.' Kagome was even willing to bet that even Sesshomaru would NEVER order his mate around like that….let alone yell at her and sink his claws into her flesh. Firm yes...but never physical or vebal abuse. 'Well if he had a mate…' Kagome thought biting her lip down hard and flushing red. No demon, not Inuyasha, not Kouga made her knees weak and stomach churn like Sesshomaru did….was that a good thing or bad? He tried to kill her...looking graceful while trying to do that and that turned her on too! It was evil! Such an evil thought….if her friends even knew that she fancied Sesshomaru!

'You don't just fancy Sesshomaru Baka Kagome...' Her conscious berated her. 'You know you want to have sex with him till the break of dawn!'

Inuyasha would surely kill her and not Sesshomaru! 'Because he can't lay a hand on him' and Sesshomaru wouldn't even care if she died because he didn't even look at humans…..

A sob threatened to escape her but she held it in she would never cry for a male! She had learned her lesson with Inuyasha who loved clay and bones…..And Sesshomaru loved no one 'because he is like a cold, cruel, untouched beauty.' What was she doing? Mulling over males….she shook her head. What a fool she was to care what others thought of her. She had a job to do and a job she would…

Suddenly a figure jumped in front of her and she freaked…. "KYAAA! Err….SITTT Inuyasha!"

(Crash!) an a fine Inuyasha shaped crater lay in front of her.

"Inu-no-Baka! Why did you do that? Never again break a woman out of her thoughts! It's bad for your health!" she huffed. Inuyasha jumped out of his crater and glared at her then he sniffed at her and narrowed his eyes further. He was right…. it was in her scent…..

"Kagome you wench! Why did your scent suddenly spike up….with AROUSAL?" he screeched the last part out. He wasn't happy about the letter that had been given to the group from Sesshomaru's messenger. Would his brother ever leave him alone? Just the other day he was here and wanted to talk to Kagome alone and the other day Inuyasha caught him talking to Kagome by the hot-springs and she was naked…..'No way…holy shit!'

"What is 'ar-oo-ussal' Kagome-mama?" Shippo asked her innocently.

"Kagome!" he yelled at her again. "What the hell has been going on with you and Sesshomaru?" He didn't mean to be so brash with her but was his brother making a move on what was his? He wouldn't have it!

"In-u-yash-a…?" Kagome said meekly as her legs turned to jelly and she was about to fall over….and did her heart just stop? No it must have been her breathing….. She couldn't speak suddenly and turned red again. She panted trying to make out what Inuyasha was trying to say when…

"Wench!" Inuyasha said about to shake her. Suddenly Miroku came to her rescue and wrapped his arm around her shaking shoulders. Why was Inuyasha putting her on the spot like that?

"Oh Inuyasha.." Miroku said in a reprimanding manner. "How can you accuse someone some one that has always stood by you?" "And just to clarify things she's not having Sesshomaru's baby…..but mine….."

(Grope, Grope….)

"KYAAA!" Kagome screeched and slapped him followed by Sango who threw Kagome an apologetic look and then knocked him out with her boomerang.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled her.


(Crash! Wham! Bam!)

Kagome took a deep breath and then peered into the crater and then whispered sadly, "You actually believe him Inuyasha? Or is that your blood beast telling you to tear him apart?" "You know you do not have complete control over your beast and Miroku was just helping me….." "You know it's in his nature to be wise one minute and then like 'that' the next." "You know his heart is on Sango-sama…. You know that….." with that she stood up and brushed herself off. She went over to an unconscious monk who was starting to wake up and then fell to her knees beside him and smiled sadly.

"Thanks you perverted monk…"

"Kagome-mama what is 'ar-oo-ussal' ?" Shippo asked her again.

Damn. She'd forgotten about that!

Inuyasha got out of his crater (finally) and brushed himself off when…..



"#$&#&&" "What was that for wench?" he said.

"For using bad language in front of children…..never do so again or you will find yourself with a broken back." she said and then hugged Shippo to her.

"Owie! Mama! you're crushing me!" he chuckled. Kagome smiled and then placed him on her shoulder and then started to walk. Inuyasha knew this conversation was over jumped in front of the group and then walked away.

Kagome looked over at his stiff back and sighed inwardly. So he was still sore about the whole idea wasn't he? And it wasn't even her fault either! Why was he being so childish about this? Miroku wasn't making the situation a whole lot better throwing suggestive glances every now and then…. Sure add more fuel to Inuyasha's fire….

She glared at Miroku who gave her an innocent look. Sango made sure he didn't have any injuries and then helped him up. She brushed herself off when Miroku noticed her (ahem) Derriere…. Miroku thought over and over again breaking out into a sweat suddenly. 'Cannot..losing.' He was losing this very hard battle…it was the hardest he had ever fought! His hand made his way over to her. Almost there! Almost there! Almost! Suddenly he stopped dead because he felt a demonic presence. Damn why now?

"Inuyasha!" he said.

"On it Monk!" Inuyasha said and pulled out his sword but Kagome? Instead of pulling out her bow and arrow she just stood there calmly as if she was admiring the scenery. If she wasn't mistaken it was…Sesshomaru.

What was he doing here? 'NOOO! SHIT! NOO! Go AWAY Sesshomaru!' Kagome's brain screamed but no words came out and her legs were glued to where she stood. 'You Baka! Come here and kiss me! No! Take me! No! I…' her mind reeled everyone oblivious to her dilemma. Here she was coming to see him but he decided to show up first! Gah! She felt her arousal grow hoping that he hadn't noticed...well Inuyasha hadn't but Sesshomaru was a different story.

Suddenly he spoke up voice as smooth as silk. "This Sesshomaru has a proposition for you Miko Kagome." He completely ignored the fact that Inuyasha was waving his sword like a maniac.

The only intelligent response that came from Kagome was "Eh?"

'Smooth….Real smooth girl….what a way to show the male you've got the hots for your stupidity!' her conscious laughed at her. Once again Inuyasha broke her out of her thoughts…. 'oh! And when she had just told him to never do that! She was going to sit his ass to hell and further when Sesshomaru left…why was he here anyway?'

"Why are you here again you bastard!" Inuyasha roared at him. Sesshomaru being the honest demon he was said it a bit too simply….

"This Sesshomaru is in need of her." And he pointed at Kagome, nodding his head as if confirming this.

"WHAT!" Inuyasha roared again causing everyone to sweatdrop.

Miroku and Sango both sighed. This was very amusing... to them at least. Shippo jumped into Kagome's arms and looked at Sesshomaru right in the eye. "Why do you want my mother?" Whether this was an innocent childish question or a way of protecting his mother Sesshomaru decided it could be just curiosity.

"This Sesshomaru's ward is sick. No Demon's are able to cure her. The healer says she requires a human healer." Then Sesshomaru looked at her companions. "All of your friends are welcome to stay until Rin is healed."

'His ward is sick….he's asking for my help….' Kagome thought.

'He lies! He wants you! Can't you see the hunger in his eyes?' Her conscious berated her.

"I…Yes of course I will help you." She said stuffing her annoying conscious away. He didn't want her…..he just wanted her to heal his ward and then tell her to leave…

"NO WAY…." Inuyasha started.



She never said she was going to out and 'play' with or mate with his brother…he just wanted her help. Her shoulders slumped which had not gone unnoticed by Sesshomaru.

'Well isn't this interesting…' Sango thought. 'No fighting for a change…..Why is Sesshomaru being so nice?' She'd never seen the Western palace before and it'd be full of demons too…..great….. she'd be really popular there. As if reading her thoughts Sesshomaru said, "You're going to have to put that boomerang away once we get to the palace. Not many demons will take kindly to your….interesting hobby….." he said. She just nodded.

"Do not worry about the Hanyou Miko." He said. "He will be able to trace our scent and follow….." he looked over at the 'Inuyasha ditch' and smirked. Then all of them started walking walked towards the west, Miroku and Sango silently followed behind them wondering what the hell was going on.

All of them walked west in complete silence even Inuyasha who had recovered and was now muttering all of the profanity and curse words he could think of...

Kagome decided to break the silence and hesitantly asked Sesshomaru "So uh...what happened to Rin that requires my care Sesshomaru-sama?"

'Hn.' Should he tell her that's not all he wanted?

'Yes…' his conscious said rolling it's eyes and crossing it's arms.

"Those trees are the outer borders of my lands and the river is the start of my domain..." he said to everyone in his 'Sesshomaru-voice'

'He evaded my question...' 'Why did he do that?' Kagome wondered. What is that demon up to?

"FUCK!" "FUCK!" "You just don't know when to quit do you?" Inuyasha yelled aloud and Kagome 'sat' him. "Every single's always been you Sesshomaru! You always tell me what to do! But this time I won't have it! We are not going anywhere!" with that he sat down right where he was.

Kagome sighed and crouched down next to him and said softly, "You would let a small child perish Inuyasha?" Kagome asked him softly. "Rin is sick..." she said. 'And he better not be lying about that!' she thought inwardly.

'HE IS LYING!' her concious hissed at her.

'Baka get you're intended mate away from your half-breed brother!' His conscious hissed at him angrily. 'Or do you intend to share her?'

His eyes flashed red for a moment...only a moment then turned back gold. All the while Miroku and Sango had been watching this display in silence.

'Interesting...very interesting...' Miroku thought. He knew that when they all got to the castle things were going to heat up...with that Taisho brothers. 'After all doesn't everyone need a woman?' he thought. He turned to Sango and looked at her in his (ahem) hentai-ish way then noticed she was preoccupied...'YES!'

Then got closer and squeezed her bottom...

(grope, grope,)

Turning red Sango looked over and then glared at him, yelling "HENTAI!" (smack!)

Ah life was so good to him! he thought rubbing his cheek happily.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were currently engaged in a glaring contest, Sesshomaru holding Inuyasha by the neck when suddenly they heard a soft and tiny voice. "Sesshomaru-sama?" Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked to where that voice was coming from.

Sesshomaru looked away and then dropped Inuyasha to the ground and fixed his Haori. All he thought about was 'What the heck is she doing here?' All the while Kagome was staring at him thinking 'ooh...yeah! Take it off baby!' 'I'm too sexy for my shirt! Too sexy for my shirt yeah!' She flushed red, thankful no one had noticed her. Inuyasha was holding his neck gasping for air, Sango looked at Miroku, a question in her eyes and it was then that Shippo spoke up..."Hey Kagome-mama? who's that girl?"

There was a girl standing before them wearing a simple navy blue silk high collar dress with lavender sakura blossems, a lavender sash and silver embroidery with a sheepish grin on her face. She ran a hand through her ponytail, her sapphire bracelet sparkling in the sunlight. "Mai, what are you doing on the western borders? Where is your mate Akira?" Sesshomaru asked her in a firm voice. 'Huh? was that a warm undertone in his voice?' Kagome wondered.

"Err...Ano...Sesshomaru-sama...I wanted to go for a walk?" was the best she could come up with...Sesshomaru knew she was lying.

"This is Mai, the youngest lady of the western court." "Who obviously doesn't care for protection..." he said to everyone as they nodded.

"Hey Sesshomaru? is that your mate?" she said pointing at Kagome who was standing next to him. Now it was Kagome's turn to flush red and she shook her head.

"NO...I'm not his..." Kagome stuttered.

"Ah that's too bad! You're so pretty...even though you're not wearing you think I could wear something like that? nah Akira wouldn't let me...and...Inuyasha!" Mai glared at him. "You dare show your face in the west again!" Inuyasha gaped at her unable to say anything.

"It's time to move on..." Sesshomaru said in his velvety voice. Mai rolled her eyes, mimicked him and then winked at Kagome...

'Hmm...this was an interesting indeed.' what an absolute incredibly new story this was going to be in the western court! Sesshomaru found himself a mate!

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