Sex School

XxKonoha HighxX

Chapter One:

There outside school, Gaara was looking at Konaha High his new school for the next four years. His school was an all guy school, Gaara sighed and pushed open the doors entering his new school. He walked up the hall to the office opening the door walking up to the counter. Gaara looked around "excuse me, can anyone help me, I am new and I need my schedule".

Around the corner of the hall of the principal office walked out a tall and gorgeous man. "Sorry the teachers are in a meeting, though I can help you" said the pale young man. Gaara lightly blushed upon closer inspection of the man. Brown hair, pale creamy skin (only on his arms and face people don't start thinking perverted now) , and Gaara was surprised white eyes with no pupils. "Arigato, the name is Gaara Sabaku, I am new here".

The man held out his hand and Gaara shook it lightly feeling his heart beginning to race. "My name is Neji Hyuuga and I am the student assistant here and if you ever have any problems you can talk to me Gaara" Neji said looking at Gaara finding he had beautiful blood red hair, green/blue eyes, and black eye liner around them.

"Oh yeah, you schedule hang on a minute" Neji opened the cabinet for new students and pulled out Gaara schedule and handed it to him "here you go, you need help with anything I will be in here in the morning and at lunch" Gaara lightly nodded and began to head to the door "Arigato Neji, see you around". Neji smirked and whispered, "yes Gaara indeed" Gaara walked out of he office heading to his first class. Neji smirked "you have no idea what you are getting yourself into Gaara". Neji got his stuff and headed out to go to his class.


Gaara was feeling nervous as he arrived at the door of his first hour and walked in and sat down in a seat (A table) in the back. He looked around and saw that most of the guys here were gay, wait most try all. In the back of the room was a blonde and a spiky blue hard boys kissing like no tomorrow, touching each other everywhere there hands could reach. "Ah... Sasuke" moaned the blonde, "Naruto...". They sure loved what they were doing.

Next to him was a boy who looked like a dog a bit and a guy wearing shades. The shades guy was rubbing the dog boys inner thigh making the boy squirm a bit and breathing heavily. Gaara herd the boy meep "Kiba... you like that don't you" Kiba nodded and leaned up and kissed him "yes Shino... please, more" Shino smirked and continued. In the front was a boy sitting by himself looking at the door, as if he was waiting for someone, he would keep fixing his glasses. On the other side was another boy laying down at the desk as this other buy with a bellybutton shirt came up from behind his whispering into his ear causing the other boy's eyes to widened, "you are so troublesome". Gaara found himself getting a bit warm inside seeing all this, Suddenly the door slammed open and the teacher entered the room. "Alright class enough, save it for class not before" Gaara was confused did the teacher say what he think he said, He quickly took out his schedule and found out that this class was a sexual intercourse class, isn't this against school policy or something.

"I see we got a new student, Gaara Sabaku" Gaara stood up "Man... he is hot!" said some of the students. Gaara sat down blushing red. "I am Orochimaru and if you ever need anything Gaara I am here" he said as he winked at Gaara. Gaara breathed thinking omg... what did I do to get myself into this, sure I am gay though this is to much. Gaara felt he was being glared at from aside the classroom. He looked over and found that the silver haired boy who was fixing his glasses was clutching his fists together staring at him with the instinct to kill him. Gaara turned his head back looking at the teacher wondering if he did anything already to be hated, just like his old school.

Just then the door opened and it was Neji the boy from earlier "Neji late as usual I see" Neji nodded looking around the classroom spotting Gaara and smirked. He sat in the seat next to him "hey Gaara, so what do you think of your first class so far, it is about to get better" Neji smirked and looked back up to the teacher and smiled. "Alright class now partner up and begin, whoever is left gets me for a partner" he smirked. Gaara blushed this can't be happening to him.

Neji grabbed Gaara hand "partners..." Gaara breathed to try to calm down "ah... sure Neji". Everyone was partnered up. Naruto and Sasuke, Neji and Gaara, Kiba and Shino, then Sai and Shikamaru. One was left, Kabuto. "well, well, well Kabuto" said Orochimaru. "seems you are my partner" he smirked and walked over to him wrapped his arms around Kabuto and smiled. "Class get to work, Neji show Gaara what you will be working on" Neji nodded "yes sensei".

Orochimaru began to kiss Kabuto pulling him into his lap as Kabuto kissed back and everyone else started to kiss. Gaara blushed at the horny sight before him and he turned to Neji who was know stroking his cheek. "Gaara... time for class to begin..." Neji pulled Gaara so close to him and kissed him lightly on the lips. Gaara was shocked, Neji was kissing him.

Those lips on his felt so warm, Gaara didn't know what to do, should he kiss back or just sit there. Gaara lightly gasped as Neji hand was on his crotch rubbing him. Neji took this as his advantage and put his tongue into Gaara mouth licking his tongue against Gaara's. Gaara felt himself getting hard and is was over taking him, he needed this. They released for air and Neji started to fumble with Gaara shirt taking it off. "Neji...". Neji rubbed his fingers over Gaara's nipples rubbing and pinching them until they were hard.

"Neji... ah..." Neji moved them down to the floor. Neji began to slide down to his pants with his boxers and he laid down having Gaara sit up. Gaara was mesmerized by how hot Neji was laying in such a great pose. "Gaara... please, suck me". Gaara was stuck in a daze of what he just herd. In a moment Gaara moved down to Neji spreading his legs apart and leaned down close starting to stoke his inner thigh. "Mmm...", Neji lightly moaned. Gaara lightly grabbed onto Neji erection and began to lick the tip.

Neji closed his eyes with a smirk on his face. Gaara sucked on his erection closing his eyes hearing the pleasant noises Neji was making, "yes... oh yes Gaara...". Gaara sucked a bit harder biting at it making Neji squirm a bit. Neji felt himself getting close, he didn't want to cum right now so he stopped Gaara, Gaara pulled up lightly looking at Neji as a bit of pre-cum rested on Gaara chin. Neji leaned forward licking it off and kissed Gaara on the lips fully, deeply laying Gaara flat on the floor. He kissed him more, he couldn't get enough of Gaara, he sucked on his tongue pulling away with a bit of saliva connecting from their mouths.

"Gaara... you look so cute". Neji licked his lips at the beautiful sight before him. "If you feel you want to stop, tell me okay?" Gaara nodded, then Neji kissed at Gaara neck making little marks as he moved down slowly licking every inch as he made his way down. He lightly spread Gaara legs and grabbed Gaara erection gently kissing it, then Neji began to suck on Gaara erection a bit hard. "Ahh... Neji...huff...mmm" Neji sucked hard and licked up and down is length, tasting the pre-cum. Gaara moaned along with the rest of the classroom with the other ukes be sucked off (Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Kabuto).

Neji moved up to Gaara's face and captured his lips into a passionate yet gentle kiss. Gaara felt his mind go as his eyes were clouded with lust. Neji stroked Gaara's cheek looking at him into his eyes. "Gaara..." Neji whispered as Gaara ran his hand into Neji's beautiful long black hair. "hm?" he replied and Neji parted his lips again pulling his face closer to Gaara's if that was possible. "You are knew to this school and you don't have to go all the way. I will wait till you are ready, if you wish," Neji said and Gaara mind started to wonder back to reality and he nodded.

"You are right, though I did enjoy it. I don't want to be some slut man whore and have sex with a guy I just met," Gaara said. Neji moved off of Gaara and pulled him into his lap. "Good, cause I would like to get to know you better as well," Neji said hugging Gaara. Suddenly the moment had ended due to the other boys moaning loud, screaming their partners name. Gaara has a mental sweat drop, 'I will have to get use to this place.'

Neji laughed and laid down, with Gaara on top of him, running his hand into his hair. "If you try to sleep it is easier to ignore," he said and Gaara took that advice and tried to force sleep upon himself. Soon he was paced out, a little bit of drool on the side of his face.

Before Neji went to sleep he looked around the class and saw that everyone else enjoyed or still are enjoying themselves. Naruto and Sasuke were on the table kissing, Sai and Shikamaru on the counter (Big counter) resting, Shino and Kiba on the floor still making out, and Orochimaru and Kabuto on his desk with Orochimaru still fucking Kabuto. Neji turned back to Gaara and started to fall asleep. "This year is going to be great, just wait in a couple days you will see what I mean" Neji fell asleep holding Gaara on top of him perfectly aline with his body sleeping peacefully.


I had to re-write it... I apologize. I felt Gaara was to much of a slut to automatically do it with a guy he just met. If you re-read the end and liked it I thank you, if not deal...