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Emmeline Rose Kingston stood in front of her shabby bathroom mirror, applying concealer to her blackened eye and swollen nose. I walked into a door that Mason closed before I realized it, she practiced over and over, as if to try and believe it herself. Delicately, she smoothed over the dark skin, eyes tearing at the pain.

This was Emmeline's reality, and has been for six years, since she had met her boyfriend, Jeremy. It started out wonderful, and at nineteen, he was her night in shining armor. They met at a dance and he was everything she wanted. They had a whirlwind romance and quickly moved into an apartment together. She loved him and he loved her, and everything was going great.But Jeremy had a drinking problem, but Emmeline thought she could deal with, that she could be the one to save him.

The first time he hit her was a year and a half into their relationship. He came home drunk from the bar and got angry with her for sitting in his chair.

"Baby, I'm sorry," Emmeline said with a laugh, thinking he was joking. But it no longer was a joke when he slapped her across the face. The next morning he brought her flowers and cried, telling her he loved her and he would never do it again. Emmeline believed him…every…single…time. When she finally got the courage to leave him, two years later, she discovered she was pregnant. She couldn't leave him now; her baby needed a father. The abuse continued and she lived with the lies everyday of her life.

"Why don't you just leave?" Everyone asked her. But what they should be asking is, Why does she stay? Emmeline had a lot of reasons; first being her son. She knew how difficult it was growing up without a father, and she didn't want that for Mason. Second, she was financially dependant on Jeremy. Yes, she worked as a waitress at the Good Food Cafe, but it wasn't enough to support her and a child. She never went to college because Jeremy said he would take care of her but secretly, it was so she would be with him constantly. Lastly, she loved him. He wasn't abusive 24 hours a day, just when he was drunk. He didn't know what he was doing, and he always apologized…he had to love her too if he apologized.

Finally content with her makeup job, Emmeline walked down the narrow hallway to her son, Mason's bedroom. The little boy was quietly playing with toys, and even at a young age, he had to stay out of his father's way and be as quiet as he could to not set him off.

"Ready buddy?" Emmeline asked, helping to put all the toys away. A sharp pain in her side made her gasp and Mason looked up into his mom's eyes.

"It's ok Mommy, I'll clean. You have more boo-boo's," he said sadly. He put the toys on the shelf and picked up his small bag he brought with him to daycare.

"Ok, kiddo, let's go." Emmeline put a light jacket on Mason and a baseball cap that was his favorite.They tried to make a quick run to the door, but was stopped by a voice from the small family room.

"Hey! Don't I get a goodbye?" Jeremy asked, sitting in his favorite chair. He worked afternoon and night shifts so he typically had mornings off. Which were great or him because he could work on his hangover.

Emmeline turned her son around and the little boy reluctantly walked to his father and gave him a kiss in the cheek.

"Thanks kid. Have a good day."

Emmeline walked to Jeremy and he grabbed her into a kiss. It was not romantic but forceful and dominating and almost made he mouth hurt.

"I'm sorry about before. But sometimes, you just get in the way. It's your fault I get this way."

"I know, I'm sorry," Emmeline said, agreeing with him. If she has just finished breakfast on time, he wouldn't have been so angry with her.

"I have to go, I'll be late,"Emmeline said, pulling away from him.

"I'll see you later," Jeremy said, slapping her on the butt as she turned around. She hated when he did that.


Emmeline walked into Little Kid's Day Care Center and led Mason to his classroo. SHe helped him put his things in his cubby and knelt down next to him.

"Aunt Cait will pick up up at three today and bring you to the resturant and we'll o home after that."

"Ok, Mommy. Be careful at work," he said, kissing her on the cheek and whispering into her ear, "Watch out for your boo-boo's."

"I will baby. I love you."

"Love you too!"

Emmeline slowly walked out of the school and made her way to work.


Dean and Sam Winchester rolled into a small town in New Jersey after reading of some suspicious activity at a local house

"Dude this town sucks!" Dean sighed, driving through the small town.

"Well, let's get a hotel, do some research, and get on our way," Sam said, his best attempts of ignoring his brother were not working.

"I bet they don't even have a decent bar around here…or any decent girls."

"Is that all you think about?"

"Well…uh…yea it is," Dean said, flashing his brother the trade mark smile.

Sam just shook his head, "It says there's a hotel about two miles up the road, you can check there."

"Good." Dean said. They booked a hotel room at the Days Inn and spent the afternoon researching the house in question.

"So apparently, the old Snyder house on Becket Street is a big hang out for teens; parties, late night hook-ups, the works. Well, two weeks ago, couple of teens spotted a ghost."

"Big Deal," Dean said, flipping through the channels on the t.v.

"She ran at them with a knife."

"Huh, yea that sucks," Dean said, throwing the remote on the bed. "Dude, let's eat; I'm starved!"

Sam nodded, "There's a diner, Good Food Café, next door. Sound ok?"

"Yea after, we'll check out this house."



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