Five days past since Sam's arrival at the hospital and his condition had not improved. The doctor's told Dean that no news was good news, for now. But the longer it took for Sam to regain conscious, the worse off he could be in the long run.

Dean kept a constant vigil at his brother's bed, leaving to use the rest room when he had to. He ate, slept, and practically lived in the hospital. Emmeline would be there all day next to him, talking to him and keeping him sane. They talked about happier times with Sam and Mason, and happier future memories they would create with the new baby, a new Sam, and Mason. Dean always made Emmeline return to the hotel at night, not wanting to put her through the discomfort of sleeping in the hospital chairs. She refused at first, claiming it was her place here with the two of them, but after the first night, she seemed to have changed her mind.

Dean hated seeing his brother like this; tied down to the bed and stuck with dozens of needles. He knew it was his lifeline, but he couldn't bare the sight of him looking so helpless. Sam had aged a lot since Dean had seen him last. With the beard and the long hair, he looked wise and worn, not the wide eyed kid he was used to seeing. Not that either of them ever held their childhood innocence for long, Sam had a special way about him. He saw the world differently, and Dean envied him greatly for that. But Dean didn't know what happened to his brother all those long months away. But whether it be good or bad, he just wished he would open his eyes, give Dean the real proof that his baby brother would be ok.


Late in the afternoon, Dean was causally looking through one of the many magazines he used to occupy his time, he saw movement coming from Sam. He put the magazine down and went to the bed eagerly looking for another sign of his brother's newly found conscious state. But his happiness wained and he chalked it up to one of the many hallucinations he had seen of his brother moving.

"Outta my damn mind," Dean said out loud, sitting back in his chair.

"Yea you are," a hoarse voice whispered, making Dean jump into the air. He knew that voice, he knew that voice anywhere!

"Sam!" Dean practically shouted scurrying back over to the bed.

"Did…you expect…the Pope?" Sam said, eyes cracking open, and small tired smile on his face.

"Ha ha," Dean snorted, pressing the call button to alert Sam's doctor. "Are you ok? You in any pain?"Dean studied Sam for a moment, amazed how one minute before, his brother was still unconscious and now they were having a conversation.

"My hips," Sam whispered, a questioning look on his face. "Why are my legs tied down."

"The Doc's coming, he can explain everything, ok," Dean said, not wanting to deliver the news to his brother.

"You ok?" Sam asked.

"Now I am, Dean said with a small smile, lightly punching Sam's shoulder, making Sam flinch.

"Sorry, you know how much I hate these moments."

"Ass," Sam whispered, allowing his eyes to drift shut. "I killed it."


"I killed it, finished it. I'm sorry for…leaving," Sam said, growing more tired by every word he pushed out.

"Hey, relax. We can talk about this later," Dean said, and the door opened revealing Sam's doctor and a team of nurses.

"Well, it's good to see you awake," the doctor said with a smile, picking up Sam's chart and writing a few notes down inside of it. "My boy, you have beaten some very amazing odds."

"I try," Sam grounded out tiredly, making everyone laugh.

"Now, I don't know what your brother here has told you about the extent of your injuries, so how bout we go through them, shall we?"

"Fire away," Sam said, making Dean snort.

"You're such a weirdo," Dean laughed. "Is he gonna be this weird from now on?"

"Shut up," Sam said.

"I assure you Dean, it is the medication talking. It's the only way to keep your brother comfortable between his pelvis and the burns."

"Do you think we should hold off on this little information session then? Because knowing Sam, he will have no recollection of this ever happening," Dean said with a small laugh.

"You're right, I will be back in a few hours, maybe some of the smoke will clear. The nurses are going to change your brother's bandages. We're going to have to ask you to leave, it is too dangerous for Sam to come into contact with germs," the doctor said with a kind smile.

Dean nodded, not wanting to cause his brother further pain, gave Sam's hand a gentle squeeze and promised he would be right back. He entered the hallway and inhaled a deep breathe and stretched his tired body, feeling his muscles pop and untwist.

"Dean?" He heard a voice calling for him; turning he saw Emmeline waddling with Ellen and Dean at her side. "Is everything ok?" Dean smiled at the worried expression his girlfriend was wearing and he couldn't love her anymore for it.

"Hey, it's ok, he just woke up!" Dean said with a huge grin.

"Oh baby, that's terrific!" Emmeline smiled, throwing her arms around Dean. Bobby and Ellen clapped Dean on the back, saying their own congratulations.

"I know, he's ok so far, I'm just-" But Dean was cut off by Sammy's yell from inside the room.