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The arrival

"Oh Darien," Serena sighed as she leaned against him watching the sunset over the lake. Darien enjoyed her warmness against his arm as he read yet another book "Darien isn't the water beautiful today with the sun shinning so brightly?" Darien didn't answer as he was to into his book.

"Darien!" Serena exclaimed.

"Hmph, oh yea whatever you say Serena," Darien said giving the standard guy reply.

"Darien you weren't even listening to me," Serena whined backing up from him and pulling out her handkerchief ready to cry.

"No, no Serena please don't cry look at the sun its beautiful over the water isn't it," Darien said reaching out for her.

"You were listening!" Serena hugged him. Darien looked confused before returning the hug quickly before she got suspicious.

"Of course I was Serena, I always listen," Darien lied.

"Oh Darien," Serena said. Darien took the opportunity to kiss her and take her mind of her off him not listening to her. They were almost kissing when Serena suddenly found herself on the ground looking up at Darien in shock. Darien felt something heavy in his lap as he heard the water works start from Serena.

"What the..." Darien started. In his lap was a five year old with pink odangoes. She had stunning red eyes and she looked intelligent for her age. Serena stopped crying.


"Didn't anyone ever teach you to close your big mouth!" The child yelled once Darien had righted her. Before Serena could reply a fake cat's head fell on her head as the child jumped down off Darien's lap.


"Luna P!" The child ran off after it as it floated away.

"My god Serena are you ok?" Darien asked.

"Do I look ok!" fumed Serena and than she calmed down and start whining. Darien was almost at a lost.

"Hey I know lets go to the arcade and get some ice cream," Darien suggested. Her cries turned to sniffles at the mention of ice cream.

"Double sundae?"

"We'll eat it together," Darien said smiling at her pure innocence.

"Oh Darien." Serena jumped on him and hugged him and he had to laugh as he returned the hug. Serena returned home two hours later happy as can be.

"Serena, I told you to be home an hour ago," Ikuko Tsukino said coming out of the kitchen.

"Sorry mom, but Darien bought a double sundae and I had to savor." Ikuko shook her head at her daughter's sweet tooth.

"Well your cousin is here," Ikuko said.

"Cousin?" Serena asked confused.

"Yes, your cousin Rini, go in the living room with Sammy and look at the pictures from her last visit to jog your memory," Serena looked at the album that Sammy was pooring over.

"I just don't get it, there is no way she was in these before," Sammy said shaking his head. Serena frowned when she saw the little girl from the park.

"I'm tired that is it, because there's no way that devil is in my family," Serena muttered to herself. She headed up the stairs yawning. When she got to her room she found it utterly destroyed. Rini through Serena's clothes on the floor as she finished.

"AHHH, you little brat what did you do to my room!" Serena screamed.

"Give me the Silver Crystal!" Rini commanded her.

"No, you'll never get it!" Serena yelled back. They started arguing until Ikuko walked in.

"Oh my who made this mess?" Ikuko asked.

"She did," They both said pointing.

"Mom she's the one in my room standing in a pile of clothes, I'm still at the door,"

"You lier, you probably did it this morning,"

"Mom you saw my room it was clean this morning," Serena said.

"That's it why don't you both just clean this mess up now," Ikuko left and Serena grumbled as she started to clean up her room.

"Give me the crystal." Serena stood up.

"No," Serena replied as she neatly folded her clothes. She despised having to clean her room, she took care to keep her room as neat as possible to avoid this task.

"Give it to me!"

"Look here you little brat you can't have it!" Serena turned towards her angry. Serena's blue eyes met Rini's red eyes. Rini's mouth was wide open ready to reply, but she stopped. They fell silent as they made a heart felt connection.

"You look just like me," Serena stated. Rini hit her and ran out of the room.

"Ahhhh you brat!" Serena yelled after her.

"Who was that?" Luna asked walking into the room.

"I'm not sure Luna, but she's a brat," Serena looked ready to cry."Look what she did to my room!" Luna's eyes had already widened at the mess in Serena's room. She hadn't known Serena to ever make this big of a mess, at least in her room.

"Oh Serena just clean it up," Luna said not knowing what else to say.

"Luna scout meeting as soon as I'm done, Mother will never let me out unless she knows its done," Serena said.