The Secret's out

"Oh you girls and Darien," Ikuko scolded as she toweled off their heads one by one despite their protests. She worked fast and soon everyone was huddled around the heater with a blanket around them. She made hot chocolate and they sat sipping it. Once Ikuko left to go pick up a few groceries from the store Ami reminded them of their previously epiphany about Serena and Rini.

"Serena you're not Rini's mother are you?" Rei asked."Because you could have told us you had a kid instead of trying to pass her off as your cousin." Rini had went to grab the cocoa Ikuko had mixed into their hot milk from the kitchen. A teapot sat between them on a portable little stove a long with a carton of milk. Kurimanju sat on a plate half gone from when Serena and Rini had stuffed their faces. Serena laughed.

"You're funny Rei, no way I'm a mother, I'm still..." She stopped and blushed forgetting that Darien was sitting there too. He looked aways as a blush began to creep up on all their faces.

"That's settled," Lita interjected and breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Yea, but that doesn't mean she's not, I mean she says she's from the future right?" Darien asked. They nodded.

"What are you guys getting at?" Serena asked.

"Mama I can't reach!" Rini called.

"Use a chair small lady!" Serena called back.

"That right there, you two have this mother daughter relationship we don't understand, because well you're not her mother yet she calls you Mama," Mina supplied.

"Yea, and you're practically twins with the exception of the eye color and the hair color," Darien added.

"I mean think about it and you call her Small Lady, seems like a nickname only a parent would give to their child."

"You guys are crazy."

"Well why don't we ask her?" Ami suggested as the child came back in. They nodded. After another cup of hot chocolate had been made for her Rini sat in Serena's lap under the blanket with Serena's arms securely around her. Serena did have to admit she did act like she was Rini's mother and often times Rini obeyed her as if she was such ever since the thunder storm.

"Rini is Serena your mommy?" Rini yawned.

"No, my mommy is tall and graceful and pretty and she doesn't whine..." Rini continued to list things a bout her mother as they laughed.

"Thanks for the insult munchkin," Serena said tickling her and causing milk to come out of her nose, which made them laugh more, but it hurt her so they stopped and rubbed her nose until the pain went away. It was hot chocolate after all.

"Poor baby, come on I think its time for your nap."

"No nap," Rini grumbled as most five years olds do. It was obvious she often took naps around this time of day and was cranky without one. Serena tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead.

"Sweet dreams Small Lady." When Serena walked downstairs and resumed her place by the heater they all stared at her.

"What's wrong?"

"You're a whole different person, we should be asking you what's wrong," Rei stated.

"Nothing is wrong, if anything every sort of feels right, I mean aside from my lack of achievement in school and the youma's but everything just feels right."

"Ami is your computer working?" Darien asked.

"Almost, I just have to make a few more adjustments and it'll be good as new."

"Please hurry," Mina said.

"Well I'm glad everything feels right, " Lita said."Its the best feeling in the world and it means your at peace with yourself and life in general." Serena smiled as she agreed with Lita.

"Got it!" Ami exclaimed.

"Now what are you doing?" Serena asked.

"Scaning your DNA and Rini's." Ami took out a pink strand of hair Rei had pulled off Rini's blanket. She pulled a very long strand from Serena's head.

"Ow, Rei!" Serena yelled.

"Rei, you didn't have to do that to Serena's hair she's sitting right here," Ami chided.

"Oh well my bad," Rei laughed a little. Serena frowned at her but didn't say anything.

"Well its official Serena you are the mother of Rini." Ami said. Ami looked up when she heard a loud thud and several more followed. She saw that everyone had fainted and then reality set in and she too fainted with disbelief. Eventually Ikuko returned and woke them all up except Serena who just would not wake up at all. Finally she took them all home all in various states of shock.

Serena woke up in the middle of the night to find Rini huddled under the covers next to her. She saw that it was raining, but the thunder itself had died down to nothing. Lightening flashed every now and again. Instead of thinking about the day's events she sat up and scooped the little girl up into her arms. Rini hugged her tightly and soon Serena had soothed her back into a peaceful sleep. Serena watched Rini as she remembered what had happened earlier.

"I guess now I know why you're my small lady, my baby, keeper of my heart," Serena whispered."You practically are me and when you do enter my life as a baby I'll love you even more than I do now, because I know how special you really are and how much joy you'll truly bring to me." Serena stood and wrapped the blanket around her and Rini as she went to her window and looked out over the roof tops. Serena watched the moon for a moment with a smile. She looked down at Rini again who remained peacefully asleep.

"Now you can add one more thing to the list of things you are to me and the new one is Hope of a better and wonderful future and I swear to you that what ever is happening now, I'll take every precaution against when Crystal Tokyo is born, so when you'll never have to go through this again," Serena vowed."I won't ever let you think its your faught I got hurt if I can help it." She kissed Rini's cheek and tucked her into bed before climbing in next to her. She wiped her tears and soon joined her daughter in dreamland with Ikuko listening through the door all along curious as to what she had just heard.

The End