Hey everyone, this is my first SN fanfic so please be nice…. I have made a few changes from the show, some things have been seen on the show and some are out of my head, most important thing is Mary Winchester did NOT die when Sam was 6 months old. She died when he was 3 and Haley Ann was 6 months old. As the story goes along things will get clearer, I promise. All I can say is that Mary did end up dying in the nursery where both Sam and Haley slept and the demon was after both. Oh, and Dean is 22, Sam is 18 and Haley is 15 in this fic. Ok, well, I hope everyone enjoys the first chapter, please leave any comments (preferably nice ones) although I can take criticism (good that is).

I do not own Dean or Sam pouts or any of the SN characters; however I do own Haley Ann. So, on with the fic.

Canton, Ohio– In the hotel room

"Haley get your ass out of the bathroom before I bust down the door!" yelled an aggravated Dean. "God, what the hell do girls do in there anyway" he said staring at his younger brother who was busy researching something on the computer. Sam looked up at Dean "I dunno, maybe she's getting ready or something."

"Ready for what, we're just gonna go find us a couple of evil spirits and make them go poof, what's the big deal? ….Haley come on, you've been in there for hours." Dean said leaning against the bathroom door. "Dean leave me alone!" Haley yelled through the door. "Argh….dude, say something to her, I really have to go to the bathroom" Dean sat next to Sam. Sam looked at Dean, "Why me?" Dean rolled his eyes, "Cus I'm tired of trying" Sam looked at Dean and turned back to his laptop. "Dean, just go use the bathroom in the lobby or something." Dean looked at him as if he were crazy "Come on Sam, this is the second day in a row she locks herself in the bathroom, I…." Dean was cut short by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Dean and Sam looked over and saw Haley, their 15 year old sister walking out. Dean stood up and ran to the bathroom, "Thank you GOD!!"

Haley sluggishly walked over to the empty bed and laid down. Sam looked at his little sister, "Haley you ok?" Haley turned to look at Sam; "Just peachy" Sam didn't believe her. He knew Haley better than he knew himself, for the last few days Haley had been acting strange, moody and very lethargic. Sam got up off the bed and sat next to his sister, "Come on Haley, you know you can't lie to me, what's wrong?" Haley turned her head to face Sam. "Sammy, I'm okay, really, I'm just a little tired, ya know how road trips get me " Sam looked down at her, he knew something was up but decided to give up for the moment being, instead he bent down and kissed her forehead, "ok, well take a nap so you'll be ready for tonight then." Haley closed her eyes and gave Sam a little smile.

Haley hated lying to her brothers, especially Sam, but there was no way she could tell either of her brothers what was going on. "I can't tell my brothers that I've finally become a "women", God I wish I had a mother" a tear rolled down the side of her cheek. Being the only girl sucked, she dreaded this moment of her life, she knew it was going to happen sooner or later, she just prayed it would be later. The mood swings are crazy and the cramps are unbelievable. "Oh god" Another wave of cramps hit and she instantly curled up into a ball. "Ow, ow, ow." Haley took in a few deep breaths. Sam noticed and quickly got up and walked over to Haley. "Haley, what's wrong?"

Haley quickly put her face in the pillow so he wouldn't see the tears. "Nothing Sam, I just got a chill." Sam stared at her concerned. "Hay…." Sam was cut short by Dean.

Dean came out of the bathroom and looked over at Haley then over at Sam. "She asleep?" Sam looked up at Dean and shook his head. "She okay?" Dean sounded a bit concerned.

Sam got up off the bed and pulled Dean farther from where Haley was laying down. "I think something's up; she looks like she's in pain or something. I tried getting her to talk to me but she won't." Dean looked at Sam then back at Haley. "well, what do you think it is?" Sam sighed. "I dunno man, we'll give her till tomorrow to talk, if she doesn't then we'll need to do something about it." Dean was concerned but tried to hide it. "Yea, ok." Dean walked over to a chair that was sitting by the window and sat down.

"So, you got anything on this house?" Sam sat on the bed and picked up his laptop. "It belonged to the Loyola Family back in 1890. The entire family was murdered on the night of Christmas Eve in 1898. It was said that Charles, their oldest son had done it. He was born with a disfigurement, back then it was looked down upon, so his parents looked him up in the attic, on the night of Christmas Eve he managed to get out and killed his family and then killed himself." Dean looked at him with big eyes. "Well then, so I guess we have our ghost" Sam put his laptop down. "Yep"

Sam got up and walked over to his bag. "I'm gonna take a quick shower before we head out." Dean got up and grabbed his car keys. "Yea ok, I'm gonna head over to the convenient store and get something to drink, you want?"

Sam looked over a Haley and signaled Dean to look over. Haley was curled up in a tight ball. "I'm good thanks." He walked into the bathroom.

Dean walked over to Haley's bed and sat down. "Hey peanut, you want anything from the store?" Haley loosened up a little and looked at Dean. "Can I go with? I need to get some stuff." Dean smiled at her and stood up, "Of course, come on." He helped Haley stand up and walked to the door. "Shall we?" Haley walked out first and Dean closed the door behind them.

"So, we think we figured out who this ghost is we're hunting tonight." Haley looked at Dean. "Oh yea, so what are we dealing with?" "Sammy researched the history of the house, apparently the family who lived there first had a Quasi modo of their own and he went crazy on Christmas eve, killed his whole family." Dean opened the door to the convenient store and let Haley walk in first. "How charming, so what time are we going?" Dean walked over to the drinks. "Soon as Sammy gets out of the shower, you….you ah good to go?"

Haley walked over the small medicine isle and found what she was looking for. "I'm good Dean, really."

Haley quickly walked over to the counter while Dean was still looking around and paid for her stuff. "Can you uh…double bag that for me please?" The cashier looked at her strange but complied. "Thanks."

Dean walked up behind her with his hands full. "You ready?" he put his stuff on the counter and let the cashier ring him out.

"Yep, all set." Dean looked at her suspiciously then handed the cashier the money for the stuff. "Let's go then." Haley opened the door for Dean and they walked back to the hotel room.

When they came in Sam was already out of the shower and was sitting on the bed watching tv. "Dean, what's you do, buy the whole store?" Haley smiled. "Practically bought all the junk food they had." Sam got up and walked over to the bags. "Dude, M&Ms?" Dean gave him a cheesy smile. "What? They're the best man."

"So we leaving yet?" Haley walked over to the small chair Dean had been sitting on and plopped herself on it.

Sam stuffed his mouth with a handful of M&Ms. "You ready to go?"

"Yep, just give me a minuet; I gotta go to the bathroom." She got up quickly ran in.

Dean looked at her run in. "Maybe she's got a bladder thing." Sam gave him a sideways glance. "Well, she's practically living in there, what else can t be?"

Haley stood in front of the mirror staring at the tampon box she had just bought. "How the hell does this shit work? God this is so messed up." Haley opened the box and pulled out the instructions and read them quickly. "Oh this will be pleasant." After a few minuets, she did what she had to do and took two of the Midol's she had bought. "Man I hate being a girl."

Dean was about to knock on the bathroom door when Haley came out. "Ok, I'm ready."

Sam chuckled and grabbed his bag. "Let's get this thing done and over with so we can move on."

All three of them walked out of the hotel room and got in Deans car.