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Chapter 60

Three days later

"Missouri , can I ask you something?" Haley asked hesitantly, breaking the silence in the room.

Missouri put down the newspaper she was reading and turned her full attention towards Haley. "Of course baby, what is it?"

"Do you think—" Haley paused, her eyes tearing up a little.

"Do I think what baby?" Missouri urged the younger girl on.

Haley let out a small breath. "Do you think my mom—did she love me?" Haley asked, her eyes clouding with tears.

Missouri eyed Haley sympathetically. The girl was breaking her heart.

"Sweetheart, of course your mother loved you! Why would you even question that?" she asked, slightly taken aback.

Haley shrugged. "I don't know, maybe the fact that she sold my freakin' soul to a demon before I was even born makes me a little unsure," she spat sarcastically.

Missouri's face softened, seeing the pain flash across Haley's face. Missouri knew Mary loved her children; there was no doubt in her mind about it. But what could she possibly say to make Haley see that?

"Haley, baby I don't have the answers you want. I can't tell you why your mother did what she did," Missouri said sadly, putting her hand up to stop Haley from interrupting. "But, I can assure you that your mother loved you. She loved you and your brothers more than anything in this world."

Haley shook her head, tears spilling silently down her cheeks. "Then why? Why would she do this to me? Why would she do this to Sam, just hand us over to some freaking demon?" Haley spat angrily, a small sob escaping her lips. "It doesn't make sense Missouri . If you love someone, you don't sacrifice them, you don't hand them over to evil, you don't leave them alone to deal with it!" she yelled, causing the room to shake slightly.

Missouri stood up and quickly placed a calming hand on Haley's shoulder. Last thing they needed was for Haley to bring the hospital down.

"Haley, calm down!" Missouri instructed calmly. "Look at me."

Haley looked up wide-eyed and panting. "I'm sorry."

Missouri smiled sadly. "It's alright baby." She patted Haley's trembling shoulder. "Your abilities, they're getting stronger, aren't they?" Missouri said knowingly.

Haley nodded solemnly, her head lolling to one side.

"How bad are they?" Missouri asked.

Haley shrugged. "Bad." She replied quietly.

Missouri nodded and sat back in her chair. Haley was clearly not up to talking anymore and Missouri could respect that. The girl would talk when she felt ready too.

"Where are Sammy and Dean?" Haley asked, suddenly taking notice of their absence.

"They stepped out to grab some lunch with Bobby; they won't be long," she assured, noticing the anxiety growing in Haley. "I can call them if you'd like," she offered. Dean and Sam had left her under strict orders to do just that if something came up.

Haley shook her head and turned away from Missouri , resting her head against the pillow. She was so tired. The last few days had been hell, had taken too much out her; stripped away all of her physical and emotional defenses and left her feeling completely vulnerable. She didn't like it.

"Haley, why don't you get some sleep; your body needs to recharge itself, sleep'll do you good," Missouri suggested, eyeing a weary Haley.

Haley sighed, carefully turning on her side facing away from Missouri. Hadn't she slept enough already? All she'd done since she was brought here was sleep. So far, it hadn't done crap for her; it only served to make her feel worse. Every time she closed her eyes, the nightmares came back. Images, voices, emotions, all of them came flooding in along with the dark, drowning her, pushing her further into nothingness.

Missouri looked on helplessly as Haley shut herself off. The kid was hurting and there was nothing Missouri could do or say to make it better. She waited a few moments, contemplating on whether she should call Sam and Dean back, but opted to wait it out.

Those two needed just as much reassurance as Haley did, but this hospital was definitely not the right place for that discussion.


Dean sat in the chair beside Haley reading an old Sports magazine Bobby had brought in from the lobby. Sam had gone down to the cafeteria to grab them both some coffee while he stayed to keep watch. They'd gotten back from lunch about an hour ago to find Haley sleeping and Missouri dozing off in the chair beside her.

Bobby had been gracious enough to offer Missouri a ride back home, making a quick pit stop at the motel for her belongings. She'd wanted to stay until Haley had been released, but both he and Sam had insisted that she go home. The woman had done enough, staying here for as long as she did; they'd be fine, he'd make sure of it.

Dean put the magazine down, having grown tired of flipping through the same damn pages. He let out a weary breath, finally feeling his body's need for sleep. He'd been up since four that morning, silently keeping watch over his younger siblings, making sure they were both breathing and sleeping nightmare free.

He stared blankly out the window, hoping that if he stared hard enough, the answers he so desperately wanted would magically appear before him; because for the first time in a long time, he wasn't sure he could fix this.

"Dean…" Haley's hushed whisper broke through Dean's thoughts.

"Hey, you ok?" Dean asked, scooting his chair closer to the bed.

Haley smiled tiredly. "Mmhmm…jus' tired."

Dean's mouth quirked into a smile. "It's just the drugs they got you on; it'll pass soon," he assured softly.

"Hey Dean…"

"Yeah Hay?"

"When can I get out of here?" she asked, hesitantly.

Dean's smile faltered slightly. "Hay, it's only been a week—"

"No." Haley shook her head. "No, Dean you don't understand. I have to get out of here," she said, trying to push herself further up on the bed, wincing at the harsh movements.

"Haley stop, stop!" Dean yelled, holding her down. "You're gonna rip your damn stitches out."

Haley stopped moving, her body going lax under his hold. "Dean, get me out of here, please," she begged, her eyes meeting his in a silent plea.

Dean sighed deeply, rubbing one of his calloused hands over his face. Damn stubborn little siblings.

"I promise I'll do whatever you say. I'll lie on a freaking bed all day if you want me to, but please Dean, please get me out of here," she begged.

"Haley it's not that simple. You just had surge—"

"We've dealt with worse Dean. We've dealt with it all in this family, being stabbed, shot, burned, possessed…" Haley swallowed hard, trying to clear up the sudden knot building in her throat. "I trust you Dean."

Dean's face softened, a small sigh escaping his lips. Damn her and her freaking big green puppy dog eyes.

"I'll see what I can do," he sighed, agreeing to it.

"Thanks Dean."

Sam was gonna kill him.


"Oh come on Sam, quit with the pouting, will you," Dean moaned. He'd broken Haley out of the hospital an hour ago and Sam was not happy about it.

"Dean, look at her? She can't even keep her freaking eyes open man," Sam yelled, pointing back at Haley's sleeping form.

"What the hell did you want me to do Sam? She wasn't going to take no for an answer, man," Dean said, his voice rising up a notch.

"And when has that ever stopped you from doing things your way Dean? She's said no to plenty of other things and you haven't cared. What's different now?" Sam spat back.

"Shut up Sam."

"No Dean, not this time man. I'm always going with you on things, but this, Dean she needs to be in a hospi—"

"Will you two just shut up?" Haley's voice rang out from the backseat. "I'm trying to sleep here, damn it," she yelled in frustration—which, shockingly, wasn't only her own.

"Sorry," Sam sighed, leaning back into the Impala's seat. "You feelin' ok?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder.

"I'm fine. Just, let's get to where we're going without killing each other, please."

The rest of the car drive was silent.


Dean pulled up in front of Missouri's house thirty minutes later. He hadn't planned on coming back, at least not for a while, but Sam was right, Haley wasn't up for long drives just yet, and neither was he or Sam for that matter. Not to mention that all of their clothes, aside from what Missouri had taken to the hospital was still in her house.

"We'll stay here for a few days, at least until Haley's strong enough to handle a longer drive," he said, apologizing to Sam without even having to say the words.

Sam nodded. Apology accepted. "Want me to grab 'er?" he asked, motioning towards the backseat.

"Go for it," Dean said, not fighting him for once.

Sam stepped out of the car closing the passenger door behind him and opening the back door. Haley was curled up in the back seat, Dean and Sam's jackets draped over her for warmth. He bent down, careful not to bang his head on the frame of the car and carefully pulled her out until her upper body was leaning against his chest. Haley stirred, her eyes fluttering open half mast.

"W's goin' on?" she asked groggily.

"Nothin, don't worry about it," he said, twisting on an angle so that he could slide his right hand under her knees and his left under her back.

Haley pushed away from Sam's hold, the jackets sliding off of her. "I can walk," she mumbled.

"I know, but I don't want you too," he countered.

"M'not a baby."

Sam huffed. "Haley, no one said you were, just, let me do this alright," he said, starting to lift her up.

Haley let herself be carried, albeit reluctantly, by Sam. But, she let him know she wasn't happy about it.

"Deal with it," he said, kicking the door behind him once she was securely settled in his arms.

"Sammy, y'ok?" Dean asked, shutting the impala's trunk.

"Yeah, I'm good," he assured, starting to make his way up the sidewalk, Dean trailing closely behind.

"I got the door," Dean said, heading up the steps first so that he could ring the door bell. He reached his hand out to press the button when the door suddenly swung open.

"Jesus—"Dean muttered, taking a step back.

"Boy, don't you use Jesus' name in vain," Missouri scolded, stepping aside so they could come in.

Dean cocked an eyebrow.

"Well go on no, hurry in," she said pushing him lightly, careful of his wounds. "I ain't got all night."

"Sorry for just barging back in like this Missouri—" Sam started to apologize, only to be cut off by the larger woman.

"Child don't you dare go apologizin' for it. Ya'll know you're welcome in this house anytime ya'll need it," she assured, leading them towards the living room. "Here, set her down on the couch. That way she'll be able to find the both of you when she wakes up," she said, pulling a quilt from the arm of the couch. "Have a seat," she ordered softly, handing Dean the quilt. "Cover her up while I go heat up some dinner."


"Dean, you can figure out where to go from here after you're stomachs are nice and full, understand?" she said, not waiting for an answer as she disappeared behind the wall dividing the kitchen and living room.

Dean muttered a few choice words under his breath and slumped down on the last boy by Haley. "Sit down Sammy, before she comes back and whacks you with a spoon," he joked.

Sam shook his head, amusement written all over his features. He enjoyed being at Missouri's, the woman could always get a rise out of his older sibling.

"What're you smilin' at geek?" Dean questioned, throwing a small pillow at Sam's head.

"Nothin', Dean, nothing." He chuckled, sitting at the end of the couch.


"Haley, you need to eat a bit more than that if you want to get your strength up," Missouri said as she watched Haley move the pasta around on her plate.

Haley looked up, her eyes slightly droopy. "M'not that hungry Missouri," she said honestly. She was tired as hell, not really sure how she'd managed to keep herself from face planting onto the spaghetti.

"You wanna head up to bed?" Dean asked, noticing how she wavered in the seat.

Haley put her fork down, "Yeah, I think I'll head up now." She nodded, scooting the chair back and standing up. "Whoa…" she gasped, clutching her hand tightly around the arm of the chair. The room was spinning faster than a friggin tilt-a-whirl.

"I got ya, Hay," Sam said, steadying her with his giant hand. "Come on, let's get you to bed," he said, leading her up to their room. "I'll be down in a few," he called over his shoulder.

"Take your time baby," Missouri said, as she started to round up the empty dishes on the table. "Dean honey, hand me that would you," she said, pointing at Haley's full plate.

Dean handed Missouri the plate and leaned back against his chair. Maybe he should head up and catch some sleep too. He was actually looking forward to sleeping this time now that they were here at Missouri's place. Missouri had all sorts of protection wards up; nothing evil—yellow eyed—could get in.

"That's right," Missouri said, smiling sweetly at him. "Sorry honey, sometimes I can't help it," she said, embarrassed.

Dean nodded. "S'ok." He shrugged.

"Why don't you go on up and get some rest. You look like you're about to conk out," she said, ushering him off the chair.


"Boy, you know better than to lie to a psychic. Go on now. We have many things to discuss tomorrow," she said, pushing him out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.

"Discuss what?" he asked, halting his steps.

"Tomorrow Dean," she said sternly.

Dean sighed, not having the energy to fight the woman. "Alright, thanks Missouri."

"Don't mention it. You sleep well alright," she called softly after him.

Sighing, Missouri walked back into the kitchen to finish up her cleaning. She had one night to figure out how to help these kids, because she had a feeling that life was about to get a little bit harder for the Winchesters.


Dean stepped into their room quietly, not wanting to wake Haley up even though she'd slept for a whole freaking week. He supposed sleeping was easier than talking. He didn't know if he could handle that right now.

"Hey," Sam said softly, cleaning up the first aid kit supplies.

"Hey. She asleep?"

"Yeah, she fell asleep while I was cleaning out the wound," Sam chuckled quietly, walking over to his abandoned bag and dropping the first aid kit. "You ok?"

Dean smirked. "M'always ok Sammy," he said cockily.

Sam simply smiled and walked towards the door. "I'm gonna go grab a shower, you wanna share with her or should I?"

Dean looked to the empty bed then to Haley. "I'll share tonight," he said, daring Sam to make something of it.

"Alright. I'll be back," he said, slipping out of the room.

Dean quietly made his way over to his own bag and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and quickly changed. He lifted up the covers, careful not to disturb the mattress too much. He relaxed, letting his body sink into the soft yet firm mattress beneath him; now this, he could sleep in. A bed always beat a hospital chair.


"Shh, s'ok Hay, go back to sleep," he cooed, scooting a over a few inches so that their shoulders were touching.

Haley rolled back, resting her back against his shoulder and side. "Are we gonna be ok?" she asked, half asleep.

Dean stared blankly at the ceiling above him unsure of what to say.

"Dean?" Haley stilled beside him.

Dean swallowed the lump forming in his throat, rolled onto his side and wrapped his arm around her. "Yeah Hay, we're gonna be ok."

"You promise?" she wrapped her fingers around his forearm.

"I promise kiddo. It's gonna be us," he assured her.

"How do you know?"

Good question.

"Because we're Winchesters."


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