A title.



These were attributes that made a man desirable according to the Ton. Draco Lucius Julian Alexander, 5th Marquis of Malfoy, had all three, had them in abundance, and therefore was considered highly desirable among London's elite.

At the age of nine and twenty Draco had a title, a large fortune, extensive property, and exceedingly good looks. He was taller than the average, had a lean frame and rather broad shoulders. His finely chiseled features were set off by locks of white gold, eyes of misty silver, and an aristocratic air. His masculine beauty was matched with a rakish charm that assured the alluring Adonis more than his fair share of feminine attention wherever he went.

In short the Marquis Malfoy was a husband hunter's dream come true - or more precisely - their ultimate prize.

But unfortunately for the matchmaking mamas and incomparable debutantes of the season, the Marquis of Malfoy was most definitely not in the market for a wife. He had the reputation of a notorious rake and he was proud to say that it was well and truly deserved.

Oh he knew he had to marry one day, he had to produce an heir after all, but to Draco that one day was so far away that it barely registered as a speck on the horizon. All in all, it was universally agreed upon by everyone in England – in Europe for that matter – that the Marquis Malfoy was uncommonly blessed.

At the moment however, Draco was feeling anything but blessed.

"I am going to kill you," Draco hissed angrily at his best friend Lord Blaise Zabini.

"Ah…you really don't have to thank me Malfoy. After all I would never forgive myself if I didn't keep you sufficiently entertained on your first night back in town," Blaise whispered good-naturedly, flashing a rakish smile at their audience.

"Sufficiently entertained!" Draco gritted through a charming smile, "if you call this entertainment I would hate to see what you call torture." He and Blaise were currently surrounded on all sides by a sea of batting eyelashes and brightly colored muslin.

"Well I'm entertained."

"My Lord, it is such a pleasure to see you again," gushed Lady Parkinson to Draco. "Please allow me to introduce my daughter Pansy. Your mother and I were such good friends you know and I'm sure it was her dearest wish that you and Pansy should know each other."

"My Lord, you look in exceptionally good health this evening. May I introduce my lovely daughters Parvati and Padma," exclaimed Mrs. Patil, as she not-so-discreetly shoved her twin daughters forward.

"My Lord, I understand you just returned from visiting your estate in France. Have you met my niece Miss Lavender Brown? She speaks French fluently you know."

As more "My Lords" vied for his attention and introductions for their daughters, nieces, and other assorted female relations, Draco silently counted to ten and reminded himself that giving Blaise the black eye he so rightly deserved would only cause a scene and draw even more attention. And more attention was not something Draco desired while in Almack's assembly room.

"Do you realized want you have done by dragging me here!" Draco growled as he greeted yet another "jewel" of the season.

Blaise innocent smile was ruined by the spark of mischief clearly present in his dark blue eyes, "Why I've made you the biggest prize of the season of course."

"I'm going to kill you."