Chapter 12: Resolution

After talking about their situation Hawkeye wanted to tell Katie, he felt she was owed an explanation of what was happening. Katie was sitting in the living room playing with her dolls. Hawkeye saw her and walked over and sat down next to her.

"Can I join you?" Hawkeye asked, sitting down beside his daughter.

"Do you want to play too?" Katie answered.

"I want to talk to you, is that ok?" Hawkeye asked.

"Yes it's ok." Katie replied.

"I guess you've noticed me and your Mummy together haven't you?" He asked.

Katie nodded, looking down at the carpet the back at her father.

"Well I'm going to be living with you and Mummy now, would you like that?" asked Hawkeye.

Katie smiled and replied, "Really that's good. I would like that very much." then before Hawkeye could say another word Katie asked, "Daddy, how come when I was little and I was just at home with Mummy that she was crying at a picture of you?"

Hawkeye was a bit taken aback by Katie's abruptness but he felt she was right to ask and children often spoke their minds so he would just have to find a way to answer her. After giving his words some thought he finally came up with, "Maybe she missed me." 'what a stupid answer, I couldn't have come up with anything better could I?' Hawkeye thought, slightly annoyed at what he had said.

Katie seemed to accept her father's answer. After a few moments she said, "Daddy, when I looked at the photos Mummy had from the Korea place I asked why I had the same eyes and hair of the Hawkeye man and she said he was my Daddy, but now you say you're my Daddy I'm confused, do I have two daddys?"

Hawkeye smiled at Katie's 'Hawkeye man' comment and answered, "I'm the Hawkeye man."

"You're the Hawkeye man!" Katie exclaimed with excitement.

Hawkeye nodded and said "Yep that's right." Then Katie got up on her knees and hugged her daddy and said, "I love you daddy-Hawkeye-man." Hawkeye hugged her back and said with a little laugh, "I love you too."

"Daddy, why are you called Hawkeye?" Katie asked.

"My Daddy gave it to me, your Grandpa. It's from a book." Hawkeye answered.

"Grandpa gave it to you? Can he give me one too?" Katie replied.

"Yes he did, well he might you just have to ask him." Hawkeye told her. Then he asked, "Did you and Grandpa have a nice time today?"

"Yep we did. It was fun I got to have a really ginormous ice-cream." Katie replied. "It was chocolate." she added.

"Wow you're a lucky girl aren't you." Hawkeye replied.

"Yep. Grandpa even said I could have sprinkles!" Katie said with excitement.

"Wow he did spoil you didn't he." Hawkeye answered. "You're a very lucky girl."

Katie hugged her Daddy again. She was really happy that she could talk to him after all the years she had missed out on with him. Hawkeye was happy too, he was happy that his daughter was happy. Happy to know her Daddy.


During the course of the day Margaret had noticed how attached Katie was becoming to her father, this pleased Margaret immensely. Just knowing that Katie was accepting Hawkeye and visa versa made Margaret extremely happy.

Daniel had also been terrific with his new granddaughter. He was now acting as if they had known each other for all their lives. He was very pleased to have a granddaughter as wonderful as Katie. She reminded him so much of his son. This scared him slightly, knowing what kind of child Hawkeye was, but he was sure Katie had her head screwed on, she had also inherited some of Margaret's cautious nature so Daniel was sure Katie would not be as mischievous as Hawkeye. He hoped, at least, for Margaret's sake. He thought it would be funny for Hawkeye to have a child as mischievous as he had been, then he would understand what Daniel went through. Daniel chuckled at this thought.

Since Margaret and Hawkeye had come back from their walk she had been thinking about planning a picnic for the family tomorrow afternoon. She thought it would be nice for Hawkeye and Katie especially to get out and spend some time together. She had suggested her idea to Daniel, who agreed that it was a great idea, so he was now on the picnic planning committee. They would go down to the beach and sit up on the grass with their blanket and food. Margaret had suggested the beach because it was so amazingly beautiful and she felt it was a really nice place to be. Daniel agreed with her. Now they had a set plan, all they needed was for it to be tomorrow. And to let Hawkeye and Katie in on the plan, but that would come later.


The next morning Margaret and Daniel were up preparing the food for the picnic this afternoon. They had already made some sandwiches, filled with various fillings, such as chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise and also egg and lettuce. Daniel asked Margaret whether Katie would eat any of the already made sandwiches and Margaret replied yes, she would but they made some peanut butter and jelly ones too. As that was a personal favourite of Katie's.

Hawkeye wandered out to the kitchen and saw his dad and Margaret preparing food and asked, "Well what are we doing Mr. and Mrs. Pierce?"

"Morning Hawk, wanna join us?" Daniel offered.

"What are you doing?" Hawkeye replied.

"Making sandwiches." Daniel said.

"Why?" Hawkeye asked.

"So we have something to eat." Daniel replied.

"When Dad, are we going somewhere?" Hawkeye asked.

"You might say that." Daniel replied. He loved being cryptic with his son. Especially when his son had just woken up.

"Ok Dad, now I'm really confused. Someone please tell me why my father is making sandwiches at 9:00 in the morning with the mother of my daughter." Hawkeye replied.

"I told ya Hawk, so we have something to eat." Daniel replied. He was enjoying this.

"Come on Dad, this isn't the Army. Rations are not needed. Although with taste of their rations you'd be glad you had to ration the food." Hawkeye answered, pouring himself a cup of coffee and stealing one of his Dad's sandwiches.

"Oi, get your hands off that it was for later!" Daniel said, trying to grab it back of his son. When he tried Hawkeye shoved it in his mouth.


It was about time for them to head off to the beach for their picnic, Margaret wanted to tell Hawkeye what was happening, but Daniel was insistent on the idea of not telling him. Even Katie knew and every time she saw Hawkeye she would giggle at him, because she knew and he didn't. She was enjoying it as much as Daniel.

Eventually Hawkeye was let it on the secret. He was happy about the idea and slightly miffed at his Dad for not telling him.

When they arrived at the beach Margaret was setting everything up and Katie and her Dad and her Granddad were playing on the playground. Margaret turned and looked at the amusing sight that was before her eyes. Hawkeye, Daniel and Katie all on the swings. She laughed and shook her head. 'Some people never grow up.' she thought, chuckling to herself. She stood up and walked over to them, "Come on you lot everything's ready!" she called.

"Coming mother." Hawkeye replied, running with Katie back over to Margaret.

Daniel was trying to run too, but he gave up halfway in, he was too tired to run.

Once back at the table everyone sat down and took some food. Lunch lasted a good while. There was amusing banter between Hawkeye and his Dad as well as occasional comments from Katie and Margaret.

The scenery was spectacular. Looking out from where they were sitting you could see the long stretch of beach and then the sparkling blue ocean. It really was a beautiful sight. Everyone except Hawkeye of course had brought their togs. Hawkeye of course hadn't because he didn't even know about the whole picnic/beach thing until he had arrived at the beach. So when Katie asked if her Daddy could take her for swim he said he didn't have any togs to swim in. But Margaret had put his in the bag, so he accepted Katie's offer and got changed and followed her down to the ocean. Margaret followed their lead, changing and getting into her togs. Daniel didn't feel much like swimming so he just stayed where he was, looking at the new family together in the water.

Hawkeye was carrying Katie on his shoulders while they were in the water and he was swimming around pretending to be a shark and coming up and surprising Katie. Margaret was joining in the fun too. Katie had found some pool toys in the Pierce's shed so she brought them down with her. One was a ring with a duck head on it, she slipped it around her waist and swam around.

While Katie was amusing herself with her duck ring toy Hawkeye and Margaret were having some fun of their own. They were ducking in and out of the water, sometimes staying under for some time. One could only speculate as to what they were doing under there, but the observant would be able to see clearly what they were up to. They were dipping under mouths locked and would kiss under water, having only each other for air. They would come up laughing hysterically so one could see they were enjoying this immensely.

After their little swim and Hawkeye and Margaret's fun, everyone got out of the water and back onto the beach. Katie went back and joined Daniel. Hawkeye and Margaret went off further down the beach together. Little did they know, Katie and Daniel had hatched a plan to follow them.

"This was really a great idea Margaret." Hawkeye said, with his arm around her waist.

"Don't just thank me, thank your Dad too. He helped with it." Margaret answered.

"I knew he was up to something." Hawkeye replied. "That man can never be trusted when making sandwiches, he's always got something up his sleeve."

Margaret laughed. She wished she could have what Hawkeye and Daniel have. It was something she never had the chance to have with her father.

Katie and Daniel were quietly walking behind Margaret and Hawkeye. Being careful not to be seen they would duck into the bushes. They were both enjoying this. Margaret and Hawkeye did not know they were being followed. They were too busy talking. Katie and Daniel's plan was to, just at the right moment, jump out in front of them.

Walking down the beach, Hawkeye spotted a log sitting amongst some trees. He suggested to Margaret that they sit down for a while. As they had walked a fair distance now. They were well out of anyone's sight. Most of the people that used this beach used a part of it further down, towards the playground area, so there was no one around up this end of the beach. Except for the unknown, to Hawkeye and Margaret anyway, followers Katie and Daniel who were still dipping in and out of trees to avoid being spotted by Hawkeye or Margaret. They were really enjoying this.

Hawkeye turned to Margaret and said, "This really has been great Margaret. First the reunion, seeing all those guys again was terrific and then finding out I have a daughter, what a shock that was. But a good shock." he said reassuring her then he continued, "Then coming back to Crabapple Cove with you and Katie and seeing Dad. I couldn't have asked for anymore."

"You left out the part where you said you loved me." Margaret said.

"Oh yeah, that too." Hawkeye replied then he kissed Margaret on her lips. "You know, those Generals were right, you do have hot lips." he added.

Margaret looked at him, she was at first slightly annoyed at his comment but then she realised it was just the Hawkeye Pierce she had become very attached to. She would just have to accept his comments. After all she wasn't going to change him, she was just going to leave him just the way he was.

Margaret, in return, kissed him back. As a way of thanks probably. But just as she did, when the two were locked Katie and Daniel jumped out in front of them clapping and cheering like idiots.

"DAAAD!!" Hawkeye yelled while laughing, kicking up sand at his father.

Daniel just laughed and kicked sand back at him

"What did you do that for!?" Hawkeye said, "And you too miss!" he said to Katie.

Katie giggled. "It was Grandpa's idea."

"Oh thanks, blame it all on old Grandpa hey!" Daniel replied.

By this point everyone was in hysterics.

Daniel finally said, "Well folks I think I've just about had it for today. It's certainly been more excitement than I've had in a long time. Anyway the sun's about to say goodnight." he said, looking towards the sun which was beginning to set.

"Come on Katie dear, come with Grandpa and we'll back everything up and leave your Mummy and Daddy to do whatever it is they were doing." Daniel said, taking Katie's hand, smiling at his son.

Katie was giggling too. Even though she didn't really understand what was so funny she could see it was something to laugh about. So Daniel and Katie began the walk back up to the playground where they had been eating earlier.

Once they were out of earshot range Margaret said, "He never gives up does he? Was he always this way?"

"Unfortunately for me yes he was. He would always hatch plans to catch me with a girl. It's just his nature to make fun of people." Hawkeye answered, standing up and taking Margaret's arm and helping her get up too.

"Thanks Hawk." Margaret said, brushing sand off her.

They walked slowly up the beach back to Daniel and Katie, and looking at the sunset at the same time. It really was a magical sight. The sky was a beautiful orange and yellow around the glowing sun. It also signified the end of what was and the sunrise the next morning would signify the start of something new. The old being Hawkeye and Margaret's lives before meeting again, and the new being the new life they would have together with Katie.


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