AN/ This is my first Torchwood fic. I don't own the rights to any of the characters of films mentioned in this fic. Written for eeveekitty85's birthday. Happy birthday, Eevee! Betaed by LilCosette. One shot. Enjoy.


"Okay, so why did you call us all here, Jack?" Tosh asked. The pterodactyl called out as it flew over head to its cave in the roof of the hub.

"Go help Gwen set up the DVD player," Jack told her. "We're having a movie night."

"I can do it myself, Jack," Gwen called from across the room. "I do have one at home, you know."

"Movie night?" Tosh blinked. "Why?"

Jack shrugged and smiled that easy smile of his. "We've all done a good job lately, I thought it was time we had a little reward. Nothing is expected to happen tonight. and if it does, we could always pause the DVD."

"What about the Clan of the Eevee?" Tosh asked.

"They're not expected for another twenty four hours," Jack told her. "Relax."

"Who's looking after the pizza and popcorn?" Gwen asked.

"Owen," Jack answered.

Tosh, who had chosen that moment to take a sip from her mug, promptly swallowed back a spit-take. She coughed and tried to take in a large enough breath to speak. "Owen?" she said when she could speak again. "You put Owen in charge of the food?"

"Hey! I heard that," Owen shouted as he entered the hub. He was carrying some pizza boxes. "Ianto isn't the only one who can ring for a pizza, you know."

Gwen appeared and took one of the boxes from Owen. She cracked it open and smelled the warm, fresh pizza inside. "Mmmm… Hey, where is Ianto anyway?"

"Renting the DVDs. He said he had something in mind and it was going to be a surprise," Jack said.

Owen rolled his eyes. "Oh wonderful. It'd better not be Chocolat again."

Gwen gave him a sharp look. "Don't diss Johnny Depp," she scolded.

"Yeah!" Jack agreed with a grin.

They heard the sound of the door opening again and Ianto strolled in. "Hey, what'd you get?" Jack asked.

"I got us two movies. Hope you don't mind," Ianto replied calmly.

"Yeah, ok… but which ones?" Owen asked.

The corners of Ianto's mouth turned upwards. "Ones I think we'll all enjoy."

"Which are titled…?" Gwen prompted.

Ianto took the two DVD cases out of a pocket of his coat and tossed them to Jack. He caught them effortlessly and glanced at the titles before dissolving into laughter. Ianto smiled and shrugged. "I felt like a bit of Captain Jack."

"What? What is it?" Gwen asked. She took the DVDs from Jack and grinned. Tosh looked over her shoulder and laughed as well. When Gwen showed the cases to Owen, he groaned.

The neat, black printing on one case read 'Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl,' and on the other 'Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest.'

It was going to be a long night.