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Prologue: Uneasy Shops
Started: 2/22/2007
Finished: 2/22/2007

He couldn't help but feel slightly claustrophobic in this concrete jungle, he was an amalgamation of animals after all and having so many humans around him set him on edge. Transforming into large cats didn't help the equation much since it only brought those loner instincts up. So, he tried to prowl the streets often and hopefully the lone hunter instincts that could become a part of his DNA at whim would get used to it. Hey, it was worth a shot.

Beast Boy's mind, however, was quite a distance away. Something was not right with him. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he felt distinctly uneasy. The feeling had been there ever since the Beast incident and had only slowly grown over time. Now after the whole Brotherhood of Evil (it was a stupid name, really. It was short and to the point, true, but there was no imagination.) gig he had nothing to focus on. Sure the whole chameleon-robot-thing had been interesting, but things have calmed down quite a bit now and BB had returned to prowling familiar-unfamiliar streets. And he had had them memorized and everything too, troublesome.

Muttering to himself; he absently noted where he was and just as he was going to move on, he stopped and stared at the building beside him.

There was a wall that acted as a fence and a gap in the thing acted as the entrance. It was a funny grey color that was almost but not quite blue. Behind the wall he saw a distinctly Asian building, sloped roofs with dragon motif gargoyles guarding the corners. The tiled roof firmly established 'old fashioned' and the windows' lattice work only reinforced that. Even with all that, it was still rather plain, the colors were humble and didn't do much to catch the eye. A sign hung next to the door and read, from top to bottom, 'Keltaeks Knick Knacks and Other Krum'.

The building itself did not send the changeling's danger sense off and he had some incredibly reliable instincts, though a certain dark sorceress would beg to differ. No, the building was fine; it was where the building was that rocked his mind. Running to see the building next to the KKKOK he confirmed his suspicions. It was another office building, the same one that he remembered oh so well. It wasn't possible, just impossible. Before the BoE thing, the office building formed an alley that barely allowed a car easy passage with the building on the other side of the KKKOK. How, when did this happen?

Blinking, the shape-shifter reached out to touch the wall that acted as a fence. Maybe he was hallucinating. When he made contact with the wall he could have sworn he heard a feminine 'oh!' and suddenly he was no longer in control of his legs. They started walking him toward the entrance to the strange edifice that shouldn't be and he struggled futilely to escape. No luck, his feet insisted upon entering the strange place. Desperate, he took out his communicator, prayed to whatever deity smiled upon him, and chucked outside of the wall. Hopefully, his friends would notice his absence and come looking for him. He didn't know if the people inside the Keltaeks had any jamming equipment and if they can't find his com, they can't do anything about it.


Serra Markov was walking home as she warily cast her gaze about, hoping beyond hope to avoid a certain green Titan. It wasn't that she didn't like him or anything but it was awkward. He insisted upon the fact that he knew her, and Serra knew she didn't know him. He was funny, pleasant company and famous but everything inside of her screamed for her to avoid him like the plague. So it was just her luck to find gazing at a weird edifice that should not be.

She didn't know what prompted her to declare the building out of place. Sure it was an interesting shop sitting between an office building and another equally unremarkable structure, but it wasn't that out of place. It just didn't belong. She knew this with a certainty that rung with such truth she couldn't even begin to scrounge up the will to even think on the contrary. She just knew.

Then something even stranger happened. The green elf touched the wall surrounding the building-that-really-had-no-place-being-there-and-shouldn't-be-there (take your pick) and was suddenly doing some very funky leg work. Cocking a blonde brow, her blue gaze watched as the emerald teen's legs dragged him in to the storefront. She noticed that he had dropped off something round and circular before being marched through the gate. After a moment's debate she cursed her curiosity and went to pick up the yellow disk.

It had a short black antenna with a black face on one side with a solid white T stamped in the darkness. Yellow bordered the black and the back of the thing was yellow as well. A messily scrawled 'Beast Boy' proclaimed its owner's name in green, clashing brazenly against the yellow backdrop of the device. After another moment's debate, she flipped open the communicator and contacted the Titans. Where had her fair judgment gone? Vacation?

After a moment of static, an all too familiar visage took center stage on the small screen. The spiky mass of disordered black hair that had been gelled to hell and back was unmistakable. A sharp mask concealing the eyes and eyebrows kept identities neatly tucked away. A drawn mouth that was far too use to frowning kept its place under a no nonsense nose. The mouth was improving though; it had been working on smiles and easy grins lately. He still dressed like a Christmas tree and traffic light from an experiment gone wrong, though.

She didn't know how it was possible, but she knew that the kid blinked at her, doing a double take. If he called her Ter-

"Terra, so Beast Boy was right," declared the Titans' leader grimly, a disapproving frown tugging his lips down. And he had been improving too.

Sighing in exasperation, the blond clucked disapprovingly.

"I'm not Terra," replied the blond as she felt her brow knotting in distaste. "You people really need to get that through your heads. Anyway this is about your green bean friend."

The mask flexed, imitating a cocked brow. What the heck was that thing made of?

"Something weird happened. It looked like something took over his legs and dragged him into this creepy building."

Robin stared at her from the screen, brow still cocked with his face clearly radiating disbelief. Growling at the distrust she could read from the other teen, Serra snapped.

"Fine, don't believe me then. But if you and your friends finally take the time to look for your friend, you'll start at Keltaeks Knick Knacks and Other Krums," and with a huff the blond teen threw the communicator away from her and headed home. Muttering to herself she decided she had been too nice to that little prick. Probably should have screamed at him.

Robin, meanwhile, was looking into this Keltaeks and found nothing in the city plans. Still, he worried. After all, an unauthorized individual had used a communicator. Summoning the city map to the screen, he activated the tracking network in BB's communicator. Finding it stationary, he was bewildered. So the Terra look alike hadn't taken the com unit. But that meant that it wasn't on a certain green elf either. There were no buildings that should interest Beast Boy there. Frowning, Robin grew concerned when the map indicated that there was no Keltaeks, even with the up to date maps. The shape shifter's communicator bleeped softly in blue at the edge of an alley. Maybe the grass stain was pulling a prank and roped in the Terra look alike. Yeah, that must be it.

30 minutes later…

Robin started at the screen, that damnable blue light still stationary. Okay, so Beast Boy learned how to be patient. He's still not fooling Robin into calling the cavalry.

10 minutes later still…

But Beast Boy never pulled a prank that could actually get in the way of roping a criminal before…

15 minutes later still…

"Titans, trouble!"

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