Author's Note: My first stab at a longer Bones fic. This will be a couple chapters long when finished. All comments are greatly appreciated!

She had slept with Sully. She had SLEPT with Sully. She had slept with SULLY! The thought repeated itself endlessly in his mind, taunting him like a bully on a playground. He couldn't believe how casually she had told him about it–how casually she had ripped his heart out. Logically, he knew that he shouldn't feel betrayed. Hadn't he been dating Cam until recently? Hadn't he told Bones after his break-up with Cam that workplace relationships were a bad idea? What did he expect her to do–wait for him until they retired? Sully was a good-looking guy who could speak squint. Of course she would be attracted to him. It wasn't her fault.

Sully, however, needed to die. He had known that Booth had "the hots" for Bones but had pursued her anyway. A real friend would have walked away. So, instead of sleeping in on that warm Saturday morning, he found himself driving to Sully's apartment. He wasn't exactly sure what he was going to say when he got there, but he knew he needed to say it immediately. He was almost tempted to turn his siren on, but he restrained himself. This wasn't police business; it was entirely personal. He would ignore the speed limit as a civilian. When he reached the apartment, he raced up the steps and knocked on Sully's door with such force that his knuckles ached.

"Booth! Nice to see you, buddy!" Sully said as he opened the door. The bastard was smiling.

Booth wanted to grab him and throw him against a wall. You're smiling because you scored with my partner, you jerk! He took a deep breath to calm himself. "We need to talk."

Sully's smile vanished when he heard the anger in Booth's voice. "Okay, come on in." He led Booth into the apartment and motioned to a leather couch. "Take a seat."

"I'll stand, thanks." Booth answered. He crossed his arms over his chest, wondering how to begin. He was too upset to think clearly.

After a few minutes Sully broke the uncomfortable silence. "So...I guess this is about Temperance."

"You're damn right it is. You had no right to sleep with her." As he said it he knew it sounded ridiculous, but he didn't care.

Sully laughed. "Am I missing something here? You two aren't married. You're not engaged. You're not even dating and you never were. She's fair game."

Booth wanted to reach for his gun. "Game? Is that what this is to you? Look, Sully, I've been her partner for almost two years. I was there for her when one of our own was going to murder her in an abandoned warehouse and feed her body to stray dogs. I was there when she identified the remains of her mother and found out that her parents were bank robbers living under assumed identities. I was there when she was buried alive in a car with twelve hours to live. You come along, work one case with her and think you're going to replace me?" He was only a few inches away from Sully now.

"Whoa, whoa," Sully said as he backed away. "I'm not after your job, Booth, just your partner. You had two years to make your move. Now it's my turn."

Booth imagined himself punching Sully's miserable face. "I'm asking you, as a friend, to stay away from her."

Sully wasn't about to throw away a good relationship just to appease Booth's ego. "She's not your property, Booth. I didn't see your name anywhere on her...and, believe me, I've seen every inch. Such a beautiful body-- and she knows exactly how to use it. You want to know what she's like in bed?"

Booth was done restraining himself. He tackled Sully to the floor and began assaulting his ribcage with furious punches. Sully fought back, punching Booth wherever he could. Booth found himself putting Sully in a choke hold, squeezing the life out of him.

"Wait," Sully gasped. "Stop." Booth released him. Sully took a minute to catch his breath before speaking again. "Let's try to settle this like civilized people. You and me on the basketball court, noon tomorrow. If you win, I break up with Temperance. If I win, you back off. Deal?"

Booth considered it for a few moments. They had played basketball together before. Sully was a great player, but Booth had beaten him a couple times. With Brennan on the line, he could beat him again. "Alright. Noon tomorrow."

To be continued...