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All Is Well The Kent Family Saga Continues where All Is Not Well andAll Is Well That Ends Well-Short Xmas Story Left them

All Is Not Well. - Short synopsis

Lois and Clark found their way back together shortly after the events in SR partly with the help of Jason who inadvertently reveals Clark's secret to both Lois and Richard. Richard has become good friends with Chloe a former schoolmate of Clarks. (not related to Lois here but same basic character from Smallville now working at the DP) Clark has quit the paper to work freelance for more independence. Jason is becoming more and more like his father.

After getting married Lois and Clark settle down in a new home together with Jason and a young 8 year old girl they adopted named Kala. Superman had rescued Kala from an abusive home after Jason befriended her at school and told her to call for Superman's help. They also have a dog named Einstein, a young golden retriever that they adopted from the prior owners of the house they just purchased. Chloe is now living with Richard in the waterfront house a short distance away.


Chapter 1 Almost A New Year

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that
take our breath away.


Jason was sitting on a little stool in the family room just off the kitchen banging away making a terrible racket while Kala covered her ears jumping up and down laughing.

Lois and Clark were in the kitchen preparing dinner together, "Clark, I still can't believe Santa actually gave Jason a set of drums. I thought he could just use your old ones at the farm. I'm worried the neighbors are going to be bothered with all the …well I certainly wouldn't call it drumming at this point."

"What was Santa to do? It's what he asked for. He certainly seems to be enjoying himself. I'll sound proof the basement and none of the neighbors will ever have to hear his attempts at drumming. Besides it's something we can work on here to help him control his strength." Pulling the casserole out of the oven without benefit of a mitt Clark set it on a hot pad on the table then went to Lois and embraced her from behind. "That's the real reason for the drums in the first place. I thought you realized that…Dear." He snuggled into her neck as he said the last word for effect.

Tickling her stomach with feather light touches he began kissing her neck leaving her breathless from giggling. Barely managing to compose herself as she tried to stay on track Lois answered, "Yes I do, I just thought the drum set would be at the farm way out in the middle of nowhere. You do realize I'm trying to finish making the salad and the kids are right over there?"

"How could I possibly forget with that …you're right it's certainly not drumming going on. I hope he's as quick to learn drumming as he was juggling." Letting her go he walked over to the kids and asked them to go wash their hands for dinner.

It was the day after Christmas, their first one as a family. Superman had just taken Martha and Ben home a few hours earlier. The elder couple had spent several days at the Kent home celebrating the holidays as part of the extended family along with Lois' father General Sam Lane. Richard and Chloe had come over early Christmas morning and spent most of the day. Richard was still considered very much a Daddy to Jason and had been happy to accept Kala as a daughter as well. The house had been full with friends and family coming and going all day Christmas. When the 'drumming' stopped it seemed quiet for the first time in several days as the kids ran to wash their hands.

As they all sat down to eat Lois poised a question. "Clark the block is having a New Years Eve party are you going to be able to attend or is…" she made a waving hand movement, "needed?"

"Hmmm, that could be a problem, do you want to attend? It seems like we should at least try and make an appearance, I could try and 'wing it'."

"Ha ha, You are just too funny."

"Mommy, did you hear my drumming. Could you tell what song I was playing?"

Almost choking then managing to swallow Lois answered, "Uh, I was busy in the kitchen and didn't quite catch it." Deftly passing the ball to Clark, "Honey, did you notice the song he was playing?"

"No, I'm afraid I was concentrating on listening to the news in the other room."

"He said it was The Little Drummer Boy but I think maybe he needs to practice some more." Kala said laughing.

"Oh Clark, what about the year end party Friday at the Planet? I haven't signed up yet because I really don't want to go without you. Perry asked if you were coming. Actually so did Richard, Chloe, Jimmy, Gill, Cat and just about everyone else in the office. Seems they notice you're gone now more than any of us ever noticed when you where there."

"Well, I did try to make myself invisible. Again, if you want to go I'll work around it. I can be flexible as long as there are no major emergencies that I can't ignore."

"I just want to warn you since you haven't been there much lately Cat is on a campaign to 'get' Superman."

"That must be the reason I keep seeing her up on the roof of the Daily Planet. I guess I forgot to tell her that I had given Superman her message."

"So, what do you plan to do about it?"

"Well, I was planning on going into the office with you tomorrow. I want to talk with Perry about that contract he emailed me. I'll tell her I gave Superman her message. That maybe he's just not interested in meeting anyone."

"I don't know, I think Superman is going to have to tell her directly before she gives up."

"Lois, do you have any idea how many women try to get Superman's attention?"

"Yes, I do, but most of them don't feel they have a way into his world. Cat does because she knows us, or more specifically you! Superman needs to talk to her and the sooner the better."


The next morning Clark poked his head into Perry's office. "Got a minute?"

"Sure Clark, I was hoping you would come in. We haven't seen you here in ages. Did you get that contact I sent you?"

"As a matter of fact that's why I'm here. You need to know I don't have any intention of signing it. Paragraph 10 A.2 states 'The Planet shall have final approval of all works commissioned or otherwise submitted.' I simply will not agree to that."

"Oh come on Clark, it's just us…. that's just standard contract language."

"Perry, or would you rather I call you Chief?"

"Perry is fine, anything is better than Chief!"

"Perry it is then, I am going to freelance. I want full editorial control of anything I submit with final approval on any and all changes. I am not going to compromise on that. There is no need for a contract, I have every intention of remaining loyal to the Planet."

"I still don't understand why you felt you had to leave in the first place. I won't take undo advantage of...you know."

"You mean you won't ask me to write about Superman's eating habits, if he's gained weight, if he's wearing a new suit…need I go on?" Superman looked Perry right in the eye, "but that is only a small part of the reason I quit. It's not easy trying to make the world believe I'm two separate people. I need to make better use of my time. I have a family now I don't want to waste time pretending to take hours doing something I can do in minutes or even seconds."

"Alright I guess I can understand that. Are you going to have something for us anytime soon?"

"I'll be sending in an expose on Bureau 39 and similar hate groups. Its part of a series on tolerance and open-mindedness verses bigotry and fanaticism and how it relates in an ever shrinking world."

"That sounds good the pubic needs to know about these groups. I don't suppose they ever caught all of those guys. Are you working on anything else?"

"I'm working on a piece dealing with the dangers of Earth continuing on its current path both politically and environmentally. The controlling group of Elders on Krypton failed to listen to scientific facts of impending doom presented by my father. He tried to warn them about what was happening but they ridiculed him and as a result nothing was done to save the population. They all died when many might have been relocated given enough time. I'll need to acknowledge Superman as a source for some of the background information."

"If Earth continues down the current path annihilation could just as easily happen here sometime in the not too distant future. I'm convinced the major governments are more concerned with protecting the auto, oil and energy companies than the people of the world. I want to show if annihilation could happen to an advanced civilization such as Krypton that it could happen here if we don't pay heed to the increasing warning signs."

"Perry, the differences I see in the Earth's eco system in the five years I was gone is sickening. It's a very slippery slope we do not want to travel."

Perry said nothing thinking about what Clark had said.

"I see your expression, I have no delusions, I know this is going to be very controversial and if the Daily Planet doesn't want to carry it I'll certainly understand. I'll find some other outlet, but I'm not going to turn away from it. It's just too important of an issue and it's not getting proper coverage."

"It does sound very controversial but I doubt we'll turn it down. Send me the drafts as you finish them. I agree Superman will need to be used as a source. That should give the piece considerably more weight. It sounds like you have some very good ideas. I look forward to working with you in this new liaison."

As Clark was leaving Cat came running up to him. "Clark, did you get a chance to talk to Superman, did you give him my number?"

"Uh, er…yes I did. Didn't he call you?" He answered giving his best bewildered Clark grin.

"No, I haven't heard from him. He does know who I am doesn't he?"

"Uh, hmm, I think so, I told him you work here with us."

"Oh here, I ran out and picked up this Boysenberry pie when I saw you come in. I read recently that it's his favorite. I though you could maybe get it to him. You will you be seeing him won't you?"

"Cat, I really don't think he's interested in becoming involved with anyone."

"He's not gay is he? You know a lot of the really cute guys like him are."

"Um, er…I really don't think that's it. I'm not always able to reach him. What do you want me to do with the pie if he doesn't respond, he's very unpredictable?"

"Oh just keep it, eat it yourself I don't care. But please try and reach him for me will you?"

As she left Clark said "I'll certainly try" then he walked over to Lois who had been trying to hide her amusement as she listened to the conversation a few feet from her desk.

"Hmmm, look what we have for desert tonight." With a big smile highlighting his face he peeked at the pie using his x-ray vision as he spoke.

"Clark, do you know how many Boysenberry and Marian berry pies have been brought or delivered to this office since Superman mentioned it was his favorite. Every eating establishment in town now carries them… daily. It's a wonder you haven't single handedly caused a major shortage on berries. In fact maybe you have and it just hasn't hit the wire yet!"

"You never told me they had Boysenberry pies here how come you never bring any of them home?" He said controlling his laughter.

"Oh, get out of here, I have work to do." She was laughing outright. "Take your pie and go home I'll see you tonight."

As Clark was leaving the bullpen he heard sirens in the distance. Luckily the elevator was empty when it arrived stepping in he hit the down button. The doors closed and Superman almost immediately left via the top escape hatch depositing the pie in a concealed place on the roof planning to retrieve it later.

Flying over the scene where he had heard the sirens he hovered momentarily. A man was holding a woman hostage with a gun pointed to her head. Several uniformed policemen were trying to talk him into releasing her. Silently but quickly he floated down holding his cape by the sides to make sure it didn't ruffle and alert the armed man.

"It's over drop your weapon, Superman is right behind you!"

"Yeah, what kind of a fool do you take me for…whaaaaaaaaattttttttt!" The gun had suddenly become too hot to hold, startled he released the woman. "My hand he burned my hand!"

"That's what can happen when you play with guns. I thought a slight burn was preferable to broken bones. Officers he is all yours." He had spoken in a commanding voice as the officers grabbed the man and whisked him away. Superman turned to the young woman who was still shaking from fright and in a softer comforting voice he asked, "Miss, are you alright?"

"Yes, yes, I am now. Thank you." Without a second thought she wrapped her arms around him and hugged with all her might. "Thank you for being who you are." Then just as quickly she released him and seeing his surprised expression she covered her mouth with her hand embarrassed. "Oh I'm sorry, I really shouldn't have done that."

"It's alright, I'm just happy you weren't hurt. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way. Good day."

Heading back to pick up the pie he saw Cat waving to him from the roof. Taking a deep breath he descended.

"Superman, you must have gotten the message. I'm, Cat Grant in case you don't remember."

"Yes, Miss Grant. I know who you are and I did get your message. I'm sorry I didn't respond before now, I've been very busy."

"Well, you're here now. I just thought you might like some home cooking and perhaps some friendly companionship now that Lois is no longer available."

"Lois and I are merely friends. Your offer is very kind but surely you realize it is far too dangerous to be associated with me. Lois became a target for people like Luthor because of all the rumors. I can't allow that to happen again… Good day Miss Grant."

"Wait… don't you ever get lonely?"

Smiling softly as he ascended into the air he spoke in truth, "I'm never alone."

Later Cat finished her column for the day. Feeling melancholy as she read it over before sending it in...

I met the man in tights briefly on the roof today. Sorry to report ladies, but it seems he's not on the market. He says it's too dangerous to be associated with him. Perhaps he was never truly on the market in the first place.

Looking over at Lois working away with far too much zeal on whatever story she was currently writing Cat though to herself, or maybe he's just still taken!


The year end party at the office came with Clark making brief appearances. Lois seemed unaffected by his absence. In fact she actually enjoyed herself much to her own surprise spending most of the party talking with Richard and Chloe.

When Chloe left for a moment Richard confided, "Lois, I'm going to ask Chloe to marry me just before the stroke of the new year. I know its fast, but it just feels right this time. I truly loved you but I always knew in my heart there was something missing in our relationship. It's different this time, I can feel it."

"Richard, that's wonderful. I'm sure Clark will be just as happy for you as I am and the kids both adore Chloe."

Chloe came back into view so they quieted down pretending to talk about some article. The party continued with everyone getting into the spirit of things. Just as Perry got up to make a speech Clark came back into the bullpen joining Lois.

"Ladies, Gentlemen this has been a good year. It bought the Return of Superman" the room was filled with cheers. Clark shuffled uncomfortably at the comment and the resulting enthusiastic response. Perry raised his hands to quiet the crowd so he could continue… "and well, so many another things good and bad. Let's pray that 2007 will be just as eventful but with much more good rather than the inevitable bad."


New Years Eve came quickly Lois found herself standing alone at a party in the neighbor's house shortly before midnight. Clark had made a quiet exit earlier. Superman no doubt was needed elsewhere. All the kids from the block were playing games in the adjoining room trying to stay awake. Some had not succeeded and were scattered about sleeping wherever they found a place to lie down. Jason and Kala were among the ones still playing.

As the New Year got closer Lois couldn't help be sad that she was to spend it alone with no midnight kiss from her groom of just a little over a month. She consoled herself thinking, we'll have many more chances to kiss in the New Year, maybe next year. Besides it's just a point in time, he always comes home to me.

Superman was standing in the dark smiling broadly using his x-ray vision to look for his target then speaking to no one in sight. "Now's the time, I'm waiting."

Jason got up from his game and ran over tugging at his mother's hand. "Mommy, my stomach hurts I want to go home!"

"But, honey don't you want to watch the fireworks with the other kids? You've all been trying to stay awake just to see them."

"No, I want to go now. My stomach hurts too much." Kala came running over to see what was going on.

Lois made her apologies as she and the kids left. Jason pulled them along but once he entered the house rather than running upstairs he pulled them to the back yard where Superman was waiting.

"Lois, kids, sorry I missed most of the party, I hope this will more than make up for it." Beside him was a crystal ship he had grown as a special surprise. "I had originally wanted to finish this for Christmas but decided with Jason's help a New Years surprise would be even better. It can actually hold 10 people. It's designed to move silently and undetected. Would you care to step inside?"

It was just a few minutes before midnight. Superman programmed the ship to fly to New York Harbor near Ellis Island. The ship stopped in mid air high above the harbor with a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty. Moving to a small observation deck on the ship the family waited anxiously for the fireworks to begin.

As the display started Jason and Kala were mesmerized at the brilliance of the lights of fire in the sky with the Statue silhouetted in the foreground.

"Kala shrieked excitedly, "I have never seen fireworks like this before! It's totally awesome!"

Superman mumbled "Yes it is."

The kids both turned around almost in unison at his mumbled response to find their parents standing behind them in an embrace kissing not even watching the fireworks.

"But Mommy, Daddy, you are not even watching." Jason asked confused.

Kala elbowed Jason, "Shsssssssssssssss I think maybe they see the fireworks."


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