Chapter 1:::::::The Meeting.


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Sakura Haruno stared at her reflection in the mirror with disdain. The once smooth, silky skin of her face now marred with bags under her eyes along with the line of tiredness. After days of working, trying to find a new way so that her father's company won't meet the fate of going bankrupt under the fist of the Uchiha Empire. It proved to be useless once Sasuke Uchiha, the current leader of the most powerful Uchiha underground clan set his sight on a certain thing. He had to get his way or else there will be hell to pay. So many smaller companies had tried to make a deal with the devil, sealing their very own fate when they go against Sasuke. Not only did they loose the company that they build with their own hands but some had lost their lives as well.

She didn't want that for her family. Her father and her little brother had many to live for. They had struggled through so much to become like this. All will be damn before Sakura let her family suffer through those unimaginable hard times like the past. Her brother, Li, at a tender age of sixteen, he was more than a man he was trying to proved himself to be for years. Strong and undoubtedly stubborn as a mule, Li definitely inherited the traits of the Haruno. Her father, Kazuki, the man she respected the most, her hero, her everything. She'd always thought that he's invincible. No one could bring the strongest man to his knees. Sasuke had proved that she was wrong. Even the strongest man had to fall sometimes.

Sakura turned on the faucet in the meticulously clean bathroom of the Haruno Film Industry. The meeting hadn't gone the way she wanted it to be. In fact, it was a a complete disaster. She'd had a board meeting with the members, trying to convinced them that selling wasn't the best idea since the financial problem wasn't that bad. Those old bastards had hung their heads in shame but hold firm in their decisions to sell the company. They had sold her father out in exchanged for security from the bloodthirsty animal. The negotiators from the Uchiha Empire looked evidently annoyed whenever she spoke her opinions. They had shot her the look of ' you're a woman. What do you know about business?' She had to grit her teeth and counted to fifty each time she received those look. The great Sasuke hadn't shown himself at the meeting. No, the bastard thinks he's too good to convey his concern about this matter.

Splashing the cold water onto her face had reminded her hoe sensitive her skin was. Her platinum blonde hair fell out from the once neat french twist, framing her face in a ghostly sort of way. At this moment, Sakura could care less about her appearance, but as the daughter of the CEO, she was somehow hold responsible for the company and how she presented herself to the public eyes is one of the important rule that must be followed. Glancing at her watch, she stifled a sigh. Five minutes she had been in here. Hiding is usually not the thing she prefer, but at the moment, she'd rather be in here than outside, with those nosy paparazzi shoving microphones in her face and asking ridiculous questions.

Fixing her crisp white dress shirt, and the knee length black skirts, Sakura looked in the mirror once more. Her hair was messy beyond recognition. Taking out the bobby pins that held up the hair do in place, she let her waist length hair out of the bun. It's felt great to have nothing poking and prodding her skull. It somehow lessen the migraine that shoots her way.

'Come on, Sakura. You can't stay in here forever.' her inner voice nagged her.

Sakura scowled. 'I know that. I'm just stalling. One can always wish that those reporters would leave.'

'Fat chance at that. This is big news for them. The once proud and great Filming industry is finally sold out.'

' My failure is their pleasure. Although, I didn't agree to sell yet.' Sakura thought as she pull the bathroom door opened. The hallway was empty except for the janitor who was working a late night shift.

'What are the chances that Uchiha would change his mind?'

'Slim to none. This building is standing at one of the most expensive and productive lot in the whole country. Uchiha had been drooling after this property for years.'

'That greedy bastard. When I see him, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind.' she growled silently.

'You can do that tonight.'


'The Governor's ball, Sakura. it's tonight, and you bet that arrogant pig is definitely going to be there.'

She stopped short. That's right. The charity's ball. How could she forget? Sakura paused for a second to rummaged her hands into the purse for my hand held PC. Shoot. It is tonight. She glanced at my watch. It's already six in the evening. She has two hours to get ready and be there. Cursing at the situation, she broke into a sprint, not caring that her black heels are making a ruckus throughout the whole entire building. She caught the door of the elevator just in time before it closes. Letting out a breath, she calmed herself and waited for the contraption to take to ground floor.

The door shot opened and as soon as that, few microphones were shoved directly under her face along with muffled questions. Sakura stifled a curse as she break her way through, not caring who was hurt in the process and ignored the questions mostly because it's entirely untrue.

'What are your decison concerning the sale?'

'Is the Haruno Film Industry really going out of business?'

'How much money did the Uchiha Empire offer you?'

Sakura bit her lips from shrieking out loud. God, these people are truly vampires. All of them. She'd rather swim in a tank full of live piranhas then to being the same room as them. Finally, she made it through the door thanks to the guards who finally came to her rescue. Quickly getting into her car, Sakura started the engine and veered out of the lot in a fast pace, racing down the busy intersection of Tokyo highway.

She made it to her house in fifteen minutes flat. Shutting off the engine, she grabbed her purse and ran toward the front step. Sakura managed to greet the housemaid before dashing up the stairs to her room to get ready.

'God, this evening is going to be a disaster.'

The unmistakable sound of harsh breathing labored throughout the room as two figures laid on the huge bed of the brightly lit hotel room. Bedsheets and pillows were being thrown across the room. Article of clothing were trailed from the front of the bathroom door to the foot of the bed. The sound of cell phone ringing broke the silent as one muscular arm reached out from underneath the blanket in search of the device.

"What?" the growl was low, but by the tone, it was obvious that the person was not please by disruption.

"Good evening to you too, you bastard." came the voice from the receiver.

Sasuke Uchiha tossed the blanket aside and strode to the bathroom, buck naked. He crooked his neck to the side to hold the phone in place while turning on the tap water and begin to wash himself off.

"How did the deal go?" Sasuke asked without preamble. Straight and precise. Short and to the point was what he'd always believed in. No sense on keeping the conversation going longer than it should.

"It's going." the voice replied.

Sasuke stopped in mid process. "Meaning?" he persisted with irritation when the person grew quiet.

"The board members all agree---"

"Then what is the problem?" he growled into the phone.

"The daughter apparently have other plans. She refused to sell no matter what."

Sasuke scowled. One woman shouldn't complicated everything. He needed that land to continue the expansion of the business. "She's a woman, goddamn it. Convinced her, fuck her, shove the damn money in her face for all I care."

"If she could be bought by the obscene amount of money we had offered, we wouldn't be stuck in this predicament."

"I don't care how you get her to agree. Just do it or you're fired." Sasuke finished and flipped the phone off before tossing it on the counter and stepped into the shower.

He could always threaten her into selling. Doing business the dirty ways had always been his way to get things he wanted. Then there's the old man Haruno. Smart but obviously in the society like way, the man didn't stand a chance against an underground mobster. Reaching out for the bard of ivory soap, he began to wash the woman's stench off himself. It's not that she smelled bad, not the point but Sasuke always hated when some other scent clung to him instead of his own. Turning off the water, he stepped out of the bathtub, tugging a towel from the shelf and wrapped the cloth around his hips.

Striding out of the room, he wasn't surprised to see the woman still asleep. He'd worked her good. Her blood red lips parted and she let out a contented sigh. Shaking his head in disgust, Sasuke bend to picked up his clothes and began to get dressed. He'd met her in a restaurant this afternoon. Supermodel with nothing but her body and beauty to offer. Completely dumb and useless, she had actually thought she could trapped him into relationship. Too bad, he'd encountered way too many women who had used the same ploy. Slept with them once and they think they got you chained to the wall.

Pulling on his shoes, he walked towards the door and pulled the knob opened.

"You're leaving?" the woman gasped from behind him. "Just like that?" she demanded.

Sasuke turned around slowly, his eyes held a sense of boredom as he looked at the naked woman on top of the huge bed. Her pale skin blend in with the stark white surrounding. She looked more dead than alive.

"To think I slept with her." he mused with a sense of disgust.

Very slowly, Sasuke pointed his gaze, narrowing his eyes at the woman. She shrank back, holding the blanket to shield her nakedness from him as her throat constricted in a nervous motion.

"H-have a safe trip." she managed to say before her eyes looking downcast at the carpeted floor. Satisfied that he made his point, Sasuke walked out and pulled the door closed behind him. He was already behind schedule. Pushing the button for the elevator, he flipped out his cell phone and dialed the number of his penthouse to have the butler brought up his suit for the Charity Ball. The elevator took him to the first floor and he exited, ignoring the look of women shooting their glance his way. Stopping before the fron desk he requested his car to be brought around. The employee nodded quickly before picking up the phone.

Dropping a few fifty dollar bills into the carhop's hand, he took the wheel of his sleek black Lamborghini and head straight to his penthouse at the exclusive part of Tokyo.

Sakura tried to looked interested at what the bald man was saying. Honestly, he was as interesting as watching paint dry on the wall. Mitchell Groom, the business tycoon from South America was a sight to be seen. Obviously flirting around younger women who are the same age as his granddaughter, Sakura knew that he was infatuated with her. That's why since she got here, he's talked about nothing but how wealthy he is, dropping a few hints about marriage proposal. Sakura wanted to slap him in the face and tell him off, but that wouldn't look good since there are way too many well known people here. Her debacle would undoubtedly attract a lot of attention.

She tried to scan around the crowed for the exclusive Sasuke Uchiha. The flocking of women nearby wouldn't stop talking about him and at the moment, Sakura wanted the blasted man to show up so the mumbling would stop. She could feel a huge migraine coming up. Politely excused herself with an excuse of going to powder her nose, it took every amount of control when Mitchell insisted that he escorted her to the lady's room. Pasting on a tolerant smile, she declined and walked out with a sigh of relief.

The grand ballroom where the ball was being held was exquisite. Giant chandeliers light up the room, making it glow in yellowish gold light that reflected off the champagne colored silk drapes and curtains. A team of orchestra had kept the evening entertained with soft flowing music. Food were being served on the silver platter for those who dare to indulged themselves.

After many twists and turned, she finally found the bathroom. It was flocked with women who polished themselves with make up and gossips, showing off who has better jewelries and which parties they had been invited too. Normally, her father had been the one who bother to attend these kind of gathering. Sakura was more of a background person. The lesser attention the better because if you're not in the public eyes, they don't keep a tab on you twenty-four seven.

Smiling coldly yet politely at some of the women, Sakura didn't have to be a genius to figure out that they're talking about her. Resisting the urge to rolled her eyes at how 'discreet' the women thought they were after whispering loudly to another about who Sakura was.

Standing before the mirror, Sakura took out a concealer to dabbed it across the skin under her eyes. It had gotten better than this afternoon. Making her way out of the room, she dreaded the reason of going back to the old Mitchell. Her eyes scanned the area and instantly, the old pervert raised his fingers in acknowledgment. He was with another man who had his back towards her.

Sakura studied the mysterious man as she make her way to them. He was tall, impossibly tall. Well over six feet. The tuxedo he adorned did nothing to hide the rippling muscles that corded his back. The strong legs stood out, even encased inside the neat pressed black dressed pants. His fingers that held up the champagne flute was long and slender wrapping itself almost around the flute.

Sakura stopped before them with a tolerant smile on her face. Mitchell joked about him being abandoned and she managed a little laugh. The sound apparently draw the man's attention when his gaze glided with her.

Dark and mysterious onyx clashes with deep forest emerald eyes. The harden angel of his face only serves as a purpose for his handsome features. Slashing brows and eyes that were heavily fringed with thick lashes making him look more masculine. The sinful lips and the straight nose accentuated his features and Sakura had to bit her lips from gasping out loud when he bestowed her a smile. Straight white teeth flashed before her.

Damn. Sasuke Uchiha was standing before her.

Sasuke stared at the little minx standing before him in her glorious red gown. He had to admit that the color look absolutely delicious on her alone. The power and meaning of the color said it all.The three rows of diamond necklace draw the attention to the top of the halter dress, showing her full creamy breasts He let his eyes traveled down to the slits of the bottom half of the dress. He was used to seeing women in gown that revealed everything he could imagined, yet the style of the gown had slits all over. His eyes roamed down to the long and silky smooth legs, her small delicate feet encased in the three inch of thin heels with rhinestones making her long feet seem impossibly longer.

Her face was what it caught him. Deep green emerald eyes held a promised of hot sex and passion any man would get lost in. The slashing dark brown brows, the small nose and the full pink lips that was free of any lipstick was begged to be kissed by his. Her platinum blonde hair was curled up in an intricate twist with a few strands of hair falling freely to frame her oval shaped face. Diamond earrings adorned her small ears, catching the lime light occasionally making her glow.

Mitchell's voice snapped him out of the reverie. The old man couldn't leave well enough alone. He could tell that the woman have had it with his excessive talking. So was he himself.

"Would you like to dance?" Sasuke asked with a small smile. The woman looked at him with menace and relief in her eyes before putting her small delicate hand on his. They both left the old man gaping like a fish out of water in his wake as they took the dance floor.

Sasuke pulled her into his grasp, savoring the feeling of her luscious hips and the feel of her naked breasts pressed against his chest.

" I haven't got a chance to introduce myself properly. Sasuke Uchiha." he remarked as he flashed her a smile. The woman didn't seem to taken by his charm.

"You seem to be in a bad mood. Would you like me to help?" he drawled lazily as they both moved to the rhythm of the slow orchestra.

She shot him an insincere smile. "Yes. I would like you to keep your grubby disgusting paws off of my father's company." she replied in a overly sweet tone.

Sasuke raised a brow, then he smirked. "I take it you're---"

"Sakura Haruno." she finished.

"Ah yes, the daughter." he confirmed. He didn't missed the venomous glare she shot him. "So sorry. No can do."

Sakura narrowed her eyes at him though she didn't missed a step. "You have money. Lots of them. Why are you after something that is no use to you?"

"I think you know the answer to that." he replied.

Sakura took a deep breath before wrenching herself away from him, not caring that they were the center of attention at the moment. However, Sasuke didn't let her have the chance since he grabbed her around the waist and swung her around before she could stalk off.

"I think it's rude that you would left a gentleman in the middle of the dance floor after you've agree to accompany him." Sasuke drawled. He managed to hide the twitching of his upper lips from smiling when she offer him a low growl. The woman look as if she would rather chew off her arm than to be with him at the moment. The slight pink flush of her skin from her anger draw his attention more and more.

"I haven't agree to anything." she bit out venomously. Her body stiffened when he pulled her closer to his chest.

"You're a spitfire, aren't you?" he said, his tone full of amusement.

"You ain't see nothing yet." Sakura muttered out.

Sasuke grinned just a little. "You really care a lot about the company, don't you?"

"It's my father's life. I'll do anything I can in my power to keep it that way" Sakura replied.

Moments passed by before Sasuke spoke again. "Anything?" his fingers curled around her waist as he gave her a light squeeze on her hips.

Sakura stopped struggling and looked at him in the eyes. His cockiness was visible on his very face. The handsome man she'd first fooled by is now a conniving bastard who wouldn't give a damn whether she rot in hell or not. She narrowed her eyes at him, her anger sparked off of her body like waves of electricity. She shot him a dirty glare when his smile escalated into a full chuckle.

"I don't find anything funny about this situation." Sakura snapped.

"Tell me, you've said so yourself that you'll do anything in your power to keep it, am I not correct?" he reiterated, the damn smile still on his face.

Sakura huffed then nodded, wondering what he's up too.

"Even," he bend down to breathe the last words near her ear. "Fuck me."

Sakura gasped and reared back to stare at him with mortification and horror. Her face shot up in a colorful crimson shade. Sasuke had a satisfy grin plastered on his face. Her fingers were itching to smack him while her eyebrow twitched madly. Then she smiled.

The sudden changed in her expression had Sasuke taken back. He didn't expect her to tiptoed on her heels to pressed her hot searing lips against his neck.

"You're very arrogant." she whispered out seductively.

"Hm." he replied, locking his arms around her petite frame, not really paying attention to what she's saying. Lost in the sweet scent of cherry blossom rolling of her platinum blonde hair as well as her body.

"It's making me sick." with that said, she brought up her foot and ground the heels of her shoes into his along with her knee coming in contact with his groin. He immediately released his hold on her to cover his aching groin. She'd gotten him good.

Sakura stepped back, out of his reach. Her face contorted into fierce anger and hurt. "Don't ever assumed that I would stoop so low as to sleep with a heartless bastard as yourself. Even with all the money in the world, I wouldn't even consider sleeping with you. Get that through your thick skull." Satisfied that she's told him off, Sakura gave him one last smile that clearly said, 'serves you right.', swished her gown and walked out, dead set on ignoring the groaning man she'd left on the dance floor as well as gaping audiences in the ballroom.

No one messes with Sakura Haruno. If he wants to play his dirty game, she's ready for it.

Sasuke watched as the woman who had the guts to kneed him left the room with a scowl, back straight and proud. He's been humiliated in front of hundreds of important people because of her performance. She's going to pay for what she did. Then his frown turned into a twisted smirk.

He's going to bed her and then humiliated her in front of millions people. Just like she did to him.

Revenge is going to be sweet.

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