Chapter 13: The Morning After

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Sakura woke up to the numerous pillows she had always kept on the bed with her. Dazed beyond compare, she wondered who had left the blinds open since rays of sunshine been pouring into the bedroom. Shaking her head wildly, her pink curls were loose and knotted beyond redemption and she briefly remembered the previous night party. She knew there was a good reason she didn't drink, particularly because she could never handle her alcohol well enough or at all. Just a few cocktails the night before had her in this state. She mentally shiver to think what she would be like if she drank more. Tossing the blanket aside, Sakura stared at herself in the mirror. She was a mess alright. Her rumple dress was more than an indication that she did not even bother to change into her pajama, yet her hair was free of the numerous bobby pins she had on and her face was free of makeup. Her crystal strappy heels were neatly placed at the foot of the bed. Who had been in her apartment last night?


Speaking of which, she moaned when she remembered she had voiced that he stayed the night with her. She was no vixen but that sounded more than an invitation even to her untrained ears as anyone. What must he be thinking of her now? Since he was nowhere in sight to prove otherwise, Sakura panicked. What will their relationship be like from now on? She had acted like an all high and mighty person from the start and then this happened. He was probably thinking poorly of her behavior and was probably so disgusted that he left.

"I'm never going to drink again as long as I live!" she said with a moan as she covered her face with both hands. This was humiliating enough as it was already and now she has to face the consequences.

"Well, then you're a smart girl. Although I think I'll miss the compliant drunk Sakura from now on." An amused masculine voice that had Sakura whipped her head to the door so fast that she almost strains her muscle.

"Sasuke! What are you doing here?" her surprise tone reflected her emotion well on her face. He was still in last night dress shirt and slacks but the tie was missing and a few top buttons of his shirt were undone as well as the rolled up sleeves. He looked relaxed and homely yet totally sexy nonetheless. How in the world does the man always looked perfect while she was a mess was a mystery to her.

"Ouch." He said with a mock wince and walked toward her. "To be forgotten so quickly. This is the first time that's ever happened to me." He said with a chuckle. "You asked me to stay over, and I, being the gentleman that I am, complied."

"Um…about last night." Sakura began hesitantly. "I hope you didn't think I was being coy or anything." "Not that I know how to behave coy in the first place." She mumbled, "But I hope that you didn't think I was inviting you into my bed for a…um" she trailed off and see that he was smirking. The man was smirking at her while she was trying to explain to him of her intentions!

"That you were inviting me into your bed for a night of pleasure and rutting?" he supplied helpfully and she instantly blushed.

"Must you be so crude so early in the morning?" she complained with a pout and Sasuke laughed. "But yes, that is the general idea."

"More the pity that you didn't and as disappointing as I am, I do know what you were saying which was why we weren't on the same bed the whole night." He replied as he toyed with her pink strand.

"The whole night?" she echoed confusedly.

"Darling, you are beyond temptation." He said and leaned in to give her nose a peck. She wrinkled her nose and Sasuke chuckled. "I was solely tempted to take the offer and stay the entire night with you on that same bed, but I don't think I could restrain myself." He didn't add that he had spent half an hour in agony spooning her from behind and got instantly hard as soon as he touched her. He might have an iron clad control over his body, but to endure the torture of touching her but not really having her was too much for him to handle. The sofa then had became more and more appealing as he grudgingly drag himself away from the sleeping form and spent the rest of the night alone on the sofa.

The same crimson blush was back on her face at his implication and as much as she glad he hadn't, she almost wished that he had. Suddenly, her face bloomed into a smile.

"You know, this proved that you are not a playboy as you like people to think." She said.

"And what do you think it prove instead?" he asked with a raised brow.

"That you're a good man." She answered, raising her eyes to meet his, and laughed as he made a face.

"Don't go around spreading rumor like that, woman." He grumbled and she laughed harder.

"You so are. Don't even pretend to act like you're not!" she teased and he gave her the same devilish smirk.

"Want to find out?" he asked before tackling her and they both fell backward. He shifted his weight so he wouldn't crush her as she wriggled around trying to push him off while laughing.

"Get off, you oaf. You're crushing me." She said between laughter.

"Not a chance, Miss Black Belt." He tossed back a replied before pinning both of her arms to her side.

Her emerald eyes sparkled with surprised. "How did you know?"

"Hard to miss when you look extremely intimidating in your tobok "He said with a laugh.

"Then you should know it's not just for show" she replied wickedly before expertly rolling them over so that she was the one on top now.

"All right. I concede." He allowed as he held up both palms to show that he surrendered.

"You're so easy, Uchiha." She teased.

"Can you blame me?" he asked with a boyish grin. "It's not every day I get straddle by a sexy as hell woman."

Sakura blushed and wrinkled her nose. "You're such a pig." She complained before easing off of his body.

"Hey now, there's no reason to stop. I happen to enjoy the view very much." He said and gestured her to come back.

"I swear you must have been dropped on your head as a baby. There's no way you're this twisted for no apparent reason." She shot back before bursting out laughing.

"Probably." He agreed easily. "Maybe you should ask my mother when you meet her. I'm sure she's more than happy to tell you." His grin was more than contagious and Sakura found herself smiling more at his ridiculous antics.

"I think I will." She replied. "Since you're the loser, you should make the coffee while I shower." She suggested cheekily before grabbing her bathrobe and heading toward the bathroom.

"Need some help in there?" he asked, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively and Sakura threw a pillow at him which he caught easily. She slammed the bathroom door while muttering 'Hentai' under her breath. Sasuke chuckled and placed the pillow on the bed before marching out to brew some coffee whistling as he had not been in this good of mood for a while now.

Turning on the shower to the right temperature, Sakura stepped under the warm water and can't help but smile at how this morning turned out. She was used to quiet mornings where she woke up to the sound of her alarm clock and then her daily routine of getting ready for work, reading the Tokyo Times while checking her blackberry for messages from her office. She was used to it. It was necessary that she was on top of paperwork t all times wince she hated crunching in last minute write ups as much as her secretary hated having to file it before certain due dates. She had always been matriculate because she liked having things organized and in proper place. She needed everything to be like that, which was why she was totally coming to a standstill where Sasuke and she was concern.

He was like a whirlwind coming through her life and leaving everything behind a mess. She was unsure where he was concern because he was not someone that she had spent years knowing or even become acquainting with. As far as she was concern, he was still a stranger, yet this stranger had quickly invaded her work space as well as personal. He had come into her life without warning and she was unprepared for his landing. She was young, inexperienced in the field which he was an expert in. Three years her senior was not something that should bother Sakura, but the fact that he was living the life she was so new in made her feel that he would always have the upper hand. He had been through the dealings and wheeling of new companies, breaking and entering new contracts before breakfast while she had been starting out just intern at her father's company. Sakura was proud of what she had accomplished, yet it didn't seem to be enough. She was inexperienced. In the business world as well as the world of casual dating.

She was not ashamed to admit that she had never had a boyfriend during school, but the fact that she was not interested in men had worried her father quite a bit because he was concerned that she would missed all the experience that most girls her age were going through. She had been studying for exams while her friends talked about their crushes or she would read books for fun while her friends would shop until they drop as a hobby. It had never bothered her before but why now?

The answer was Sasuke.

He was bigger and better and it was always in the back of her mind why he would even bother to spend his time with her while there are tons of women who would die to gain to attention. Women who are more sophisticated and more beautiful with sultry voices and a body that would put her to shame are the ones that most men would be attracted to. She was ordinary, never had a sexual encounter in her life until recently and has no experience in the field of relationship.

Sakura had thought that he would still hold on to the grudge about what happened at the governor's ball, but he didn't seem like the petty type that would hold on to something like that.

'Maybe because you are different. You didn't fall at his feet like many did in the past, and that's what got his attention.' Her conscience added. Sakura had always been annoyed at her conscience for popping out at the least unwanted time, but most of the time she did listen to it.

'How long will this last? Sooner or later he's going to get bored and move on.' She mused as she poured shampoo into her palm and rubbed it into her hair.

'And you?'

Sakura paused mid action and frown. She had to admit that she was getting use to his presence, however annoying it was she amended quickly. She was not an interesting person or not interesting enough for someone like Sasuke Uchiha to waste more than a few months on. She had prepared herself mentally when the time comes; she will hold up her dignity and move on just as well as he. 'I will continue on like before. Sasuke did not shake up my world beyond repair you know.'

'But he did shake it up enough. Face it Sak, we're going to miss that gorgeous face.' Her inner part sighed and Sakura rolled her eyes. Rising the bubbles away from her face, she applied conditioner before rinsing off and grabbed a towel to wrap around herself. 'Although we can't say he didn't open our eyes to some wicked things.'

Sakura face exploded into a hot blush. He had promised that they will sleep together, eventually. Sakura hoped that he wasn't making it into one of his goals or something. She was an emotional person. Intimacy didn't come easy to her. She was not the type to seep around and not get affected like her friends which was the main reason why she didn't bother going down that road in the first place. She wanted to share her body and mind with someone whom she was truly in love with. Some might call her idealistic and naïve but she refused to give into something less than she really deserve.

'You know, you're vaguely implying that you're in love with Sasuke.' Inner Sakura was on a roll today.

'Drop dead, will you?' Sakura scowled as she slipped into a pair of dark trouser and white button up shirt with pearl buttons.

'Yeah yeah. Just so you know I'm a part of you so I really know what we're thinking.' With that parting, Sakura sighed loudly.

She really hated her conscience.

Sasuke brought the coffee mug to his lips and took a satisfying gulp to calm his ranging hormones. He should not imagine Sakura and water together as those two things brought images that sent his brain into overload. He was still getting over his sleepless night from the way her soft body molded into his and just recently, she was on top of him. Sasuke was seriously thinking that she was trying to make him lose control or kill him altogether if not for the fact that she was so damn innocent.

He really didn't know how long he could hold on anymore. Sasuke smiled ruefully to himself. He was the master of self control, or used to be before he met Sakura.

Just the name had him smiling. Draining the rest of the coffee, he placed the mug in the sink and turned on the tap. He could hear her footsteps behind him and he turned around to see her picking up the second coffee mug and brought it to her lips. Every little thing she does enthralled him to no end and he was force to think when exactly he fell in love with her.

"Do I have something on my face?" Sakura asked.

"Just a smudge. Come here and let me kiss it off." He replied and started towards her. Sakura laughed and pushed his hand away.

"No way. What time are we leaving for the office?"

"In a few minutes. Unless you have something else in mind?" his brows wagged suggestively. Sakura tried to hold in the smile that was threaten to bloom.

"You are by far, the most perverted man I have ever met." she drained the rest of the coffee and placed it in the sink.

Sasuke grinned and wrapped her arms around her waist. " And this perverted man knows all kind of tricks to turn you on." he whispered hotly against her ear and Sakura swore her knees had gone weak. Sakura dared to look into the endless abyss of his dark eyes before she mentally swore.

'How am I suppose to keep this strictly business when he's obviously trying to make it personal?'

The ride to the office took longer than she had ever expected. Sasuke had drove through the most ridiculous twists and turns that prolonged their mere fifteen minutes drive into an hour drive, not to mention he had gotten them stuck behind a series of accidents. At the rate he was going, she didn't think they were ever going to make it to the office on time at all. Besides the obvious lateness, which she had minded very much, Sasuke was nothing short of amusing and charming. He had entertained her through his boyhood anecdote while he was navigating his way through Tokyo traffic, driving with a speed that spoke he had all the time in the world to spend.

Sakura was amused that she secretly thought she would prefer this to a day in the office any day. Shaking her head, she tried to clear her mind of a creature by the name Uchiha Sasuke. He was reeling her in like a fish and if she wasn't careful, Sakura thought while staring at his ever-oh-so-perfect profile, she was going to get hooked.

"Frowning tends to cause permanent wrinkle lines you know." His voice cut through the haze in her mind. shaking her head lightly, Sakura turned to him with a raised brow.

"You sure know how to make a lady feel special, Uchiha." she murmured.

"Ouch. Back to last name basis, Haruno?" he said with a wince before silence. "What are you thinking?" he asked while making a right hand turn stopping before a yellow lights.

"Just wondering how you manage to get the ladies to fall for you with lame lines like that." she replied with a grin. One that didn't reach her twinkling emerald eyes.

"Lying doesn't become you sweetheart." he chuckled. He leaned in closer to her sudden flushed face, covering the space between them. "You know, you really are adorable in the morning." he said softly. 'That I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning.'

Sakura held in her breath as he leaned in closer, his perfect lips a mere millimeter away from her face as she felt his hot breath. The pull was strong. All she had to do was tilt her lips a bit and she would be able to taste him. Her tongue flickered out to wet her dry lips and Sasuke followed the soft organ like it was a life line. The sudden blast of car horns broke the spell and Sakura jerked back and closed her eyes. She could practically feel Sasuke's amused stare as he smoothly pushed on the pedal.

They couldn't get to the office fast enough, Sakura thought as an image of fish on a hook flashed through her mind. Annoyed with herself, she silently count down until the vehicle reach the parking lot. As soon as the car came to a complete stop, Sakura bolted out the door and was half way to the ground private elevator that would take her to her office. She would have gotten away with it if she hadn't counted on Sasuke's long stride. In seconds, he was behind her, hands inside his pockets as he observed the pink haired woman and her refusal to meet his eyes. He was silently smiling. She really was adorable, this Sakura of his.

They got into the elevator nodding back at the security from his post. Sakura pressed the button for the fifty six floor and tried to ignore the man next to her. It was extremely hard since she could feel his gaze burning on her face.

'Only a few more seconds.' she thought was the fifty six floor was coming up. the Elevator bell dinged as the door slid open silently. Stepping out, she didn't miss the fact that Sasuke had also followed suit. Turning toward him, she scrunched up her brows.

"This is not your floor." she stated as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

He nodded and replied. "No, it is not."

Sakura raised a brow and waited for him to go on. "I forgot something." he said before pulling her closer and claimed her lips, swallowing her surprised gasp as he took the opportunity to thrust his tongue inside her sweet mouth. He had waited long enough to do this and she had tasted even more Delicious than he had remember. pulling back slightly, he smothered a grin at her shock face.

"Now this is a good morning." he said before strolling back towards the waiting elevator leaving behind a shock/flustered/embarrassed Sakura who looked very much like a fish out of water. Turning her heels, she tried to control her red face before coming to face with the employees who was just as shock at the display as she was, though somehow expected.

Sakura muttered a 'Good morning.' before rushing into her office, but not before she heard instant buzzing of squealing from her female her flushed face in her hand, she shook her head.

"He's going to be the death of me."

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