Disclaimer: I am never going to give a "real" disclaimer throughout this entire fic.

AN: There's so much in the Phoenix Wright games that could be elaborated on... I just felt I had to do it. This'll be a collection of drabbles and shorts that show what could, would, and possibly has happened "off screen" and out of our attention during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All. There are also some events that did happen and I novelized them, such as this one. Enjoy folks!

(Oh, also: these scenes will not be in chronological order at all, so you'll probably stumble across spoilers if you're not careful. Heck, it's a story covering the course of the entire game. You WILL find spoilers.)

The Ultimate Showdown

Indeed, Moe's room made for an odd battle field. The two combatants prepared, staring each other down amidst the extensive collection of cheery clown costumes and broken comedy props. It was a bit sad that Money looked more intimidating than a full-grown man like Phoenix... But he wasn't going to give up! Sweet little Regina was counting on him to retrieve her costume. He'd sooner lose his badge again than return to her empty handed. He had to get it back, but... That primate was scary!

'Okay, I need to calm down. I'm Phoenix Wright, ace attorney. I've won tons of cases with nothing but an educated guess and a scrap of evidence. I've faced down two generations of von Karmas and come out on top! But... All that will mean nothing if I can't even get a sequined vest away from a simple monkey. No, I can do this. I have to do this!'

Striking a dramatic pose (which involved much pointing of fingers and getting up in the monkey's face) Phoenix cried, in his most sophisticated lawyer voice, "Give it back, monkey-brain!"

For a moment it seemed as if it would work. Money shrank back, glancing between Phoenix's accusing finger and the spangled costume as if he was actually considering obeying the command. However, it only lasted but a moment...

Phoenix's bravery melted away as he beheld an enraged monkey leaping directly towards his face, howling it's monkey cry as if to say "How dare you order me to relinquish my shiny?!" Breaking his stance, Phoenix put up his arms to guard as the crazed ape fell upon his neck and began pummeling the poor lawyer.

If you asked him now, Mr. Wright would say he fought valiantly against his bestial foe until the costume was won. Maya, however, will attest that Phoenix screamed and kicked like a little girl as the two fighters wrestled on the floor for the vest.

Either way, Leon's costume was recovered, Regina was overjoyed to have it back, and once again the day was saved by Phoenix Wright, ace attorney.