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AN: All right, this one is not funny. If I've done my job, it will make you sad, and that will make me happy. What a paradox... Anyway, this is set after case four and is what would happen after the "bad ending".

Retroactive AN: As aquakirbyyoshi has mentioned, this was indeed inspired by a piece of fan art. 'New Life for Phoenix' by Pimmy on Deviant Art. I saw it and I just couldn't help myself, I had to write!

A New Life: Part 1

Miles read the note again, as if he was unable to absorb the information the first time. It was a simple message, short and to the point, but it was just so sudden.

"Defense Attorney Phoenix Wright chooses death."

What an ugly turnabout. The note, despite it's crinkled and tearstained state, was inked in black on the very same type of stationary he had used for his own note over a year ago. It bore the same message, and had been delivered just as abruptly. They were exactly the same, no doubt on purpose.

Miles could only wonder if this deep, aching disappointment was what Phoenix felt upon learning that he had 'left'. Not that it mattered now... At the moment, the most pressing matter was attending to the hysterical young lady who was making a racket in his office.

Maya's reaction wasn't the least bit unreasonable. In the last few hours she had gone through enough emotional ups and downs to exhaust anyone. De Killer, true to his word, had released her immediately following Adrian Andrews' conviction. She had ran, half-starved, all the way across the city to Wright's office in hopes of being reunited with him. Yet, when she arrived she found only what appeared to be a suicide note.

"D-do you think Nick's really going to...?"

"Of course not." Edgeworth rose from his seat and began to pace about the room. "No matter how disillusioned he may be, Wright would never kill himself. He's merely left to find the answers he needs, as I did before him. He will return when he realizes who and what he is." he could hear Maya settling down behind him. When she stopped sniffing he turned and found a fierce spark of hope burning in her eyes.

"Mr. Edgeworth!" Maya got up and moved closer until they were standing just an arm's length apart. "Do you really mean that?"

Her question was as forceful as any objection he would have slung in court, but Miles could tell that underneath her determination she was bluffing as badly as Wright always had. She was trying to be strong, to handle the situation like her sister would have, but what she really wanted was an adult to tell her everything was okay. That Wright would be fine and come back soon. Above all else, Maya needed someone, anyone to fill the role Phoenix had played as her friend and three-time savior.

"Maya, Wright is a lawyer, he can never run away from that. I am certain that one day Phoenix will return. Until that day comes the most you can do is keep living and searching for the truth."

Maya stood stock still, glaring into his eyes as if trying to find some buried emotion that would contradict his speech. Finding none, she nodded and returned to her chair. Patience was not her strong suit, but she had no choice but to wait until Nick decided to come back. It hurt that he would just leave without saying goodbye to her or Pearly, but Edgeworth was right. She had to trust in Nick and get on with her life. The first step towards doing that was incredibly easy.

"Uh... Mr. Edgeworth?"


"Can we go get some burgers? I'm absolutely starving!"