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Once upon a time, two were one. Once upon a time, the two were happy, even though they were apart.

Once upon a time…

Heh. How typical, those words that start every faerie tale known to man. Ah well… It is the only way I know how to start.

Once upon a time, there was a painting. It was created by the best of artists, by the Hikari, and it was never out of their sight. This painting, beautiful and perfect though it was, had a curse. It passed its curse to the artist who created the painting, and to the thief who dared to steal the painting once it was finished. That incident created two personalities that should never have existed except in a nightmare.

You know this? Hmph. Only bits and pieces that your father told you. I'm telling you our story.

Once upon a time, Dark and I were no different from each other. We were cold, uncaring towards the humans who played the part of a mask. Only when we confronted each other, battling for supremacy, did we show emotion.

What was the emotion, you ask? Simple.

It was the joy of being reunited, and the thrill of the fight. There was no villain to damn, no hero to protect. It was just… Us. Primal in our emotions, indifferent to how our hosts hated or loved us. We didn't care; we could have been alone on the edge of world destruction, and we wouldn't have noticed, so long as we had each other.

This continued, for how long, I don't know.

But then… Something began to change.

One of the families, the Niwa, or the Hikari, perhaps both, began to grow smaller; they were having fewer and fewer sons, which affected us. Our host families were beginning to learn to control us, defining our misbegotten existence by their standards and values.

What happened next? I'll tell you.

Our encounters grew few and far between.

Decades passed, without a male of the Hikari to play my mask. When finally we met, after almost five generations separating us, I was bewildered.

My other self had changed; he was no longer the Dark that I remembered.

The night we were at last reunited, he didn't use magic as willfully as I, and seemed… concerned with the health of his mask... It wasn't until a few years later, that I realized what had happened. Through the many decades, he had been tainted.

Dark was no longer pure, although he remained just as beautiful as ever. Human emotion, and human values had bled into him, poisoning his mind to the past. He was unable to remember that he and I were the same.

The hero for this tale had, at last, been created.

The only role that remained was that of the villain, plotting the destruction of the hero.

From that moment on, we have been locked in a true conflict.

What had been pure was tainted.

That is how the faerie tale has been changed.

Once upon a time, two were one. Once upon a time, the two were happy, even though they were apart. But now, the two will never be happy.