The Koopaling Carnival

Prologue: The Koopalings Strike Back

"Oh…" Bowser moaned. "My achin' head…"

"Poor King Dad," Wendy gushed, placing an ice pack on the lump on her father's head.

He smiled dazedly at her, slightly cross-eyed from his recent beating. "Thanks, Wendy…But could you not move around so much? You're makin' me real dizzy…"

The Koopa King had just lost another battle to Mario, and, as usual, his eight children were tending to his resulting wounds. Ludwig was rubbing salve on some nasty burns from Mario's Firebrand, and Roy was mopping up splotches of blood with a thick wad of gauze. Lemmy and Larry checked for broken bones, while Bowser Jr. and Morton spread plaster and bandages over cracks in Bowser's shell. He was a total mess.

"Mario must've hit him real hard this time," Iggy commented, wrapping up one of his father's cracked horns.

At the sound of his enemy's name, Bowser jumped to his feet, sending the Koopalings flying. "Mario?!" he roared, smoke trickling angrily from his jaws. "Where is he? Lemme at him!"

As suddenly as he had gotten up, he fell back again, shaking the throne room slightly. "Ow…That smarts."

"We could say the same thing," Morton groaned, rubbing his head.

Bowser's eyelids were starting to lower. "When I get my hands on that plumber," he growled, "I'll…I'll…"

A snore emerged from his muzzle.

"I don' believe it," Roy mumbled in disbelief. "He's out like a light!"

"At least we don't have to worry about him jumping around like that again," Lemmy pointed out, crawling back onto his rubber ball. "It's always easier taking care of King Dad when we don't have to worry about being thrown all over the place."

The others nodded and muttered agreement.

After Bowser had been patched up, they called on a few of the soldiers who weren't in the infirmary and had the King taken to his room. As night fell, they trudged up to their tower.

"I hate Mario," Wendy whined.

"Don't ve all?" Ludwig sighed.

Morton flicked off the light, and the Koopalings all crawled into their beds.

"When I see 'dat plumber again," Roy snarled, "I'm gunna snap 'im in two!"

They were beginning to drift off to sleep. Iggy yawned. Lemmy buried his face in his pillow.

"I feel bad for King Dad," Larry said sympathetically. "I wish we could do something to help him get Mario…"

A laugh suddenly echoed off the bedroom walls. They all jumped, alarmed, and turned to Bowser Jr., who was sitting up in bed with a smirk on his face.

"Maybe," he growled wickedly, "we can."

They all grinned.