The Koopaling Carnival

Epilogue: A Happy Ending

"Looks like-a we finally got our day at the carnival, huh, Peach?"

Peach giggled. "Yep."

The two of them were occupying one of the seats on the Ferris wheel. They had an unbelievably beautiful view of the park, which had been fixed up after the Koopalings were cleared out, and the deep blue sea. The sun was shining down, the sky was dotted with feathery clouds…It was a perfect day.

And to make it more perfect, as their seat reached the top of the Ferris wheel, Mario felt Peach's fingers brushed his hand.

He smiled.


Daisy shrieked with laughter as the roller coaster plunged down the hill. Her chestnut-auburn hair whipped around wildly in the breeze, tickling Luigi's chin.

Luigi laughed, too- and blushed bright red when, during a loop-de-loop, Daisy gave a squeal and put her arms around him.

He quite liked the carnival.

Pete was chatting with his old friend, Toadsworth, at the food court. Dot was handing out balloons to children as they ran, giggling, down the boardwalk. Chris was lounging in the sun at the water park, watching the swimmers carefully, but smiling all the same. Art and Chris were sitting atop the roof of the fun house, holding hands and leaning against each other. The guests smiled and laughed and cheered as they went on rides and swam in the ocean in the warmth of the summer day.

It looked like a happy ending for all.

But what about the Koopalings, you may ask?


Bowser raised an eyebrow as his kids shuffled into his room. They were all looking at the floor and fiddling nervously with their claws.

He had been feeling better as of late, so he propped himself up in bed and leaned over to Kamek, who had brought his children inside with Kammy. "What's goin' on?"

"We, er, have something to tell you, Your Highness," Kamek said, averting his eyes.

"Somethin' to tell me?" the King repeated, confused. He looked at the Koopalings. "What happened?"

"While you were, well, incapacitated-" Kamek began, but he was cut off when Larry burst into tears.

Bowser nearly fell out of bed. "Whoa! What's the matter?"

"The thing is, King Dad, we kinda, um, went and tried to beat Mario and Luigi for you while you were out and stuff," Morton babbled. He was speaking twice as fast as usual out of anxiety, which made it almost impossible to comprehend what he was saying. "You know, like, revenge and all that stuff. So we found this carnival and kidnapped Peach and-"

Bowser's eyes were spinning in the effort to keep up with his chatterbox son.

Roy clamped a hand over Morton's mouth, a vein pulsing in his temple. "Shut. It."

Morton made a face.

"Long story short, King Dad," Wendy chimed in, shrugging a little, "is that we kidnapped Peach and took on the Mario Brothers."

Bowser's jaw dropped. "You…Really?"

Ludwig nodded. "Yes, ve did."

"It was going to be sort of a present for you," Lemmy said, biting his lip. "But…"

"It didn't go quite as planned," Iggy finished.

"But we goofed up," Jr. murmured, gulping slightly. "We're really sorry, King Dad."

Bowser paused. "…Did you know about this?" he asked, turning to Kamek and Kammy.

"It's not their fault, Lord Bowser," Kammy said, fidgeting. "We were in on the whole thing."

"Kammy's right. We knew what the Koopalings were up to the entire time," Kamek confessed. "But with you being in the state you were in- and they wanted it to be a sort of surprise- we didn't tell you."


They all took a step back as Bowser climbed out of bed and stood before his children, gazing at them with gleaming eyes.

"King Dad-" Wendy began, but then they all found themselves being practically crushed in Bowser's arms.

Proud tears streaming down his face, Bowser pulled his kids into a hug. "M-My kids!" he sniffled. "I'm so proud of you!"

The Koopalings exchanged looks of pure surprise before bursting all smiling broadly. They hugged him back, and the room echoed with the sound of their laughter.

Yes, it was truly a happy ending for all.

The End