All she could see was blue.

"Naminé. Naminé, wake up."

Blue. Blue. Blue.


Her eyelashes fluttered lightly, and she peered up. Axel grinned down at her, his teeth flashing.

"I need you to do something for me."

Groggily, she sat up and realized that she was still in Demyx's room. How long had she been asleep? She blinked.

"Let's wake up, girl," he pressured, tugging on her arm. She wrenched her arm from his grasp and exhaled loudly. Naminé began swaying as she stood up, her disorientation getting the best of her.

"Axel?" she asked, her voice so soft and gentle. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Too long," he laughed, shrugging the subject away. But her large eyes pled with his, and he bent to her silent will. "Three days," he muttered, looking away.

She wanted to gasp, to show some emotion, but she felt so relaxed… like she didn't have a care in the world.

"Look, I know about what happened with you and Marluxia," Axel admitted, meeting her gaze once more, "But I think Demyx went a little overboard with that oh-so-charming lullaby of his."

Naminé appeared unresponsive. She was as still as a porcelain doll, staring at Axel.

"Naminé? Are you okay?" he asked.

Simply thinking about the lullaby made her want to fall asleep again. It was like every muscle in her body was aching, exhausted. She sat back down on the bed and rolled her head back and forth between her hands.

"Are you okay?" he repeated. She moaned gently, and that seemed to be a good enough response for him, because he continued, "I need you to go to Twilight Town for me. Check up on Roxas for me?"

She nodded. She had done this before.

"How long?" she asked monotonously. Her voice sounded strangely cold as she spoke. Naminé blinked and looked toward the ground.



"I'll give you a great present when you get back," he laughed as he opened a portal for her. She stepped through and glanced back at him without any expression.

Next thing she knew, she was stumbling through the cobbled streets of Twilight Town. Find Roxas. Find Roxas. Her mind commanded. She hated coming and checking up on Roxas' current status. It made her miss him even more. But Axel always asked nicely and always gave her something out of it. Last time it was that box of colored pencils. Besides, she was the only one who wouldn't get caught.

She climbed slowly up the slope to Sunset Hill. Axel had sent her here, so Roxas was obviously nearby. He was usually hanging out with those new friends of his. What were their names again?

Naminé arrived at the top and squinted over a tall bush, expecting a foursome.

But there were just two today. Roxas and the girl.

He was smiling at her, and she was smiling back. Their hands were locked together, and Naminé could've sworn she heard the girl whisper something like, "I really like you, Roxas."

Roxas blushed and mumbled, "I like you too."

It was weird and awkward and all of the sudden, Naminé didn't feel so relaxed.

Roxas leaned toward the girl, closer and closer and closer. His lips pressed against hers-

And Naminé blinked quickly, freezing the couple in time. Hands shaking, she walked forward. On her right, two children were frozen as well, and they seemed to have been playing tag. She smiled.

When Naminé reached them, she looked at Roxas. Her tiny smile fell from her face.

Roxas was kissing this plain girl. And he looked so happy, too.

Naminé looked at the girl with her eyes open wide in shock and happiness.

"Olette, isn't it?" she said, remembering the name. But Naminé couldn't stop staring at Olette's eyes.

They were so green.

Naminé began shaking, and it was like a monster inside of her sprung to life.

"What gives you the right to claim him like this?!" she growled between gritted teeth to the unresponsive Olette. "How do you get a kiss from Roxas… when I haven't?" She screamed and kicked the ground and when she closed her eyes, all she could see was green.

Her hand reached down, and before she could stop herself, she had slapped Olette smack across the face.

Naminé grinned maniacally, pleased with herself, and conjured a dark portal from behind her.

"How was he?" Axel asked, obviously interested, as Naminé returned.

"Great," she said sarcastically, sauntering toward him. Axel obviously didn't catch a thing.

"So what do you want?" he asked, "Me? The sex god?" He laughed. This was always his little joke.

Naminé smiled and nodded.

"Kiss me, Axel," she said, her voice low and appealing and very not like her voice.

He looked at her, his head tilted to the side, and laughed.

"Naminé, I told you I heard all about the thing with Marluxia. You hate when people take advantage… and trust me, I would take advantage," he admitted, raising his hands in defeat.

She came closer, her teeth glistening under her malevolent grin.

Axel froze, averting his gaze. Naminé narrowed her eyes.

Her hands grasped both his leather-clad shoulders, and his eyes met hers.

And they were green. Oh so green.

She pulled him down, locking their lips in the heat of the moment. But before he could respond, she had already released him and was storming down the hall.

The monster was satisfied, if but for a moment.

Naminé closed the door to her room, and started laughing. She laughed so hard that her sides screamed with pain. It echoed through her room, and the sound filled her ears.

But she felt something moist roll down her cheek. She was crying, too.

She shuddered, and the tears continued slipping down her face.

Naminé was confused and hurt and scared because she had no idea what was happening.

She closed her eyes.

And there was the green.


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