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James sighed and pushed Lily back slightly when she tried to kiss him. "I can't believe I'm saying this but…" He paused and wondered for a moment why he had to have a conscience. "You're under the effects of a potion, Lily, and I don't want you to do anything or rather anything else that you're going to regret later." James said thinking of several things Lily had done throughout their little adventure that she never would have done otherwise.

"I'm not going to regret anything, James." Lily replied calmly ignoring the chaos going on around them as Snape attempted to hug Sirius, who no longer under the effects of the potion, did not find this idea agreeable and was therefore running around the deck of the ship screaming his head off.

"You may think that now but later you're not going to feel the same way." James replied.

"You don't understand, Potter," Lily paused. "I actually came out of the effects of the potion about half an hour ago."

"Huh?" James replied eloquently. Lily chewed on her lower lip for a few moments obviously trying to decide how to continue.

"Well, let's just say I learned something from this experience,"

"What do you mean?" James asked curiously.

"When you started acting all well, mature, and just not like the James I know I realized that there wasn't really anything so bad about the real James. I mean you're obnoxious, and arrogant and stubborn and…"

"Was there supposed to be a compliment in there?" James asked raising an eyebrow.

"Right," Lily said trying to regain the thread of the conversation. "Well, what I'm trying to say is, that I missed the old you, I don't want you to change, I like you just the way you are, well you could stand to be a little nicer to the Slytherins, but you're a good person, and just now when you tried to stop me from doing something I would regret when it was something you've wanted for ages, well I realized that it's not such a bad thing that I've had a crush on you for the past year."

"Wait, you've liked me for the past year, and yet you've turned me down every time I ask you out?" James demanded.

"Well, yes." Lily replied. "You were obnoxious and arrogant and I didn't want to like you, but now I've learned something from this, and even though you're still obnoxious and arrogant, I know that you're a good person."

"What does this mean?" James asked.

"I think it means," Lily paused a shy smile spreading across her face. "James Potter would you like to go out with me next Hogsmeade weekend?"

"Yes!" James replied. "Lily said yes!" He shouted in the general direction of his two friends.

"I believe," Remus began. "You'll find that Lily never technically said yes, because she asked you out."


"Thab's ribht!" (That's right!) Sirius exclaimed. "I knew Liby woulb neber say yeb to youb." (I knew Lily would never say yes to you.)

James scowled at his friends momentarily before responding. "I refuse to let your discussion of semantics ruin the best day of my life."

"Sure, sure." Remus replied easily. "Then let's discuss why the two of you, in a perfectly normal state of mind, found it to be okay to kidnap the entire student body and force them to walk a PLANK?" Remus said his voice getting progressively louder.

"Rebbie, you'be bab to norbal?" (Remmie, you're back to normal?) Sirius asked curiously, seemingly unfazed by his friend's lecture.

"What do you think?" Remus asked sarcastically.

"Welb, you seeb to be abing prebby Rebus libe…" (Well, you seem to be acting pretty Remus-like…) Sirius replied seeming as though he were actually considering whether or not Remus was back to his normal state.

"I was being sarcastic." Remus said with a frown. "Honestly, subtlety is utterly lost on you."

"Whabeber." (Whatever.) Sirius replied.

"So," James ventured. "How are we going to get back to shore?"

"I saib we mab the Slyberins pulb us bab." (I say we make the Slytherins pull the boat back.) Sirius suggested.

"Oh, honestly!" Lily exclaimed. "You're both wizards correct?"

"Well, yeah." James replied.

"Then cast a propelling charm on the boat so that it heads back toward shore." She replied.

"Oh," James responded eloquently. "Well, it's certainly less messy then our other plan." He said before pulling out his wand and doing as Lily suggested. "So, do you think Minnie is going to be terribly upset with us?"

"She's going to murder us, we're doomed, doomed, and worse we're going to get expelled." Remus responded as the reality of what had just occurred set in.

"We're not doomed," James replied. "You're doomed. Sirius and I are on the Quidditch team, Minnie needs us."

"Thanks James that was so comforting." Remus replied.

"It'll be okay," Lily muttered more to herself then anyone else. "I'll claim temporary insanity, and she'll forgive me, she has to, I can't be expelled. I might as well be dead."

"Er," James started. "Don't you think that's a bit extreme, dear?"

"No!" Lily snapped. "In fact I would rather be dead then expelled."

"Don't worry about it," James replied attempting to reassure her. "You're one of Minnie's favorites, and old Sluggy positively adores you, and Dumbles probably thinks this whole thing is a great bonding experience for the school."

"Well, when you put it like that…" Lily trailed off.

"Don't worry about it, everything will be fine." James repeated reassuringly.

-I am a line-

"It appears that they're coming back to shore." Dumbledore observed calmly.

"Do they seem to be acting normally?" McGonagall demanded.

"From what I can see they appear to be conversing calmly." Dumbledore replied. "Look, they've reached shore!" With that he strode over to the pirate ship to meet the few students left on board.

"Are Potter and Miss Evans holding hands?" Slughorn asked his colleague incredulously.

"I think so." McGonagall replied. "Miss Evans must still be under the effects of the potion," The transfiguration mistress decided.

"Of course, that must be it." Slughorn replied.

"Minerva, Horace, I have splendid news." Dumbledore called from where he was standing a few feet from the lake talking with the students who had disembarked namely: James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, Snape, Regulus, and several others.

"What, Headmaster?" McGonagall asked warily heading toward the headmaster.

"Young Miss Evans and Mister Lupin have returned to normal,"

"Then why is Miss Evans holding hands with Mister Potter."

"Haben't you hearb, Mibbie, Liby abed Jabes out, ab he sab yeb?" (Haven't you heard, Minnie, Lily asked James out and he said yes?) Sirius asked.

"She did?" McGonagall asked before deciding that it was irrelevant. "You sound terrible Black, come with me, Madame Promfrey will fix you up in no time and you'll be fine for Quidditch, that is," She paused. "Assuming your players will be up to it?" She asked Slughorn looking pointedly at Regulas who was conversing with Dumbledore about house unity.

"Of course they will," Slughorn replied. "Probably." He added under his breath.

"Well, then, come along, Black." McGonagall said grabbing Sirius by the back of his robes as he attempted to inch away.

"I dob't wabba." (I don't wanna.) Sirius replied stubbornly.

"I don't care whether you 'want to,' Black." McGonagall replied dragging Sirius toward the castle.

"Rebus, Jabes! Helb be!" (Remus, James! Help me!) Sirius yelled frantically as he was dragged toward the castle.

"Sorry, mate, Minnie promised you would be okay in time for Quidditch which means that going to the hospital wing can only insure you're in top condition for the match." James replied. "Besides, Lily and I are going to go have dinner together and discuss where we are going to go on our date."

"Rebus?" (Remus?) Sirius asked.

"I've thought you should go to the hospital wing the entire time." Remus replied. "But we'll come visit you after dinner."

"Wab, she'b gobing to mab be stab ober nibht?" (Wait, she's going to make me stay over night?) Sirius asked frantically.

"Probably," McGonagall replied. "Now, let's go, Black."


"Go, go, Gryffindor." The crowd shouted. The match was going overwhelmingly in favor of the Gryffindors, as the Slytherins refused to resort to their normal tactics AKA cheating. The majority of the potion's effects had worn off them but enough remained that the Slytherin team refused to employ dirty tactics against their Gryffindor counterpart, making it a match solely based on skill.

Because of this the Gryffindors won the match in record time. To say that McGonagall was pleased would be an understatement, she was absolutely giddy. Gryffindor's victory put them one winning match away from winning the Quidditch cup. She did so love having it in her office after all.

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