My name is Ayilis Aven. A short, 5 word sentence, but the web of lies hiding behind that one sentence would make any persons head spin, human or not. See, while my name is Ayilis Aven it also is not. I was born as Harry James Potter, a plain name for sure, but one that would become known in every wizarding household in England. It seems sad now when I look back on the beginnings of my life that it should end like this, born to parents Lily Evans Potter, a 'muggleborn', and James Potter, a pureblood, both strong fighters for the 'light'. The 'light', there is no such thing as the 'light',just a bunch of idiots running around like chickens with their heads cut off with a manipulative bumblebee leading them. I'm getting off track though. It all went down October 31st, 1981. What happened that night is the one and only thing that has made me famous, everything else that happened to me was just a consequence of what happened that night, but to tell you what happened that night I'll have to tell you another story.

This story is also about a boy, but this boy is nothing like me. This boy was brought up in a large house on top of a hill that over looked a small town. The boy's family was rich, but his father gambled too much, which caused them to lose the family fortune except for the house and the gardener Malay, who was pregnant. The boy eventually grew into a man and left the house to travel the world and find a way to get more money. On this trip he fell in love with a girl who happened to be a veela, which is a magical being which can seduce the male form and can change into a giant bird when angry. This veela wanted a family and decided to have one with the boy. When the veela was 3 months pregnant she told him about the wizarding world. He was very welcoming about it and they went back to the house and had the child. When the child they had was 1 year old the veela realized she wasn't ready to become a mother yet and left the boy turned man, with the child. The man sank into depression and neglected the child because he reminded him of his love. The only time the man talked to his child was to warn him about the wizarding world and all the people in it, which caused the boy to hate all things magic. The boy's name…Richard Riddle and his son's name Thomas Riddle.

I told you that story to tell you this story. Thomas Riddle grew up and fell in love, like most men do, except the fates weren't done with the family yet. He fell in love with a girl who happened to be a descendent of Salazar Slytherin, a famous dark wizard. She got pregnant with his child and 4 months into pregnancy she told him she was a witch. Since Thomas was brought up his whole life to hate all things magic he did to the only thing he could think of, he left her. She died giving birth to their son Thomas Marvolo Riddle, 'Thomas' after the father and 'Marvolo' after her father. Tom Riddle, as it was shortened to, was given to an orphanage. He grew up belittled and abused because of the weird things that always happened around him. So when he found out he was a wizard he had thought he had finally found his place. Unfortunately, he was placed into Slytherin house at Hogwarts which caused him to be belittled and hurt even more. Slytherin is known for its 'pure-blood' status and didn't take kindly to it being taken away by the half blood, or the muggle-born he was thought to be. Because of this, Tom grew into a very hateful man and eventually, after that, a Dark Lord. Now this certain Dark Lord had become very powerful in the wizarding world and was known to be the worse Dark Lord in a century ago. He then heard a prophesy about his downfall from one of his followers so he went to the house of the person who he thought would cause his downfall.

This leaves us back where we started October 31st, 1981. It was on this night that a certain Dark Lord came to my house and killed my parents then tried to kill me. I was the child in that prophesy. As you know my parents were fighters for the'light'so it was no surprise that Voldemort, the Dark Lord a.k.a. Tom Riddle Jr., came kill them. They died never knowing about any prophesy or the real reason they were killed. And it's all because of that stupid bumblebee. See, since the bumblebee knew they were going to be in trouble he wanted to make sure that when they died he could say that he tried to help save them. The fact of the matter is that he wanted them to die. Well, after my parents were killed he then did what he had come to do. He tried to kill me and he failed. I became the first and only person to ever survive the killing curse the reason is still unknown. After that I got sent to my Aunt's house but she hated my mother because Lily got all the attention in the family for being a witch. She had a major case of jealously and her husband Vernon, after hearing the stories that she told of the wizarding world, agreed that I shouldn't live in their normal family. I spent 2 years in an orphanage before bumblebee found out and made them take me back.

Now, you can see that one thing leads to another which leads to another. A baby isn't born evil, a person grows through experiences and trials, a child grows into who they will be based on who they are surrounded with. So whose fault is it that Tom Riddle Jr. became a dark wizard? No ones, but our own. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, maybe you were brought up to believe something, maybe you just react the why to are taught or the way your instincts tell you, but whatever the case may be you sill have to live with what happened because of your ill judgment. Thomas Riddle Sr. reacted the way he was brought up by when he found out about the witch. The muggles beat Tom Riddle Jr. because it it's most people's nature to try to hurt and harm anyone whose different because they don't understand why they are different. The pure-bloods in Slytherin belittled Tom because they were brought up to believe that they were better than him. There are stories behind all these reactions, but the result is the same.

Why is this though? Can the world really not understand and get along with people of other races. The muggles are killing themselves out along with all the life forms of the world. They destroy the environment, kill brothers, slay friends, and its no wonder that the wizards are scared enough of them to hide, but then again the wizard population are no better. A corrupt government and people who believe anything that an official says and go along with it, but even as bad as the muggle world is I still believe that the wizarding world is worse. It is worse because it doesn't accept the future, it doesn't accept the muggles and it doesn't accept other magical beings. They try and cover up all of their faults by thinking that they are better than everyone else, even though they are worse.

What is the point of my rambling you ask? I'm getting there. The reason I think all of this has come to pass is because of no leadership. That's right, in both of the worlds there is no leadership. There is no one to lead the generation just a bunch of corrupt politicians that care about getting money more than caring about what will happen to the world in 10 years or 20.

This is where I come in…or where Ayilis Aven comes in. I'm going to be the leader that the wizarding world needs which is ironic because I hate the lime-light, but I've always had this hero-complex as Granger likes to call it. So I'm going to save the world by creating a new one. I'll explain my plan a little later though because I'm sure you're wondering how I know all this information. I'll tell you I didn't get any help from my 'friends'.

Tuesday, May 14th, 1996

Harry smirked as he walked through the dusty forgotten hallways of the Hogwarts. He had finally done it. He had finished the potion and now was the time. It took him forever to find the right solution, but he had done it and now he was getting his spoils. His stupid friends and Umbitch couldn't stop him now. He smirked softly; the time was here it only took him 4 and half years to do it.

Contrary to popular belief at 11 years old Harry Potter was not a stupid boy, in fact he was quite smart for his age, but you wouldn't know it by the way he acted. He had even known about the wizarding world before he was welcomed into it. Not odd at all, he found out from a book. The book was found in a library this also, not odd, because most books can be found in a library. But what was odd was that the book was found in a muggle library not even in the fiction section, it was almost as if it had a spotlight on that said "READ ME".

Now at one time Harry had spent all of his time at the library, sometimes skipping school to finish a book, this was, of course, before he had too many chores. Now Harry was not normally that curious of a boy and knew when to keep his nose out of others business, but you would be a little curious too if a book named "The Wizarding World: For Muggle-borns" was in the non-fiction section. Of course, Harry had not know at the time but the book had a strong notice-me-not charm on it to keep away all muggles, but Harry hadn't known and was thus so intrigued by it that he picked it up and read it. It took much longer than he expected though, 3 months was spent reading the book, or as Harry liked to call it 'The Encyclopedia of All Things Magic". By the time he finished it his brain felt like it had been blown apart by a nuclear blast and then put back together by a werewolf slave camp (notably the worst kind of punishments were given in these camps, note to self: if you are a werewolf in the early 1600's, don't get caught).

Although it was an encyclopedia it was more of a history book. The reason for this was made very clear in the front of the book. The ministry of magic covers up the wizards own history. Every wizard or witch in England is sent to Hogwarts, there are all taught by the same teacher, a ghost called Binns. This ghost is under a spell that makes him teach anything and everything that the ministry says. This has been going on for centuries.

So, Harry had learned. The book was, unfortunately, only about the Wizarding world's history and its laws. Yes, it was a self updating law book also, that took up most of the room.

The book had many sequels or expansions, there were some spell books and more books on how to act around certain animals so that they don't kill you, there was also one on the blood-lines of the pure-bloods which strangely enough was also in the library in the science section. In fact to Harry it was starting to look more and more like the magical version of the Britannica. Of course, it proved it self to be in the adult section when talking about some of the horrible things that the wizarding world had done. Hearing about the werewolf camps was enough, but they went into detail when talking about ways to kill a vampire or Shkell (a magical being that looked like an angel because of its white wings that could control the weather, supposed to be extinct but of the hunts for them in 100BC). In fact, some of the stories it had to tell were so bad that Harry actually went mute for the 3 months when he was reading it at 7 years old, not that he talked much anyways.

The book also talked about how to get in to Diagon Alley and some of the secrets to get around easily, as it had many allies and secret passages to get around faster.

After he had finished reading the book he actually went to Diagon Alley, just once, but that was all it took.

January 23rd, 1988, Diagon Alley

Harry had a hard time believing that all the stuff in the book was really true, it did sound a little far-fetched, but now that he was here everything seemed right, like he belonged here. That was until he saw a 5 year old child get kicked out of the candy store and then having "filthy blood, we don't service your kind here" yelled at him. Harry was of course mortified, but that didn't stop him from going to the kid and helping him of the ground, and then giving him a once over with his eyes, that's when Harry noticed something different about the kid…he had fangs. Harry of course had the natural reaction of gasping and taking a step back, but as soon as he did the child looked up with tears in his eyes. It was then Harry realized what he had to do. His eyes hardened, he didn't notice the flinch that the vampire made. He softly grabbed the hand again and marched right into the shop.

"What did you want?" Harry whispered to the boy. He pointed at the stand filled with the stand filled with a kind of red lollypop with a sign above it that said "Blood Pops". Harry gave a small smirk. He walked up and picked up two of them and went to the front desk where the man was that had just thrown out the kid.

"I'll have this please." Harry told the man. The man turned around and suddenly got all red.

"DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU? WE DON'T SERVE YOU THINGS HERE." The man was going to continue until Harry cut him off.

"Yes, I think everybody heard that, but I am not a vampire and I most certainly am not a 'thing' and nether is he, so I think it would be best if you shut up. Now, you are going to give me these candies and you are going to give them to me for free. You know why? Because I heard this story once about a man that angered a clan of vampires by hurting one of their children, you do know what a vampire clan is right? It's the vampire's family the one that turned them or bore them and the people that also got turned by the same person. They are family held together by the same blood, so the man hurt one of the children. It was hard that he was tortured for three weeks in which time he died 3 times and was brought back just so they could kill him again and again. Now I don't think that you want that to happen to you do you? So do you comprehend?" The man slowly nodded his head. Harry smiled and left the store.

He had later learned that the child was named Vladimir and was originally from Russia. Harry hadn't gotten to know him well because he had a bus to catch if he was going to make it home in time for dinner.

Tuesday, May 14th, 1996

So Harry, with knowledge of what he was going into, he wanted to change it, but unfortunately it wasn't as easy as Harry imagined. The wizarding world was much more complex than he had first thought. The web of lies stretched so far back he wasn't sure if his brain could hold so many lies, and after a while, the lies became the truth. The saying is true that "the victors tell the story." The wizarding world won, and so they got to make up the story of how they won.

He then spent the next 4 years dedicated to learning all he could to help the wizarding world. That was, of course, when he wasn't doing his chores. He found all the books he could on the wizarding world by scouring pawn shops all around town; he knew that he couldn't go into Diagon Alley again because right after he went he found out from the TWWFM (the wizarding world for muggle-borns) that he was famous. As hard as it was for him to believe, the book had never lied to him before.

He found quiet a few more books than he first thought he would find, most of the owners of the pawn shops got so used to seeing him around that many just gave him the books for free. Unfortunately, most of the books he found were not beginner books, they were advanced, so Harry had to figure out how to do most of the magic by himself. There were books on runes, wards, rituals, transfiguration, lots of potions journals, battle magic, magic's history, Elvin culture (which really was an odd find), metamorphagus (no one told Harry you had to inherit the trait), defense against the dark arts, and even some of the dark arts themselves. Harry couldn't take most of the books home so instead he took them to the library where he studied them in a dark corner. It's surprising that so many books went without the muggle's notice. It was like they would see what was really going on until it hit them in the face.

It was only when he was about 8 that they started making him do a lot of work, such as mowing the glass and cooking all the meals. Harry had already learned so much that by the time of his 8th birthday he could afford to have some time off from reading. Sadly, Harry grew up a lot in those last 3 years, the Dursleys didn't only start giving him more chores but they also took away meals when he didn't do all of the chores for the day. Harry found a lot more information on the wizarding world and even found some books that had nothing to do with the wizarding world, but had spells in them so he read them, tried and succeeded at them. Harry never had much time for reading though so he searched for a way to have more time, when he was 10 he found a ritual that cut back on the time he needed for sleep, he preformed it and used all the extra time he had into practicing more spells.

About 2 months before his 11th birthday he realized something, he was a child, a child that had no influence in the world except for the fact that he had survived a killing curse. So, Harry not knowing what to do decided that it would be better to act totally clueless about the wizarding world. After all, who would expect him to know anything they hadsent him to the Dursleys. He almost decided to drop the act when Hagrid seemed so angry about it, but thought it would be better not to because people would underestimate him.

He met Ron, his first 'friend' on the train; he had known the Weasleys were set up to be there because no pure-blood wizarding family would be stupid enough to talk so loud about muggles in a muggle train station.

Harry didn't find out until he was already in Hogwarts that the book he had learned everything from was actually a banned book and was supposed to have been destroyed along with the other books written by the same author, who had in fact been hanged.

Harry used all the extra time he had from the ritual to search through the Hogwarts library for something that could help. He didn't find anything the first year, but when he went back to the Dursleys in the summer things got easier for him because he didn't have people always watching him. He snuck out that summer and went to Diagon Alley, where he had a meeting with a goblin.

June 14th1992, Diagon Alley

Harry smiled under the hood of his jacket as he walked down the cobblestone path to Gringotts. It was a beautiful day to be outside especially when you had spent the last 2 weeks locked in a cold dark room. He nodded to the two goblins that opened the door for him. He went up to the desk of one of the goblins and waited until he caught their attention, about 5 minutes later the goblin looked up and asked in a snide voice what he wanted.

Harry just lowered his hood and smiled at the goblin, "I would like to talk to the goblin in charge of my account please." After all, it was too nice of a day to be mean.

The goblin looked surprised for a second before sneering at Harry, "Your name", more of a demand then a question. Harry merely lifted the few stands of Harry covering his scar and smiled at the goblins surprised and frightened face. "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't recognize you."

"I could tell." Said Harry sharply, "Now where is my manager?"

"This way, sir," He put a closed sigh at the booth and waved for Harry to follow him to the back. He walked to the door that said Frinsor Jublin, Account Manageron it. He nodded to Harry and walked away. Harry stared after the other goblin for a second before he went into the room. The room was filled with filing cabinets and shelves of odd trinkets, Harry had only enough time to see the word Potter on one of the filing cabinets before he was joined by a shorter than average goblin who automatically sat down in the big chair at the desk.

"Is there anything I can do for you young mister Potter?" said, who Harry assumed was, Frinsor.

"Yes, I would like to know the status of my vaults, a list of the properties I hold and I would also like to visit my family vault."

"Yes, sir, I can do that, but first I would like to know would you like a list of all your vaults or just the Potter vaults and properties?" Frinsor said while shuffling through papers on his desk.

Harry was surprised, "You mean there are more families that I am the head of."

Frinsor nodded, "You must not understand, in the last 80 or so years there have been 2 really horrible Dark Lords, together the death toll accounts to the decimation of a little less than half of the wizarding worlds population, Voldemort himself took about 2/3 of those lives, so of course the wizarding world was grateful to you for getting rid of him. The only thing the Voldemort hated more than muggles were people who didn't chose a side to fight on at all, almost all of the neutral pure-blood families were wiped out, there are only a few left, for example the Zabinis I think you have one of their family in your year at Hogwarts right now. Well, most of these families were wiped out before you were born, but since they were neutral they didn't want to give their money to the ministry so all of them left in their wills that their money would go to the person that defeated Voldemort, the ministry declared that you were the one to defeat Voldemort so you were the one that got all of their things. This accounts for all of your vaults except one, that vault was set up by the ministry for you because there were so many people that wanted to thank you for defeating Voldemort and they didn't want to bother you with all the stuff that was being sent to you that they set up a vault that anyone can donate to and that you own and can look go to at any time. That vault was recently upgraded to a bigger vault that only you and a goblin with your permission could get into."

Harry took a few minutes to calculate this in his head and then looked to Frinsor. "I would like a list of all the properties that I own as well as a list of all the vaults, I would like to go to the Potter family vault as well as the ministry vault and would like to see a list of the families I have." Frinsor got up and searched through some of the shelves.

He took out two scrolls and laid them on the desk. "This", he picked up a scroll, "is the list of all the vaults you have in the order of family names and this", he picked up the other, "is a list of all the properties you have. You can not let these get into the wrong hands, as some of these are used as safe houses for the ministry and others and I'm sure you don't want everybody knowing how rich you really are. I will spell these to always be small unless you say a certain word while holding them in your hand, they will look like two small fangs and you can attach them to any necklace, or put them in a safe." Harry nodded and picked up the two scrolls before following Frinsor out of the room. Frinsor lead them to a tunnel and got into one of the carts waiting for them. Harry immediately got in after him. They sped through the tunnels and after about 5 minutes they can to a stop before a door that had the number 1193 above it. "Put your hand on the door and say open mister Potter."

Harry did what he was told and the door opened to a cavern filled with innumerable objects. While Harry was busy studying everything in the room Frinsor pulled him over to an empty part of the wall and put is hand there and said "map". Frinsor then gave Harry the piece of paper that came from the wall, "As you can see this is the vault given to you by the ministry and as there are so many different objects we have sorted them by type. You have a huge library and quite a few weapons, though some people were sane and gave you many different trinkets for each year you were born, it will take quite a while to go through everything, though might I say the line for people donating things to you on your birthday is very long."

Harry merely nodded speechless and walked through the many isles of objects every once and awhile putting things in a bag he had brought with him for just this purpose. The bag, while not bottomless, was charmed to hold more than it looked and weigh less. After an hour of this walked back to the door saying quietly to Frinsor that he would come back later, Frinsor nodded and led him back into the cart. This time though the cart went up instead of down. The cart stopped in front of a very large set of double doors that had 'Potter' on them as well as a very intricate set of carvings.

Harry looked at Frinsor questioningly to which Frinsor replied, "The Potter family crest." Harry nodded and did the same thing to open these doors as he did to the last set. The size of the cavern looked about the same but that was the only similarity. There were piles of gold, silver, and copper anywhere you looked. "The objects are in the back." Frinsor said as if reading Harry's mind.

Harry walked through the small path between piles and smiled when he came upon the many objects. Harry looked through them quickly as nothing really caught his eye and he did need to go soon, but one thing drew his attention. It was a worn and beat up chest that sat in the corner under a pile of useless junk, almost as if it was hiding from him. The only thing on the chest was a carving of the letters PHA and under that LME. Harry got Frinsor to shrink the chest and put it in his bag.

The ride back to the ground floor of Gringotts was uneventful and Harry soon left after Frinsor gave him the necklace with the two scrolls on it.

Tuesday, May 14th, 1996

Harry smirked once again as he walked to the second floor girls bathroom books under arm, life was made so much easier with that trip. In fact, all of the objects that ha once filled the ministry vault now filled one of the trunks he was bringing with him, along with many of the objects from the many family vaults he now owned. The other trunk he was bringing with him had his personal effects; these were the things that he used in everyday life, a wardrobe, his library, his notebooks, and other things like that. He quickly jumped down the hole that opened where a sink used to be.

He bounced off the cushioned floor and kept walking past the clean rooms and into the huge cave that was the Chamber of Secrets and it was well named. The chamber had many secret rooms and nooks that all held a piece of the picture that was the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry paid no noticed to the statues that lined the main pathway, but instead took a left turn at the end of the pathway and walked through what looked to be a solid wall. He went through one of the doors into a potions lab and put down his books on one of the tables. He checked the two potions sitting on the table before turning off both fires and taking two vials and filling them with a different potion.

Harry's second year was much less eventful than his first and all the extra time he had from not running for his life was spent searching through the chest that he had found in his Gringotts vault.

September 3rd1992, secret room Hogwarts

Harry smiled as he walked into his room at Hogwarts; it was so good to be back. After a horrible summer being locked up at the Dursleys, then being constantly watched at the burrow it was good to be able to get away and just be yourself as well as he could finally look at that mysterious chest. He pulled the bag from where it was tied around his belt.

He poured out everything in the bag on one of the tables. He sorted through everything until he came upon the miniature chest; he carefully placed it on the ground before getting out his wand and saying the counter curse to the shrinking charm. As soon as the chest was fully sized he opened it he was surprised of course when he saw a envelope that said 'Harry' on it. He picked it up suspiciously and opened it.

Dear Harry, My beautiful baby,

Harry if you are reading this it means that I am dead and couldn't raise you. This is your mother Lily Evans or that's what you were told. I hope that when you are reading this you are surrounded by family and you can look to them for support because this will probably surprise all of you

You see Harry I'm not the muggle-born everyone thought me to be. No, it fact I probably the purest one at Hogwarts. You see, baby, I am an Aven, said to be the first pure-blooded family and defiantly the richest. I was born in the 1930's but my parents chose to send me to the future.

My elder brother was a squib and that fact meant that he couldn't inherit the family fortune. Since I was magical my children would have heir status before any of his children, even though I am a girl, so is the way of the wizarding world. My parents decided to send me to the future to my relatives the muggle family that derived from the Avens, a family that my squib brother started, the Evans. I became the younger sister to Petunia and daughter of Gill and Hamial and gained the name Lily Marie Evans.

You, my sweet beautiful baby, are the heir to the Avens fortune and by default the Merlin vault as well. In this trunk you will find all that I left behind from my school years and the time turner that changed my life and will change yours as well. In this chest there are many secret compartments and if you find them you can open them, I will give you the first hint, put you hand at the bottom of the chest and say 'Inheritance'. I love you my sweet and always remember that.

Lily Marie Potter nee Evans, formally Pemida Henima Avens

Harry did what she said and found small compartment filled with books about the Avens family. Many of them turned out to be autobiographies and journals. Harry read all of these books as well as many others he found in the library, he had already known a little about the family thanks to the pure-blood family book he found in the library when he was younger.

Tuesday, May 14th, 1996

The entire second year of school was dedicated to learning more about the Aven family and in that he succeeded, not only did he know the big things like one of his family created the 'Expelliarmus' curse, but he also knew the small facts, like everyone of his family was known for their blood red hair and interestingly intense eye colors.

After the basilisk fight in 2nd year he had very little time to do anything though before he was shipped back to the Dursleys for another horrible summer. The summer wasn't as bad as the last, but was no where near fun.

Then the whole Aunt Marge ordeal happened, but it did give him more time to check out the different shops in Diagon Alley. He found some very interesting things while he was there, he found an store that sold many different types of magical glasses as well as some magical contacts, he bought a few pairs of each because you never knew when you would need to disappear in a crowd and his bulky glasses did stand out quite a bit. Harry bought a few other things, but not much.

Harry's 3rd year at Hogwarts was a bit more hectic, after all he did have a serial killer after him, but he did get a lot more chances to sneak away to the Chamber of Secrets. Harry got interested in potions though because he learned that many of the Avens had a talent at it. He spent much of his time when everyone was asleep down in the potions lab he found in the chamber. The end of the year was when he found out about his godfather being innocent and also when he found out about the time turner and a plan started to form in his mind.

Time is one of the only things in the world that doesn't change, it is constant. There is no going back and changing time, what happens happens and there is no changing it. That's what got Harry thinking, what if he could change it. Would everything really be easier if Voldemort didn't exist, would it be easier if Harry didn't exist? If he could really go back and change everything would he really what to? The answer Harry came to was yes. Everything would be easier if none of this had ever happened. So, all Harry had to do was change time, not an easy thing to do. Only one man had ever succeeded in changing time and he doesn't even remember doing it, he went back in time to stop himself from going back in time. The whole thing took about 5 minutes and by the time it was done the only person who remembered it was a person that wrote down a note in the future and when he went back to the past left the note.

The man who happened to do it was an unspeakable and happened to be part of a family that Harry was now the head of, this means that he has all of the man's notes. Through the course of the summer after 3rd year and the Tri-wizard Tournament he studied all of the notes he could find on the subject and did several experiments where he went back in time and left himself a note, every time he did this he got more information on what he would need to do and close to the end of 4th year. The only problem he had was deciding when to go back, after all he wanted to get rid of everything he recognized so when to go. His answer came to him in the graveyard staring at the snake-like creature that used to be human. To stop everything that he knew from happening he would go back to when Tom Riddle was just starting school.

So, Harry, happy with his answer spent all of that summer making the potions and arrangements needed to go back, then came the problem of how he was going to stop Thomas Riddle Jr. from becoming the Dark Lord Voldemort and change the Wizarding World as he knew it as well, it wouldn't be an easy task especially since Tom was very smart from what he had gathered from the diary. The only answer he thought of to become a Dark Lord instead of Voldemort and make Tom into his follower. This caused Harry to spend a few more months in his 5th year than he planned to by also making a potion that made him 11 again. He would need all the help he could gaining Tom Riddle's trust and who was going to think anything of an 11 year old. After so long, it was finally happening and Harry couldn't have been happier.

AN/ UPDATE: Hello everyone just trying out this story. I thought that I should warn you, now before you get any further. This story is AU, very AU. If you don't know what that means, it means Author's Universe, or Another Universe. I have twisted Harry Potter and placed my own Universe in. Now, I like these kinds of stories, but I respect if you don't. Now I request that you give the same respect in kind.

This might be hard for some of you to believe, but I have no interest in getting flame reviews (reviews that just tell me how bad I am) or in getting "I'm not reading this story because..." reviews. You don't have to like my story, though I hope someone does, but if you don't like me story that's great, fine, and dandy you DON'T HAVE TO READ IT!

I'm telling you this now in a very stern type of voice: I like my stories, and I try to write them well. That being said, it's rough to say the least. I'm writing because I need the practice. There are better stories on this website and I grantee that you will find something to your liking. There are a lot of amazing authors in the world and I am doing this because I want to become better myself and the only way to do that is practice.

So I will repeat once again, you don't have to read this story and don't try and make me feel bad about writing a story not up to you "amazing standards". I have found worse and better, go bother someone else.

If you do like the story though, the few who might, please review, it soothes the soul,