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Recap: Harry after reading about the prejudices of the wizarding world and seeing it with his own eyes Harry decides to change it. He traveled through time, with Ginny, to Tom Riddle's first year at Hogwarts. He has made allies on the train coming to Hogwarts and after getting sorted into Slytherin he and the allies he made set up a group of rooms away from the others. He has become Duke Ayilis Aven, the Head of the Most Ancient Aven House a pureblood family with quite a reputation. Ginny has become his cousin Jinseri Aven.

In his first semester at Hogwarts he was getting to know his new roommates and allies. He set up a system where he hopes to at least meet everyone in Hogwarts before the end of the year. After a festival at midwinter Ayilis and the crew are back at Hogwarts for their 2nd semester. He has won the Slytherin Leader Trials and is now the leader of his year. He has asked Kinslo for help learning self-defense and is slowly integrating into life in the new time line.

He has named the group he and Jinseri formed Sodalitas. He has marked his new followers with a seven pointed star on their upper right arms. Every person has a different colored mark except for Ayilis: he has a multicolored seven pointed star on his chest. The group is now magically bound to each other and when they touch each other's marks they can feel the other person's emotions.

Last Chapter: Tuesday, April 4th, 1939

"I will set aside a room for you in the coming year. Do you have a preference?" Headmaster Dippet asked.

"I believe I saw this great room on the third floor. I can take you there now if you have time." Ayilis fake smiled at the Headmaster. Yes, I do indeed know the perfect room…

Chapter 10: The Last of First Year

Thursday, April 20th, 1939

Ayilis lounged in the back study room after classes. After the official naming of the group everyone had gone crazy naming things. They had officially named their hallway Domus and their meeting room was named Asua. Soon enough Harry figured out why though. The Ritual had affected them more than Ayilis had originally thought.

He had known that the Ritual sometimes had the side effect of connecting everyone through a magical bond, but didn't know that the Ritual would also cause emotions to rise in the group. The Ritual had the unexpected side effect of making the group into more of a family than ever before. The Ritual had sent feeling of belonging through all of them, Ayilis included.

Ayilis rubbed his new mark. He didn't think he would actually be including in the marking, but apparently the magic had decided to give him extra connections to the rest of the group. He had to keep his mind magic protection at full strength for a week just keep out the others' stray thoughts. It didn't help that the rest of the group wanted to do more Rituals. After just one taste they wanted more. Ayilis had to be careful about letting them learn about the magic that was really going on. They expected that after naming that they did he would want to do a Ritual, but it was difficult enough just trying to figure out what the first ritual did.

The newly christened Domus needed to be blessed according to Jinseri and Domino, who had figured out exactly what kind of magic they had been performing. Ayilis had been trying to put it off until he got the hang of his new mark, but after an entire week of trying to find out all the abilities of the new mark he gave up on figuring it out right away. It was put on the back burner because of more pressing problems.

The summer break was almost upon them and Ayilis was having a difficult time getting permission from all of the groups' parents on their visit to his house during the break. Tom had been easy with just a quick trip off campus to his old orphanage and a handy memory charm. Ayilis doubted that Tom's fellow orphans would even remember him after being gone so long. Domino had been another easy pass, she had written a letter to her parents about the change in her summer plans and had gotten approval the next day. Myles had a tougher time trying to convince his parents, but after a month of writing letters and debating he was going to join them for a month long during the summer.

Kinslo and Hilda were proving to be the toughest of the group. Hilda had originally thought that her parents wouldn't care if she went away for the summer, but sometime in the last school year they had decided that they wanted both of their daughters back for the summer. Hilda had written them many times, but they had constantly denied her. At this point Ayilis was tempted to write her parents himself to convince them to allow Hilda to stay over if just for a few days. Though the hardest by far was Kinslo, She was having a hard time convincing her father to let her come back for next year let alone the summer break. As the only female in her family she was pushed into the traditional roles that women held in pureblood families. From what Ayilis had learned from Kinslo about her father and brother he understood it would be a hard fought battle to bring her back for next year.

This was one of the few times that Ayilis had almost given into his anger at them and caused an incident. He had already gotten to work on finding a way to remove Kinslo from her family's influence, but it was unheard of in this day and age for a person to break off ties from their family. Those that did were shunned or looked down on. He groaned and rubbed his eyes again. He had started writing letters to Kinslo's father about 2 weeks ago to see if he would cave under the influence of a superior wizard, but so far he had weaseled out of any major insults to the Aven family.

He put quill to parchment again and thought about what his next letter should say.

To Lord Vandom of the Most Great and Cunning House,

I am writing to offer your daughter a part time job at my house for the summer. While at school I have noticed the form of defense which she uses to keep fit and I am intrigued by it. She has offered lessons to me and in exchange I can offer quite a sum of money. The job would only be part time, but I feel it is a skill that I need to learn for the coming years. The full amount is up to you, but I would be willing to pay handsomely for the service. Should you be interested please write back as soon as possible. I realize going without your daughter is an inconvenience for the summer and I would be willing to reimburse you for the time lost.

Duke Ayilis Aven, Head of the Most Ancient House of Aven

He placed the quill down and read over it quickly fixing the few grammar mistakes he made with a flick of his wand. It was one of the best spells that Myles had taught him. When he learned it he wondered why it wasn't taught to all incoming students and then wondered if Granger had ever known about it. The letter was short and to the point, just like him.

He closed the letter in an envelope and waxed his crest onto the back as a seal. He had just pushed the owl out of the room when Domino walked in.

"Ah, hello Domino, I have been waiting for this conversation for awhile. What would you like to know?" Ayilis sat down in one of his armchairs and motioned for her to do the same.

"Ayilis, I would like to know where you learned that ritual and what exactly do these marks do?" She sat down in the chair offered.

"Right to the point aren't you? Yes, well to the first question, I learned about the ritual in a book and after performing several of the lower level rituals by myself I decided to try a group one. I did not know the full consequences of the ritual, but I cannot say I am displeased by them." Ayilis motioned to her arm that held her mark.

"I can't say I'm really saddened about it either. The mark was a little disconcerting at first, but after a time I really started to like the look and feel of it. It makes me feel like I am bonded to something important, but I do not think that you chose that ritual completely by accident." She looked expectantly at Ayilis.

"Dom, you are one of the few members of the group that I trust with this information at this point. The marks were not done by accident, but I did not expect the other effects that the marks would have. Let me ask you a question, in the past few days have you felt an emotion that you didn't fully understand where it was coming from? Sadness or joy or grief?" He asked.

She sat for a few moments in thought.

"Well, yes, now that you mention it there have been a few times since the ritual that I have felt an emotion not my own." Domino said.

"One of the many unexpected side effects from the ritual, the emotions weren't yours at all. When other members of the group are experiencing intense emotions the others can feel it too. This is useful in times of trouble because it allows you to figure out which of your friends is in danger."

"What about you Ayilis? Your mark is in a different place than ours and when you touch other marks…well…" she blushed and trailed off.

"Yes, well as the leader of the group I have some advancement to my mark that you don't have to deal with. One is the transfer of emotions through the bond by touch. I can make any of the members feel what I want with just a touch of their marks. Another I believe you will not like, but you deserve to know. I have a backdoor into everyone's thoughts. I have been trying to hold up my mind defense and not listen, but it has proven difficult to block everyone out." Domino's shocked expression was gone in an instant.

"You mean you can get into anyone of our heads anytime you want to?" Domino asked worrying.

"Yes, but I really didn't want this power. It's hard enough just keeping you out. I have been working hard on fixing my defenses and I will start teaching Occlumency in the summer, or try to." He rubbed his eyes again.

"I have been taught the basics, but I will look for books on the subject for you. Anything else I should know about?" Domino asked. She looked satisfied. Without even trying the reason popped into Ayilis's head, she was happy that he had chosen to trust her with this information.

"Just one, is everything ready for your trip to our house this summer?" Ayilis asked.

"Mostly, my parents still want me home for a week or two in the summer, but they are both busy with work and will send me their holiday schedule so that we can coordinate visits. Did you need something?" She asked.

"Well, I need a spell and I have looked to see if one exists that does what I wanted it to, but I have fallen short. You said that you are well versed in spell crafting and I was wondering if you could help me." He looked at her. He got up and grabbed the papers off of his desk. This particular problem had been following him for about 3 weeks and he was having a hard time figuring out a solution.

"Maybe, what's the problem?" She looked excited.

"There is a spell that exists already that only allows certain people to read what is written on a document and I need you to modify it. Instead of needing to know the person, I want it to be based on personality. Only people with a certain skill set or open mind would be allowed to read it. Do you think you could do that?"

Domino looked over the documents and hummed to herself. "I think I can do something with these. You will need to give me a few weeks, but I might be able to pull something together." She shuffled the papers and turned back to him. "It will have to wait till after exams though. Speaking of which, are you going to come to the study session that Jinseri is hosting in a few hours?"

"I will be there." Ayilis nodded to her as she left.

Ayilis quickly closed up his remaining letters and decided to send them off. He moved out of the room and left the dorm.

Ayilis walked through the hallways with purpose. He was headed to the Owlery at the top of the west tower. He fixed a determined look to his face to dissuade people from disturbing him. He was moving along quickly when he heard a sound coming from a nearby room. He paused for a moment and listened. He almost sighed aloud when he realized that the noise was muffled crying.

He straightened his robes and moved to the doorway. He waited a second before knocking softly on the door and entering. He was slightly surprised to find a Gryffindor first year crying to herself in the unused part of the castle.

"Excuse me, Miss, are you alright?" Ayilis always tried to be kind to the people he met because you never know when people will reappear in your life.

"Yes, I'm fine. Please, go away." The girl almost whispered to him. Ayilis nodded and moved closer to her. He recognized her from Defense Against the Dark Arts, if he remembered correctly her name was Cyan Teller.

"Now, now, that wouldn't be very gentlemanly. It would be bad form to leave a pretty lady such as yourself to cry alone." Ayilis smiled lightly as he came up behind her. "What has got you so troubled like this, right before the summer?"

"It's nothing really." She sniffled.

"Come now, don't be like that. It is good to get these things off of your chest. Has someone hurt you?" Ayilis finally sat down next to her and looked at her face. He froze, getting more angry as the seconds passed. "Who did that to you?" He grinded his teeth together.

She turned away from him and faced the other wall. "It's not a big deal honest."

Ayilis grabbed her hand and rubbed softly. With his other hand he grabbed her chin and gently turned it toward him. The red hand print shone brightly from her cheek.

"Bollocks. That, my dear, is a very big deal." Ayilis wiped the tears from her face. "Now tell me what happened."

Cyan blushed, which only made the handprint standout even more.

"I can take care of it. No one else seemed to care." She rubbed her cheek a little.

"Nonsense. Tell me what happened. I care and I can fix it." Ayilis smiled at her a little.

"Well...It's just... Clauidous was being mean." She looked down. "I was just correcting him on a wand movement and..." She trailed off.

"Tell me." He could feel his anger at the boy rising and knew with an almost certainty that before the day was out he would have his first rival. He had been careful so far, trying not to make enemies too soon, or to let go of the tight leash he had on his magic.

"He called me a stupid mudblood and then slapped me. The rest of his friends just laughed and nodded, so I just ran off, but I got lost. I was just trying to get away from it all, but now..." Cyan looked into his eyes for the first time and Ayilis realized where she got her name. The strange bright cyan color of her eyes captured him for a moment. Then he took in what she said and the small fire of angry inside him grew to an inferno.

Cyan looked confused for a second when she felt the heat in the room rise by several notches, before Ayilis got control of himself again.

"I am sorry, my dear, that you had to see such ugliness in the Wizarding World. His like are the disgrace of noble wizards and witches everywhere. We need people like you in this world and anyone that doesn't think so is grievously mistaken. I hope that you can ignore the ramblings of an insecure little boy and realize that not everyone is not prejudiced or small minded. I am sure that if anyone else in your house heard of his grave insult they too would be ashamed of his behavior." Ayilis told her.

"No, Clauidous is the Headmaster's nephew everyone is trying to get on his good side, they just ignore me." Cyan sniffled once more.

"They are the house of the brave, if they would ignore one of their own for a perceived future favor they would be Slytherins. Now, we are going to the Great Hall and I will make Clauidous deeply regret his slight against you."

It was a slow walk through the halls, but one filled with purpose. Ayilis remembered the bullying he had undergone when he was 'just Harry' and the fact that his old house was just as prejudice as his new one was thought to be...to say he was unhappy would be an understatement.

As they entered the Great Hall nobody paid much attention to them. Ayilis was known to hang out with members of other houses, so it wasn't that unusual. It was unusual for him to start heading over to the Gryffindor table.

Cyan was walking slightly behind him at this point, but he paid no mind to it. He had found his target and the pompous laughter of the slightly overweight boy was getting on his nerves. He walked a little faster as Cyan fell behind him to be protected. That's when the rest of the hall started falling silent. People had noticed that Ayilis wasn't headed to his normal spot and that was cause for concern.

" Hemin Clauidous!" Ayilis stopped behind the chair of the boy and the rest of the hall had turned to look at the action, "Turn around and face me like a man."

Hemin Clauidous wasn't that attractive, but he had a certain charisma about him. Ayilis knew that in the future he was headed to politics, but would die early because of his eating habits. The fact that he was also the nephew of the current Headmaster gave him a certain above the rules mentality that the rest of the students lacked. As the boy turned in his chair, he just sneered at Ayilis.

"Who are you?" Clauidous asked snidely.

Ayilis turned his gaze into the eye's of the boy and starred with intensity.

"I am Duke Ayilis Aven, Head of the Most Ancient House of Aven, the only person in this entire room that is on the Ancient's Council, and right now, very annoyed. And you are a bug in my presence, a speck of dust on my otherwise clean house, and you should be careful, very careful."

"Oh yeah, and why is that?"

"Because if you hurt another person in this school again I will go out of my wayto squash you." With that Ayilis turned around to leave, but he caught sight of the handprint on Cyan's face and felt the angry rise again. So he turned back, "But, before I leave."

And slapped him.

Saturday, May 6th , 1939

Domino had finished her assignment. She looked over the spell she had made once more to double check. It was all she had been doing for the past week. She wanted to make sure that the spell did exactly what Ayilis asked of it. This was the first request that she had ever gotten from the man who was her leader and she wanted to make sure it was perfect.

It was weird to think about him in that context, but the fact was the Domino had somehow pledged to serve a man and she was even happy about it. Her life had been simple to this point. She had been raised by a governess who taught her the beginnings of spell-crafting. She had parents who loved her whenever they were around. She had spent most of her childhood locked away in the family library learning the secrets that the family had kept for centuries.

It was during that time that she read about the Aven family. She had heard the family mentioned in other books, mostly history because they had played a major role in the Wizarding World since the beginning. It was weird to read about a major magical event in which the Aven's weren't somehow part of. However, this book told legends and myths that surrounded the family. It was the first time that she had ever run into the Ancient's Council. The book explained that the Aven's were actually the creator's of the Council and had been the first family to use the spell of power that pureblood's everywhere now used.

Domino had been fascinated. She absorbed the book and then tried to find more stories, but the stories of the Aven family were few and far between. They were one of the most important families in the history of the Wizarding World and, unfortunately, they were also one of the most private. She didn't learn of their disappearance from the Wizarding World until she was 9 and at that time they hadn't been heard from in 6 years.

She let go of her dreams to meet one of the family. It seemed an impossible wish. Then she had gotten on the train to Hogwarts and all that changed. It was pure coincidence that the first compartment she went to had the two people that she wanted to meet the most.

However, she was raised Slytherin and didn't let the excitement show. It was weird how they acted though, both seemingly older than they appear, like her in a way. She was quiet and kept to herself, just observed.

Myles was enough of a talker for the both of them. So Domino watched and waited. She looked for anything that would prove that there was a legend sitting before them and yet none appeared. He was just another 11 year old boy and Domino sighed and almost let her hopes go. The boy was just a boy, there didn't seem to be any difference between him and the other ambitious Slytherin first years. Domino was patient though, she would wait out a year and if nothing extraordinary happened she would drop the group.

It continued that way for awhile, just getting through the first year even though she already knew the material. She was glad she stayed with the group though because she did get satisfaction from helping the others with their work. It was then that she started noticing the facts.

Ayilis and Jin weren't working either. They also appeared to know most of the material. The only part they struggled with was the physical education like everyone else. There was also the fact that Ayilis and Jin always seemed to know what was going on. It didn't matter where it was in Hogwarts or the rest of the world, it didn't matter who it was that was having the problems, they were always there. Ayilis more so than Jin, but they both had a sixth sense that told them were the trouble was and even how to fix it.

Domino felt elated for a second and then the feeling disappeared. She absentmindedly rubbed her mark. The feeling had come from Kinslo. She was getting better at sorting out the feelings she was getting from their connection. The only people she never felt were Jin and Ayilis.

The Ritual hadn't been the first surprise that the two Avens had given her, but it was certainly her favorite. She had taken one look at the chalk diagram on the floor and knew exactly what she was about to get herself into. At the time it seemed like a calculated risk. Ritual magic was dangerous, but only if you did it improperly. After the skill Ayilis had show during their leader trials Domino had trusted him.

In the end it was probably the best thing that had ever happened to her. She wouldn't be able to explain her feelings to another person not in the group, but as soon as she got her mark there was this collective feeling of trust, of belonging. It was the first time that she had ever felt she belonged to a true family and she was happy.

For the first time, in a long time, she was happy. Ayilis and the group had made her belong, made her useful, and appreciated everything she did. Just as she appreciated everything they did.

She remembered when Ayilis had touched her mark. She blushed and smiled again the feelings that went coursing through her body were probably the most amazing she had ever felt and when Ayilis had told her later that he trusted her with the secrets of the Mark. Domino blushed again and then starred at the spell sheet.

Maybe if she was really lucky Ayilis would like it enough it touch her mark again.

Domino smiled and checked over it again. She had tested it before and it seemed to work, but until it was used for a real purpose it was still in final check phase. Domino got up from her desk and headed out of the room. She moved slowly still going over the spell in her head. It had to be perfect. This was her first order from her leader and she wanted it to be as good as it could possibly be.

She had been making spells since she was 6 and this was the first that she had ever been truly proud of. She had never thought that her first year would turn out like this. She had never thought she would be following one of her classmates. She was independent and strong and over the course of 2 semesters had become part of something bigger than herself. She had become part of a family and she would do anything to keep it that way.

"Hello Dom." Ayilis said from his chair in front of the fireplace. "Did you finish the spell?"

"Yes, Ayilis. I thought it turned out well. Here," she handed the spell sheet over to him and watched him look over it. She seemed surprised that he even understood it. He nodded at some parts and his eyes widened at others.

"This is really well done Domino. Good Job." Ayilis placed the spell sheet down on his desk. "Please, sit. I have another job for you if you are ready."

Domino's eyes widened. "Already?"

"Yes, it can wait a little while, but I do really need it done as quick as possible. It will be a rather large project though and will have to be done in parts." Ayilis wrote something down and then looked at her.

"I'm ready for whatever you would like me to do." Domino smiled at him.

"Okay, I need you to make a shield that protect from physical attacks. For example, someone throws a rock at you. I need a shield that would protect you from the rock."

"What do you need it for?" Domino asked while thinking over the basic set to use.

"Domino, I need you to trust me. Do you trust me?" Ayilis looked very serious.

"Yes, of course, I wouldn't have done the Ritual otherwise." Again she rubbed her mark.

"Good, then I need you not to ask questions. I know this is hard to understand, but believe me that one day I will tell you everything you need to know."

"Okay, I guess I can do it. Are there any specifics that you need the shield to cover?"

"The shield needs to be able to rise fast, as quickly as possible. It needs to be able to hold against the impact of a fast moving object."

"How fast?"

"As fast as you can make it. Just remember to keep it light. Also start learning about wards and how they are made." Ayilis looked at Domino. "I know this is a lot to ask, but I will help when I can I know a bit about warding and I think I will be able to get some help for you soon. If all goes to plan, very soon."

"I hope you know what you are doing." Domino said quietly.

"I hope so too. Have a good night Dom." Ayilis turned back to his work and Domino got up to leave. "Oh before I forget. Come here for a second."

Domino moved closer slowly. When she got near to Ayilis he suddenly shot out a hand and touched her mark. Domino lost sight of the room for a second, all she could feel was the magic from the bond overcoming her. The appreciation, happiness, and satisfaction washed over her. It was bliss and she wanted to stay there forever. As suddenly as it appeared it was gone and Domino found herself kneeling on a cushioned floor.

"Good job, Dom, I don't know what I would do without you." Domino could see the approval in his eyes and was content.

"Goodnight, Ayilis."

Monday, May 8th , 1939

There was still a month left of school, but Jinseri was already making plans for the summer. She had filled up the book that contained information on all of the students here and was already making another. This time focusing on the witches and wizards that populated the Ministry of Magic. She was working quickly and quietly, only Ayilis knew of her plans to infiltrate the Ministry.

Though, while she had been working hard at picking up information Ayilis had been doing something else entirely. Something that even she had not known about and it was covering an entire page of the Daily Profit.

Egnever Productions


We are looking for skilled workers in any profession. All Races, Creature Statuses, or Blood Purities accepted. If you are skilled in a profession like, but not limited to:

Warder / Curse Breaker

Legal Profession

Potion's Research

Spell Crafting

Defense or Offensive Magic

Elemental Magic

Mind Magic



Medical Profession

Then we are looking for you. Please come to one of our many information sessions listed below.

Warning: Be prepared to give an Oath of Silence upon job offer.

Jinseri glared down at the paper below her. She wasn't aware that there was a new business opening up in the Wizarding World and there was only one reason she wouldn't have that knowledge. Ayilis Aven was in trouble.

She was angry and as she stalked away from the Great Hall to the Dormus she considered how best to torture her cousin.

Jinseri slammed open the door and entered Ayilis's room.

"Hello Jin." Ayilis turned the page of the book he was writing in. "What can I do for you?"

"You know exactly what you can do for me. You can explain what you were thinking, or should I say not thinking." She shoved the advertisement under his nose. "Bloody Hell, Ayilis, this changes things!"

"Jin, please," Ayilis sat up and starred at her again.

"Tell me why, why in Merlin's name did you decide to possibly change the entire future of the world."

"Don't be so dramatic, Jin, your mother is showing up in you."

"Really! My mother, you had to mention her didn't you?" Jinseri grabbed the front of his shirt. "Why did you do this?"

"Jinseri, will actually give me time to explain or do you want to continue to make baseless accusations?"

"Baseless?" Jinseri forced herself to take a breath. She wasn't that foolhardy Gryffindor anymore and she wanted to know what Ayilis was doing. "Alright, what do you have planned, my Leader." She spat.

"Jin, there was a reason I didn't tell you my plan, because you would have fought me every step of the way and this needed to happen. As for why I changed the future... As I think you may have forgotten, I will remind you. The only reason we came here was to change the future. This is one of the ways to do that. We need a workforce Jinseri, people that will help us fight the coming battles and I can't wait until the fighting is already in full swing. I put off this phase long enough."

Jinseri collapsed into the chair by the fireplace. "What are you going to use it for?"

"What do most people do with businesses? I'm going to make things. The first thing I'm already working on. I'm trying to make a ward that will withstand the impact of a bomb. The Wizarding World is naive to the ways of muggles and they will be destroyed by the Blitz if we are not careful. Anyway, that is just one aspect. There will be different departments to set up and get going. I'm thinking of a research and development department and a Offensive and Defensive Department." Ayilis sighed, but closed his book for a second.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Jin asked softly, she had lost the anger quickly.

"There were many reasons or excuses, but mostly because I wanted you to enjoy the off time. This was the first time you could have a real first year at Hogwarts and I didn't want to take it away from you. Can you blame me?" Ayilis asked.

"No, I never can." Jin smiled. "Alright, what do you need help with?"

"The set up of the Departments."

Wednesday, May 24th , 1939

To Duke Aven, Head of the Most Ancient House of Aven,

I am willing to part with my daughter for a few days a week, for a tidy sum, of course.

Lord Vandom of the Most Great and Cunning House

Ayilis closed the letter and nodded to himself. The man was a problem, but one that he could deal with. His title was a joke and all the rest of the purebloods knew it by now. He had been slowly spreading rumors about the family throughout some of his trusted contacts and it was starting to take effect.

All that was left was waiting. The man would do something stupid and leave himself venerable. Ayilis would take that vulnerability and show the rest of the community why Kinslo should be taken away from him and he would win. However, he was willing to pay for the company and protection of one of his Sodalis in the time being.

He pushed another stack of papers into the outbox that the Frinsor, his Account Manager, had provided him with. Starting a company was definitely one of the most challenging things he had ever done, that included evading a dragon on a broom.

The amount of paperwork alone was staggering, but luckily he had enough contacts in the ministry to get everything approved quickly. No one seemed to care that he was only 11 and for that he was happy. He stood and stretched a little.

He thought about his friends for a second and knowledge came flooding into him. Kinslo was practicing next to the lake outside trying to absorb the picturesque view of Hogwarts because she might never see it again. Domino was bent over a stack of papers very unlike his own trying to figure out the spell he had assigned. Myles and Hilda were studying for the transfiguration final. Jinseri was teaching Tom how to play Blind Amputee Deaf, which was a card game that had become popular sometime in the 1980s. Ayilis thought to go yell at her, but from the looks of things Tom wasn't even paying attention. He was just nodding from time to time to keep Jin happy.

Ayilis stretched some more and one look at the stack of papers he had yet to sign had him backing out of the room to go take a walk. He needed a break and this was the first time he had in 3 weeks. Ayilis walked out of the common room and started walking the halls aimlessly, letting Hogwarts take him where she wanted.

It had been awhile since he had done this, but it had been a staple in his previous timeline. The castle was close to sentient and often time Harry would be headed someplace and the castle would guide him to somewhere else completely.

He concentrated only on the feel of the stone beneath his feet and the smell of the old castle. She was content, but sad at the coming month. They would be gone soon for the summer and the castle was already preparing for the hibernation.


Ayilis stopped. He was still in the dungeons and he was fairly sure that wasn't a normal sound. The sounds of duel curses also gave it away. He looked for the cause of the noise and noticed that one of the doors had purple smoke billowing from the edges.

"I told you not to put in the salamander skin."

"I know, but it thought for sure that would work.

"Well obviously you were wrong. The worst part was when you actually said 'What could go wrong?' Are you an idiot? That is just asking for disaster, you brought this upon yourself and worse me."

"Look, brother, I'm sorry I messed up, but is this really worse than the spinach cake disaster of 1937?" There seemed to be a coughing fit.

"Why did you bring that up? I thought we promised never to mention it again?"

"Well, I needed to prove that we are both wrong sometimes."

Ayilis walked to the door and opened it while simultaneously moving out of the way. The smoke rushed out of the room without stop. Ayilis waved his wand and cast a clearing spell and a bubble head charm. He entered the mess of the room. The entire room had been exploded and to one side lay two twin brothers who were stuck together to the floor by a strange purple goo.

"Look, someone to see our miserable attempts." The brother to the right said.

"Well, we wouldn't have been in this mess if not for you..." The left brother glared.

"Hmmm, how curious, what is that liquid your covered in?" Ayilis bent above the boys to look at it. He had recognized the brother's from the Slytherin common room. The twin brothers Rowle and Rulf Rosier, they were twin brother in their final year at Hogwarts. They were also cousins to the twin brother's in his year Rupert and Ropert Dismi.

"It's a new recipe for a containment gel. It's supposed to be used to contain dangerous magical artifacts. This means that it absorbs all magic that touches it. It is also the reason we are currently stuck here." Right brother said.

"Need help?" Ayilis asked and without waiting for an answer he used the cutting curse between the boys.

Both boys rolled out of the way as quick as possible and backed away from the goo and shook off.

"Thanks for that Aven." The left brother said and patted his head. "I'm Rowle and that's Rulf. What are you doing in our neck of the woods?"

"I was taking a break. How did you get yourself in such a predicament?"

"Well, it's a long story that ends in a rather embarrassing situation, but now that it's over we can all go on with our lives." Rulf stated.

"Would you be able to make it work? Ayilis asked. The two brothers looked at him shocked for a second.

"Well, yes, it's been slow work without funds and school's almost out so we won't have our workplace anymore, but yes we could make it work."

"Well, that's an intriguing problem you have that I might have a solution to. Have you seen the advertisement in the Daily Prophet?" Ayilis asked still looking at the mess, the house elves would have a field day with this.

"Yes, we were considering it, but it said skilled professionals and I don't think we are there yet. We aren't even potion's masters."

"I think you are just what they are looking for. I know the owner, I'll put in a good word for you if you apply." Ayilis nodded to the boys. "Now, if your excuse me I think Hogwarts is done with me for the day." Ayilis sighed and headed out, not noticing the calculating gazes on his back.

Friday, June 2nd , 1939

The Hogwarts Express looked just as red as it always did, but somehow it didn't feel that way. This school year had been his least life threatening and most important yet. The action was just getting started though. This summer would be moving by fast and he had to make the most of every day, because unlike the other children boarding the train with a carefree, excited attitude he knew what was coming.

The war was headed this way in less than 4 months and they weren't prepared at all.

The first order of business as soon as they got home was start the business up and running. He had to push Domino to get the shield done and work on making wards. He had to get Jinseri into the Ministry to spy. He had to start teaching the Sodalis about Occulmency and Legilimency. He had to ward his property and start a 100 other small projects.

Ayilis moved to the corner of the compartment and watched the laughter of his friends. At least, someone was going to be having fun this summer.

He would make sure of it.

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