Ok, so guys, welcome to my HD Drabbles!! I first started writing drabbles for mintapotter's competition, and loved them so much that I decided to continue writing them! Each drabble will be exactly 100 words long, as I like the challenge of getting it like that. :-) I do not own Harry Potter and co., just to clear that up. So yeah, enjoy! Thanks to mintapotter for the prompt for this drabble.



Moonlight strips danced over his skin. The lake subtly reflected time as he knew it. He was waiting; they both were.

A soft crunch of hope echoed behind him, and he spun around. Emerald pierced him. A furtive smile slid onto his face. The figure beckoned to him, so he followed. Still waiting.

Silkily harsh arms curled around his waist, melting into his torso. He held his breath. The time was close now. Only a little longer. Lips caressed his own, lifting him up to drift with the stars.

The lips parted, lustfully so.

"I love you."

His wandering ended.


brionyjae xox