Another update! :-) Woo! I wrote this drabble sitting at a petrol station, waiting for mum to fill the car up. Just what you wanted to know! :-D Enjoy.



His eyes weren't green, Draco was sure of that. Well, okay, they were, but they weren't just green.

They were narrowed, sharp with concentration when Potter was playing Quidditch. If you got close enough, you could see the thrill of flying dancing through his irises. Although Draco was, of course, far too busy searching for the Snitch, and had no time at all to notice such things.

They spat sparks of fire whenever Potter was angry (namely, at Draco). And when he laughed, they were twinkling emeralds. So captivating.

And they were... the most beautiful eyes Draco had ever seen.


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