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Raising Diana

Chapter One

"Artemis, I am far to busy today!" Luna said, rather exasperated with the white cat in front of her.

"Doing what?" Artemis showed no signs of giving up, sitting down in the long hall of Crystal Tokyo's Palace.

Luna sighed. "Let us see... I have to interview new chefs today, keep an eye on Usagi... Or rather Neo-Queen Serenity to make sure she doesn't over strain herself or the baby, as WELL as my normal duties!"

"Well, you're in luck!" Artemis smiled like he had just caught a canary. "Makato said she would deal with the chef issue, Ami chose to spend the day with the Queen formerly known as Meatball Head, and the other girls are splitting the rest of your duties. Seems they thought you needed a day off too!"

"It's a conspiracy!"

Artemis chuckled. "Going to the very top of government! Usagi said, and I quote 'Tell Luna that if I catch her working today, I'll give her a bath!' Face it, you're going on a nice, relaxing picnic if I have to drag you kicking and screaming."

"Oh very well! Where is this picnic?"

"Follow me!"

Artemis led her out the arching doors of the palace, and into the green, tree filled expanse of Crystal Tokyo Royal Park. There they soon found Minako watching over a picnic blanket. "Oh good, it took less time to convince her then I thought!"

"Do all you girls know about this?"

"Um... Haruka might not!"

Luna just groaned.

"Well, I'll be off! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" And the Venus girl was gone.

Luna sat on the blanket, fully intending to be annoyed with Artemis, but not doing a very good job of it.

It was a very nice looking meal, after all.

An hour later, Luna was laughing and looking at Artemis in disbelief. "She did NOT!"

"Yes, she did! Ami, sweet innocent Ami, put Minakos hand in Warm water, while sleeping over in the tenth grade!"

"Shy Quiet Ami?"

"She might have been shy and quiet, but she was also an evil genius. I think half the pranks "Usagi" did where her!"

"I did think the 'Talking Sacred Fire' incident was a bit beyond Usagi's technical abilities." Luna shook her head, still laughing.

"Yeah, she never got caught, either!"

Back in the palace, seven out of nine Senshi, and one Tuxedo Mask come King, where sitting, watching a security camera view of the two Moon Cats on their date. They were also ignoring the banging coming from the closet of to one side of the security room. "Guys, let me out... Please?" Ami's muffled voice drifted through the wooden door.

"That's twelve, only about a hundred more to go." Usagi, now a young Neo-Queen said, while watching the cats.

"One hundred and two, actually." Rei said. "You sure you didn't do the 'Give Rei a shorter school Skirt' prank?"

"Definitely not! Did you do the 'Make Usagi think she's fat' one?"

"Well, yeah... But I didn't put the Die in your shampoo..."


Haruka, who had been listening just muttered "I think she looked nice with turquoise hair, my self."

Hours passed, and finally dusk came on the two relaxing cats. Artemis stood up "Well, let's take a walk, around the park, before heading back."

"Excellent idea." So Luna followed Artemis and soon they where walking side by side. She thought the expression on Artemis's face was cute, and funny, and wondered what he had to say.

Before to long they were in the palace, and he still hadn't spoken. "Okay, Artemis spit it out!"


"You've been trying to say something for the past hour, just spit it out!"


"Artemis!" Luna was growing impatient.

Luna snapping at him caused him to speak without meaning to. "Will you marry me?"

He froze.

The eight scouts, having let Ami out, froze themselves just around the corner. Mamoru just shook his head and mouthed "Smooth".

"What did you say?"

"Um... I asked you to marry me... I think." The very nervous Artemis was pondering running for it now... eyeing the black cat's claws.

Luna looked over Artemis until he started squirming visibly. "Seeing as you're the reason I've been wearing Usagi's perfume lately... YES!!! I will marry you, and it's about TIME you asked."


"Yes, now come with me!"

Artemis started following Luna blindly, until they entered a vacant guestroom. Luna hopped up onto the bed and smiled seductively down at the White male.

"What are we doing in here?" Said the confused Artemis.

"Come up here, and find out!" She replied before sensually moving out of his sight.

"Okay!" And soon both cats's where on the bed.

They never noticed the scuffle outside their door, to engrossed in each other, as Mamoru single handedly drug most of the solar system away from the room.

To be continued.

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