If She Only Knew By FalconLobo

This Will Be A Big Cheese X Polly

Big Cheese One Sided One Shot in thoughts only

Taking Place Before The Cheese No Longer Stands Alone

But After a certain episode

The Young Seymour of the past:

Wondered who was that girl and why couldn't I have kissed her?

Instead of that old crow I mean yuck?

Will I Ever see her again?

The Present Seymour:

I know I called her ugly as a juvenile ploy but it hurt me to have hurt her like that.

Still I wish I could tell her how I felt and have her feel the same?

He knew if a villain ever fell for a hero either one could end up being hurt.

Either physically or mentally that is.

But even though it was not that he had hurt her through physical means.

He had still hurt her and he hated himself for doing that to her.

He would always be doomed to love her and he wanted to tell her so badly.

But knew it was not to be.

He put on his bed robes and cuddled with his makeshift Polly plush.

Plus a flower he had picked from the garden.

That he knew he would never give her.

And then he cried himself to sleep.

He thought on before he finally fell asleep.

If Only You Knew I Love You Polly.