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In Her Eyes

Sure, every kid has that one reason to not like one thing about his or her life. Sometimes it's a silly reason, like having to make your bed. There are times when you just wish you had different parents. You think you have a very horrible life and need a new life. Well, meet Evelyn Michelle Bolton. Oh how she wished to have her parents yelling at her, forcing her to do chores. She's your total opposite. Evelyn has never met her parents, at least not hat she could remember. She knows nothing about them and has lived her whole life dreaming of just how they will come for her one day. This nine-year-old girl has big dreams and goals in life that one day she wishes to accomplish. There are times when she just wants to give up. Sometimes her mind tells her that she will never, ever meet her parents. She will never get to know them. OR even know how they look like!

It's only her guess to figure out whom she looked more like. Her mom or dad? She didn't know. All she knew was that she had just somewhat the most perfect blonde hair ever. Her hair was so naturally neat, even if she didn't brush it, her locks still looked as pretty as ever. Her ocean clear blue eyes blended with her porcelain white skin. She knew who she was, or how she looked like. But she didn't know where she got her looks. It made her cry thinking of all the happy families out there, having dinner together, spending time together, and just being a family. Evelyn never knew the feeling of someone caring for her. She's never heard anyone say, "I love you" to her. Her biggest goal was to find her parents, even if she had to do it by herself.

What bugged her the most too was that she didn't know how exactly she got her name? Did her parents name her or did the orphan pick a random name for her? Did the hospital name her? She didn't know anyone with the last name Bolton. She wanted to know so much about her past. She remembered always being in the orphan house, she never remembered being anywhere else. She didn't know if her parents just abandoned her, or if there were some mistake of her being in this terrible place. No one could answer her questions. No one, but her parents, where they were.

Being in the orphanage for nine whole years really did make you feel unwanted. You were always told that nobody wants you. You get lined up with all the girls and a couple picks one out of all of you, just like that. It's like you're an animal. You feel like a reject and don't know what to do but cry. In the end it doesn't do anything but dry your eyes out. There was no right cure for feeling unwanted. All you could do was hope and maybe one day you'll find the right family. You know one thing: Your life isn't going anywhere. For as long as you live in the orphanage, you were a nobody.

It was even harder when you only have one friend out of so many girls in the building. And to find out that a family has adopted your only one friend—you feel your whole world just crushing down. There's no one else there for you and no one cares. It doesn't matter what you feel inside to anyone, the workers just want you out of their responsibility. They don't care if you're with some strange people; it's not their problem.

"We didn't even get lunch." Rebecca, the only friend Evelyn has ever made said in a very angry tone.

No one else got along with Evelyn. They hated her for her so-called "perfection". She didn't even see that in herself and everyone thought she was a freak for that. There were a lot of things in her life she didn't understand. It was really hard trying to fit in. It made everything worst. It makes you believe that you have no chance in life. Nothing at all. Being an orphan was really had. You were pushed around and only fed when they felt like feeding you. It was up to them when you go eat; it was never up to you to do anything. Sometimes they don't feed you for a whole day just because they're too lazy to cook. They just didn't care if you suffer.

"Maybe we'll get some late snack." Evelyn tried to brighten up her friend, though she should be the one upset.

Rebecca was the one going to a loving family tomorrow, and she'll probably get her own room with everything she needed and she would probably never starve, ever again.

It was past seven and none of the kids has eaten lunch or dinner. Dinner was usually served around six, and now that it was seven, it meant NO dinner. They were lucky enough to have breakfast. It was nasty and disgusting, but at least they got a little amount of food in their bodies for the day. Starving wasn't fun. Your body keeps on making you barf, even when you had nothing to throw up.

"You need to get out of here, Evelyn." Rebecca spoke sitting on the squeaky bed.

"I can't! It's impossible!" Evelyn fought back.

She didn't want to get caught. That would get her punished and probably something else too. This wasn't an easy little game, this was her life. One mistake could ruin it, forever.

"It's possible. We wake up early in the morning. We've talked about this before! We go downstairs before the sun comes up and look through the files. We'll find it. You'll find the address of where your parents live. Come on Evelyn! Don't you want to go meet your mom and dad?" Rebecca said begging her.

"What about you? What if we get caught?" Evelyn cried softly.

"My soon to be parents will be here tomorrow afternoon! You have to be out of here before they get here. I want to make sure you're out of here. I don't want to leave you here, alone. It's prison here! Evelyn, you're my best friend. I want you to be safe." Rebecca pleaded.

Evelyn bit her lower lip and stared at her best friend with a guilty look. It was hard to say no now. Her best friend, probably the only person in the whole world who at least gave a care about her was trying to help her find her whole life story. Her best friend just wanted her to be free and out of this torture place. The decision was hard, but Rebecca's idea seemed to be the best. As much as Evelyn disliked the thought of getting in trouble, she agreed to it.

"Great! Tomorrow, I'll wake you up if you don't get up before me. Be sure to be up before anyone else. We have to!" Rebecca exclaimed keeping her voice down so no other girls could hear them.

The room lights suddenly went off. That only meant one thing: bed time. It was still very early to be going to bed, but they didn't have a choice. Once the lights were off, they had to be in bed. No questions asked. They were all sent to bed, with empty stomachs.

"GOOD NIGHT!" Ms. Carlson, the head leader of the orphanage shouted.

The whole room went pitch black and dead silent. No one spoke after the lights went off. It was the number one rule. If you were heard talking or whispering or even sleep talking, you were in trouble. Being punished by Ms Carlson is the last thing on anyone's mind.

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