I Can't Believe you Did That!

Unreal things done by the Winx Club Cast

Summary: It has been said that you shouldn't believe everything that you read. This is very true in this series of short drabbles about the Winx Club cast.

Disclaimer: Yeah that's what you get when you play a country song backwards.

Dedication: Discussions about Diaspro

Chapter One: Diaspro's Career Change

It had been a good six months since Bloom and Sky had saved Princess Diaspro from the Patchamen (1) on planet Eraklion. Which made it about a year and a half since Diaspro had found out that Sky was cheating on her with Bloom. Which meant that she had been in therapy for about fifteen months barring that one week she had been kidnapped.

Diaspro woke up one morning on planet Isis and decided that it was time to move on. Who knows why? Maybe she figured it'd be better for her to get on with her life than to mope around over a two timing slut? Or maybe she was just incredibly bored.

Whatever the reason Diaspro walked downstairs to where her parents were having breakfast dressed like a barrel racer from a local rodeo causing her father to gag on his scrambled egg whites.

"Darling, what is that get up?" Diaspro's mother demanded in a startled tone.

"It's my new outfit for my new career." Diaspro announced cheerfully.

"New career? What do you mean?" Diaspro's father asked, having recovered from nearly dying from scrambled egg whites.

"Why, I'm going to become a country western singer." Diaspro chirped. "I figure I have a good ten or twenty songs from Prince Sky alone. I'm gonna be a star!"

Diaspro would have continued, but her mother had to rush out of the room to call an ambulance since the King had just collapsed from a heart attack.

Pull your hat down tight and just LeDue it! (2)

Okay I told you that they'd be short drabbles. So what do you all think? I have Bloom and Icy ready to go next, but please review.

1.) That's the RAI version name for those guys who kidnapped Diaspro. In 4Kids they were called the Wrong Righters.

2.) Bet you can't name the singer who sang that line!