I Can't Believe you Did That!

Unreal things done by the Winx Club Cast

Disclaimer: Seriously if I owned anything mentioned in this story do you think I'd be sitting around making up dumb disclaimers? I don't even own an Xbox and a game of Halo to get beat on.

Dedication: Kiku- for her Riven/ Helia fics and Spy for playing too much Halo.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Give me a Head with Hair Long Beautiful Hair

Riven and Helia were sitting in their apartment room listening to music and playing the newest Halo video game- because no matter what dimension you're from you still want to play Halo- on Xbox Live when Riven began staring at Helia's hair.

To be fair Riven was only staring at it because Helia was now using a flat iron to make sure it stayed in its glorious blown out state and his own hair was still and that strange garlic shape, but he was still staring. Riven only broke follicle contact to run someone over with a warthog or unabashedly teabag (1) someone after shooting them with a plasma cannon. But his game was beginning to slip.

At first Helia didn't really notice Riven's hair stare because he was too busy trying to complete their mission. But as Riven began to fall further and further behind the rest of their team and some girl from a place called Canada threatened to 'frag his ass', Helia decided to see what was holding Riven up and found himself face to face with his violet eyed flat mate.

"Riven, are you okay?" Helia asked concerned.

"Huh?" Riven replied sounding distracted. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you're staring at me."

Riven had the decency to blush. "I'm not staring at you."

"Yes you are." Helia corrected. "And you need to stop because not only are you making me nervous, but you're about to be tea bagged by a member of your own team."

"Well, I'm not staring at you. I'm staring at your hair."

Now it was Helia's turn to be confused. "My hair? Why?"

"Because it's just so shiny." Riven answered. "I kinda want to play with it."

"Riven, did you get knocked on the head during our last battle?"

Riven shook his head. "No, I don't believe so, but can I play with your hair? Please?"

Helia was dumbfounded to say the least. He and Riven weren't exactly what you'd call close. They didn't have much in common aside from Halo and the fact that their girlfriends were friends. But still Helia figured granting Riven's request wouldn't hurt anyone. At least he was sure Riven wouldn't try to French braid his uneven tresses like Flora did.

"Okay, I guess for a few minutes if no one finds out about it."

"Thanks!" Riven exclaimed sounding like a kid whose parents said he could have ice cream for breakfast.

After logging out of Xbox Riven grabbed a hairbrush and sat behind Helia just messing with his hair. Helia found himself rethinking this idea and hoping Stella would be willing to assist with a new hair spell if need be. Riven wasn't exactly the most gentle person with his fingers.

While Riven was busy playing amateur hair stylist with his willing victim, the other guys came home from grocery shopping and working at a pizza shop. While Brandon and Sky dropped their bags in shock and Nabu looked the other way, Timmy pulled out his new mobile phone with the high tech video camera on it and hit record just as Riven uttered those five little words:

"Your hair's better than Musa's."

After that he hit send.

Oh say can you see my eyes? If you can then my hair's too short.

Okay so it was another quickie update. Ah well it was still kinda cute and random.

1.) I don't know how to explain tea bagging if you have to know please Google it.