If there was one thing Yasuchika Haninozuka despised most about his older brother, what could be named as the source of his grudge toward his fun loving, childish sibling, it would not be what many, even their own father, would have guessed.

It was not his brother's superior skill; that he envied, he wanted, but did not hate.

Nor was it his brother's childish attitude even; not truly, anyway.

It was Usa-chan. That damn bunny. That stuffed pink bunny...

How he loathed the sight of his brother walking the halls of Ouran Academy, holding that damnable stuffed toy in one hand. The mere thought of it clenched his fists, spiked rage in his heart.

And there was a very good reason for that... in fact, it could be said that it was the reason for all of Yasuchika's conflict with Hunny Haninozuka.


The children of the rich. They grow up with a silver spoon in one hand and a silk napkin their lap, with a shiny golden plate on the table. They are born to the sophisticated, the elite, the superior, and they are therefore just as sophisticated, elite, and superior as their wealthy progenitors.

Or at least, that's what their parents hope.






But children are children, and siblings are siblings.

The maids were supposed to be watching the boys, making sure they didn't fight.

But when two boys are trained in the martial arts, even if they are just children, it makes stopping a fight just a little bit more difficult.

A table collapsed as the two Haninozuka children continued their battle.

Okay, maybe a tad more than "just a little bit".

Misao, the oldest maid that the Haninozuka had, winced slightly as a chest full of toys went crashing into the wall. "Children," she began, but suddenly Hunny raced past her, moving with a swiftness that professional athletes would envy, clutching his precious Usa-chan tightly.

Slower, but close behind, Yasuchika screeched, "GIMME!" As his voice rang out, the younger sibling lashed out with a flying kick, but Hunny dodged, blowing a raspberry as he did.

"No way!" Hunny replied sullenly, dodging another kick with graceful ease. "Usa-chan's mine, Chika!"

"I WANT HIM!" Yasuchika whined, lunging again.

"Children!" Misao shouted, but once again they ignored her.

"GIMME HIM!" there were tears coming out of Yasuchika's eyes now, but Hunny's face was still adamant.

"No! He's mine!" Hunny stomped his foot twice, huffing and puffing with childish fury. "You leave us alone!"

"That's not fair!" Yasuchika whined, stomping his own foot down, hard.

"Perhaps you could share," Misao began, but Hunny cut her off, shaking his head rapidly.

"NO! NO SHARING!" Hunny blew another raspberry at his brother. "The only way you get Usa-chan is if you beat me!"

"Fine!" Yasuchika charged, screaming a child's battle cry-

Only to be thrown over his brother's shoulder with trained ease. With a loud crash, the younger of the Haninozuka children hit the ground, dazed.

"Usa-chan's mine still, Chika!" Hunny smiled widely, and skipped out of the room, undoubtedly to go find his friend, Satoshi's older brother... Takashi, Yasuchika vaguely remembered, clutching his aching head.

Next time, brother, Yasuchika vowed.


Yasuchika blinked, catching the sight of his brother's form from afar. A small grin curled on his face.

I'll get Usa-chan from you today, brother. Just you wait and see.