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Just taking a little detour on my writing for a bit…I promise a sequel to fireflies but I need to write something different for a bit…so…I hope you still enjoy…

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-This takes place years after the last episode and Michael/Maria have a son and Max/Liz have a daughter. They continue to move around every couple of years to keep steps ahead of the FBI incase they haven't given up the search. But what if they wanted to take a secret trip back to Roswell and visit those they left behind.

Chapter 1:

"Mom!" A young teen girl of about seventeen called from the kitchen looking in the refrigerator door. "Mom where's the Tabasco sauce!" She yelled louder. Her hair hung in broad natural curls a deep shade of brown and her eyes were chocolate with the pupil riming in hazel flicks. Her skin was light tan and she stood about five seven in height.

A young man came in the kitchen about the same age, tall, dirty blonde raggedy hair, and dark hazel eyes. "Right here princess." He said smugly holding the bottle in front of her face.

"Never mind mom some jerk had it!" She hollered. "I don't know what Michael and Maria were thinking bringing your foul…"

"Melinda Alexandra Elizabeth Evans." Mel turned to see her father, Max Evans walk into the kitchen her Aunt Iz, Mom, Michael, Maria and Kyle in toe.

A small recipe book came up without the boy knowing at hit him in the face and then fell back to the kitchen counter. "If I could retaliate without blowing you to smithereens…" He sneered glaring at her.

Mel grinned triumphantly. "What Matty boy? You'd what? Use your powers on little innocent old me?" She mocked him. "Daddy you hear what he said he threatened me with powers."

"You are anything but innocent Mel." Matt sneered.

"Can't you two get along for five seconds?" Liz asked of her daughter and Matt.

"No!" They both exclaimed agitatedly.

"Deadbeat!" Mel proclaimed grinning evilly.

"Princess!" Matt snided back, slamming the Tabasco bottle on the counter and walking out of the kitchen.

Mel giggled under breath. "I win." She muttered to herself. She grabbed the Tabasco and her cold slice of pizza and doused it in Tabasco. She put the bottle in the fridge and then left the kitchen skipping merrily in her pajama shorts and vintage coke-a-cola tee shirt.

"What happened to the days when they could get along?" Maria asked her husband and friends.

Isabelle shrugged. "Their hormonal teens this is to be expected."

"Yeah but I mean, they are way worse then anything I've ever seen." Kyle Valenti put in. Not much had changed with him over the years he was still relatively the 'jock' of the group.

Michael started laughing to himself. "Care to share what's funny Michael?" Max asked sitting across from him sipping his coffee.

"I was just thinking how funny it would be to find them making out in a closet and when they noticed Mel would slap Matt and blame him." He kidded.

Maria looked at her husband. They had been married since just after Matt had been born two years into their travels in Vegas. "That isn't funny." She said just staring at him shaking her head rolling her eyes.

"Hey you hated my guts at first remember?" Michael asked leaning over and stealing a kiss from her lips.

"Still do sometimes." She kidded giggling.

"Get a room." Iz said smirking at them.

Maria and Michael laughed lightly and then went back to eating the breakfast they were all so use to these days, cereal and granola bars for others.

The years had come and gone like that. Every two to two and a half years the gang up and moved to a different city…coming up with fake identities for themselves every time, at home they could use real names, but in public it was a no no. The kids hadn't understood at first but their parents had finally gotten it drill into their heads it was for their own safety.

Max and Liz never had the heart to tell Melinda she had a brother because they knew they'd never see him again and they didn't want to get her hopes up that he was like her because he was completely human. Melinda had been thought; as did Matt that they wouldn't develop powers. That was until they each turned five. Melinda had started levitating things at will and Matt had accidentally blown up her fish tank one day when she made him very mad. Melinda never forgave him because her fish, Marty, had died.

Melinda got her middle names from Alexander Whitman who had been a good friend of her families and her mother. Melinda Alexandra Elizabeth Evans was indeed her full name. But Matt was just simple Matthew Mitchell Guerin. Maria had wanted and MM for her and Michael.

Mel bounced back into the kitchen wearing black-cuffed tuxedo shorts, a white thermal long sleeve slit-neck shirt and a black jean low cut halter vest. Her hair was still in broad curls and she wore black eyeliner and mascara with a peach lip-gloss. Her shoes of choice were black velvet "hipster" pumps. "What's with the shoes?" Max asked.

Mel turned to look at him as she placed her hoop earrings on her ears and dangling in the center were sterling silver pirate skulls the eyes studded diamonds. Around her neck sat a long silver chain with a small black gem pendent dangling close to where the slit of her shirt ended around her cleavage. "What do you mean?" She asked grabbing her white gold chain link watch off the counter and placing it on her wrist.

"I mean they're like two or three inches off the ground." Max said still looking at the shoes she wore. The rest of her outfit was expectable, Maria had worn less in her school years and that was all that matter to Max and Liz it was relatively all covered.

"Your father's right Mel." Liz put in also looking at the shoes shaking her head.

"What they're cute, please don't make me take them back I like them. Besides I paid for them." Mel said slightly whining.

"What those things you call shoes?" Matt barged in on the conversation strapping a leather band on his wrist and pulling up the sleeves of his simple gray button down casual like dress shirt.

Mel growled. "Butt out Beavis." She snarled.

"Does that make you butthead?" He retorted smirking at her as he brushed past her to the kitchen sink.

Mel brought her hand up and a carton of milk flew over his head. "Take it back!" She said angrily.

"No." Matt said not caring about the milk carton dangling above him.

"Take it back Matt or I swear!"

"Melinda stop!" Liz order sternly. It was the only time she was ever assertive these days. When her daughter started doing things she shouldn't. But most the time she took a back seat and just followed Max's lead.

Melinda looked over at her mother sighed and the carton drifted away from his head and back to the counter where it had sat prier. "You better watch it Guerin or I swear one of these days you'll never see it coming!"

"Is it that time of the month again already?" He snided. Melinda glared daggers at him and then she stormed out of the kitchen.

"Matthew!" Maria, Isabelle, and Liz exclaimed in outrage

"Ha I won!" He yelled out the kitchen door at Melinda.

"By default." Maria muttered glaring at her son. "We taught you better then that."

"Mom still my victory. Show some support."

Maria shook her head. "Ask your father how far a comment like that would've gotten him at your age with me?"

"Dad come on!" Matt said laughing lightly trying to get him to laugh along.

Michael had to agree with the girls. He had gone there with Maria once and automatically had known it was the wrong thing to say. Matt was just a little dense. "Son I agree with your mother and the girls." Michael said calmly.

"Max? Kyle?" Matt said in exasperation his laughter dying.

Max and Kyle just shook their heads staying stoic and quiet. "Don't look for sympathy Matthew Mitchell Guerin, that was uncalled for."

Melinda stormed into the kitchen gray camouflage hobo bag in hand walked straight to the counter grabbing her keys and headed to leave the kitchen. Matt bit his tongue and then sighed. "Mel?" He started calmly.

Melinda turned and glared daggers at him. "Don't talk, don't apologize or I swear on all our family lies I will kill you. Find your own ride to school." And with that and retracting her finger that had pointed had him angrily at each don't she left the house slamming the front door behind her. Matt left a few minutes later after calling a friend of his to pick him up.

At School:

Matt POV:

Matt watched Mel standing at her locker. She was putting books away and pulling some books out, but what caught his eye the most was that her hand frequently rubbed at her eyes. Was she crying? Had he gotten her so upset to the point of crying?

Over the years their disdain had grown for each other. Mel never forgave him for blowing up her fishbowl and killing Marty the goldfish. That's how it all started, but the last few years it had become slightly difficult to deal with her, as she had grown into her looks and she was indeed beautiful.

But Matt knew he didn't have a chance, she hated him and he was to stubborn to ever apologize honestly for the things he said or did to her. And she was so insufferable; she was constantly nagging him, and pissing him off just to see what she could do to upset him some more. He knew it was high on her to do list to just piss him off on a daily bases. It was like she lived for it these days, but he had to give the girl credit she was good. All around.

Not only was Mel a decent nag/pest, but she also was smart. She could fix any engine problem on any car without the use of her powers; Matt would rather die before admitting she was good out loud, but whatever.

He also had to give the girl serious props for mastering her powers unlike him. He had tried over the years with his father to grasp the power but it just didn't work like anyone wanted so Matt steered clear of using his powers wily nilly like Mel. He might be able to get them under control if he just asked for her help, but he was too proud to do that.

The class bell rung dragging Matt out of his thoughts and he rushed over to Mel who had stood by her locker the whole time that morning. "Mel?"

Mel turned and her gaze hardened but it wasn't hard to tell that she had been crying. He had hurt her feelings to the point of making her cry. "Go away!" She said sternly.

Mel POV:

Why? She asked herself slamming her locker shut and starting off down the hall.

"Mel I just really think I should apologize. I went too far." Matt said clenching his teeth.

Mel laughed agitatedly and whirled on Matt pointing a finger at him. "You're only thinking that because of them. Any other time it would've been a victory. Just stay the hell away from me Matthew Mitc-" Melinda caught herself. "Matthew Gordon!" She said furiously.

With that she turned away and hurried off as quickly as her pumps would allow her to go to get to her next class. Why was he such a stubborn pigheaded, slightly cute, jerk all the time. No stop it Melinda! She scolded herself. Stop thinking like that. You hate him! He is the enemy!

But he's a cute enemy! Her other side interjected. Melinda shook away her thoughts and sat at her seat in the back of the room. She wasn't exactly a golden student, but who needed to be in a few months they would be gone and be different students in a different school.

Matthew just makes her so agitated. She couldn't help noticing him walking in to class late even though he had plenty of time from her outburst and storming off to make it before the bell rung. "Mr. Gordon see me after class!" The teacher said.

Matthew smirked and saluted cockily as his buddies on the other side and in the back of the room chuckled. "Yes sir Mr. T sir!" He mocked.

"Just take a seat Mr. Gordon!" Matthew did so like such an arrogant jerk. It was everything Melinda hated and yet admired about him. In every school they managed to attend he made lots of friends, albeit they were jerks, but friends nonetheless. Melinda made a friend or two here and there but clearly stuck to herself most of the time. She didn't dress to impress, but she dressed to say she had her own style and didn't follow any rules.

The same could be said for Matthew. While his buddies wore letterman jackets he didn't not being a jock and all. What was the point in starting something you'd never finish. But he could wear casual anything and look ruggedly handsome. Stop it you're drooling! Mel chastised herself once again.

"Miss Evers would you care to share the answer of number five from chapter six?" The teacher asked. Mel had spaced to the point of not even pulling her homework out and looked down.

"Uh the president." She guessed, their homework being on American government studies.

The teacher nodded. "And that would make him?"

"The commander and chief has control over our services and law making decisions." She guessed again getting the teacher to once again nod and then he diverted his attention to another student.

Melinda was grateful for her slightly photographic memory. "Pss…" Mel looked over next to her and saw her friend Stephanie. "What's with you?" She asked quietly.

Melinda shook her head. "Nothing I'll tell you later." She whispered back.

Matt POV:

After she answered those questions without looking at her paper it made Matt smile cause she had just stuck one to T for catching her off guard and she didn't even know it.

She was the smart one and he was the troublemaker. It didn't matter what school they were in or for how long that was always the reputation he fell back on. He barely scrapped by in his studies.

Occasionally throughout class Matt found himself glancing over at the beauty on the other side of the room. But she didn't notice. She would never know what he truly thought of her cause it could only end badly. But they lived together for better or worse and he had to maintain his jackass nature so she wouldn't let on to the fact that he thought something else of her these days.

There were days when he just wanted to smack her and then kiss her all at the same time. When she was mad she got this cute wrinkle to her forehead as her nose scrunched in anger and he just wanted to grab her, pull her close and kiss away her anger, but he would never do that! EVER!

Normal POV:

Occasionally during first period Mel felt eyes on her and secretly wished they were a certain five eleven, hazel eyed blondes, but she'd never admit it to anyone. Class was over soon and then from then on the day seemed to pass quickly. Mel even forgot about he shitty comment Matt had made to her that morning. Albeit still in the back of her brain she wasn't as mad as she had been that morning.

Getting to her car, a silver and black Mitsubishi lancer, she saw Matt standing waiting for a friend and decided that maybe she'd give him a ride. The worst that could happen was him insulting her again, ending in his car door 'opening' and him 'miraculously' falling out of the car at his 'faltering' seatbelts demands. "Get in." Mel said looking at him through the passenger window.

Matt shrugged. "Nah it's cool."

"Matt get in!" Mel said through clenched teeth. "I'm waving the surrender flag for ten minutes." She said on slightly kidding.

Matt didn't argue cause he knew his friend could take forever to get away from his girlfriend and got in the car. "Mel I meant what I said. I'm sorry about earlier!" Matt said glancing over to see her face.

Mel sighed and shook her head. "Don't worry about it." She said trying to stay true to her surrender flag joke.

The rest of the car ride back home was silent and slightly uncomfortable. Both darted into the house the moment they closed their car doors. "Home!" Matt called.

"Me too!" Mel shouted both heading for their rooms and closing the doors behind them.

In the kitchen Maria, Liz and Isabelle were sitting playing cards. "Thinks she gave him a ride?" Isabelle asked.

Liz laughed lightly. "She caved." She whispered. "Maria always did."

"So did you miss thing." Maria claimed.

A few minutes later Mel appeared in greased stained baggy guy jeans and a white tank and her hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she wore tenishoes. "Off to see if Michael needs help at the shop." She said softly.

The girls smiled and nodded and Mel headed out again keys and a dickies bag in hand.

Matt POV:

After getting home from school Matt decided to go hang with some friends before heading over to he shop to see if his dad needed help, but that was unlikely since Mel usually made her way over their after school every day. After chilling with his friends for some time they took him over to the shop.

"Dude is that, that chick you live with?" His buddy Eric asked seeing the girl standing talking to one of the regular mechanics about the car sitting hood open next to them. Her arms crossed under her chest laid out just how truly bust she was and her thin frame, flat abdomen and 'cute' behind were covered in oil and grease.

"Mel? Yeah that's her." Matt said taking a second glance over her niceness.

"She um seeing anyone?" Eric asked.

Matt looked at her stunned. He hadn't ever noticed her before, what was different now. "Dude you've been attending the same school as her for almost two years now and you're just now asking?" Matt asked.

Eric grinned devilishly. "I've never seen her like that. The girl looks like a grease monkey. It's kinda hot." He said truthfully blunt, the way guys always talked with one another.

Hot! She not hot! She's beautiful! Matt screamed in his mind at him. First of all buddy you are not allowed to call her a grease monkey, that's my nickname for her and she doesn't know. And secondly stop looking at my…whoa dude she isn't mine! Matt said silently and then looked at his friend shaking his head. "Nah dude. She um no she doesn't." He said.

"Are you guys like related?" Eric asked out of curiosity. They never really explained that unless asked.

Matt shook his head. "Nah our families our close and decided to live in a big house together."

"And you ain't interested?" Eric prodded still his eyes never moving from the girl who was now leaned over the front end of the car looking for the problem.

Matt swallowed hard. Interested? Yes. And stop looking at her like that she isn't a piece of meet! Matt screamed at him in his thoughts. "No man go for it." He said.

Matt climbed out of the car as did Eric and they headed up to the garage. "Mel my dad around?" Matt asked lamely.

"In the back." She answered finding the spark plug problem and getting it out. Matt walked off to the back and left Eric in the garage.

Mel POV:

Mel was triumphant when the spark plug loosened up and she got it out. "Jimmy got the problem out!" She hollered further into the garage. A soft reply of 'K' could be heard as she grabbed a ragged setting the spark plug on the bumper and started to turned wiping her hands.

"Uh hey!" She looked up and saw one of Matt's friends. Eric she thought was his name but she wouldn't know she didn't pay that much attention.

"Hey." She replied softly throwing the greased rag over her shoulder and turning back to the truck.

"So you like cars?" He asked. Was this really happing? Was this guy really asking her that ridiculous question?

Mel grinned silently to herself. "Nope I just like pulling stuff out of them. It's therapeutic!" She remarked sarcastically.

Eric chuckled at that thinking it was a joke. This made Mel roll her eyes. "Dumb question I get it."

Mel turned back to him her hands resting on her hips and an awkward slightly uncomfortable smile in place. "Eric, right?" He nodded. "What do you want? I know you didn't come over her to chat me up about cars."

Eric laughed lightly. "Straight to the point. " He remarked. "I like that."

"Well get to it then." Melinda pressed onward.

"I uh was wondering if maybe you'd wanna go out sometime on like a date?"

"With you or Casanova? Because neither sounds appealing." Mel replied harshly.

"You breaketh my heart." He replied joking but it was so lame Mel just rolled her eyes.

"You didn't know I existed in school, what change?" He didn't answer. "That's what I thought. Nothing. I bet you can't even tell me my name."

"Mel." He answered with a flirtatious smile.

Mel grinned at him disgustedly. "Matt told you. Look really I'm not interested. So unless you need to replace a spark plug or your tires need rotated or something of a car nature at all I suggest you leave."

"You can rotate my tires any time." Eric grinned at her. Mel rolled her eyes in disgust. He was ogling her and Mel hated that about guys.

Matt POV:

He had listened in on the conversation from about the point where Eric asked Mel out. She got annoyed with him and Matt smiled. That's my girl, turn him down. He said mentally. Matt she isn't your girl. So stop it already! When he heard Eric's comment about rotating tires he thought it best to make himself knowing.

"Ok there buddy I think it's time you go before you cause my dad's employee to go to jail and get the shop backed up in cars." He said grabbing his bicep and leading him back to his car.

"Dude she is feisty and hot deadly combination. I like that!" He said huskily.

Matt cringed slightly but it went unnoticed by his friend. She is not HOT! She's beautiful! Get that through your thick skull and maybe you'd keep a girl longer then a week! " She's just not big on strangers." He said randomly unsure of what else really to say.

"I'll try again at school tomorrow. Eventually she'll cave like the others." Eric said climbing in the drivers seat of his black mustang convertible.

Matt snorted and chuckled. "Doubt it dude, but please feel free to take the heat off me for a while."

"Dude you said…"

"Oh no we're always at each others throats. If you keep bugging her she'll be pissed at you not me and I'll get some peace and quiet around the house." Matt forced with a smile and in a joking nature.

Eric nodded. "Well later dude."

Matt gave a joking salute and Eric drove off.

Mel POV:

Mel watched as Matt led Eric down to his car. Did he just come to my rescue? She asked herself. No don't think like that. He's probably giving him pointers on how to get me to say yes. She thought silently and turned back to the car she was working on.

"Mel?" Mel turned and saw Matt had come up and leaned on the front end next to her and she hadn't noticed prier. "Sorry Eric is just…"

"Just keep him clear of this place and I wont have any problems. He doesn't seem to know me in school and I can live with that." She said calmly turning back to the engine to avoid his eyes catching anything in her eyes.

Matt nodded lamely unsure of what to do and walked off to find his father once more. If only I could get him to ask me out. But that is just wishful thinking.