Chapter 37:

Couple Months Later:


Mel POV:

"No, Mom I've changed my mind I don't want a kid!" She cried out. It had been two hours since she had gone into labor and the pain was excruciating.

Liz laughed softly. "Sweetie it doesn't work that way." She said.

"Well then someone knock me out." Mel begged as her breathing began erratic and another and another contraction ripped through her.

"Doesn't work that way either." Maria said. "Liz the contractions are getting closer together."

"Mel tell us when you feel like you need to push." Liz informed her daughter. The girls had kicked all the guys out at Mel's request. Matt was sitting at her side holding her hand.

Mel sobbed lightly. "Tell me this is a very realistic dream." She cried.

Matt kissed her forehead. "You'll be fine, you are in excellent hands."

"Hands!" Maria exclaimed. "Matt press your pointer and middle fingers to that pressure point I showed you." Matt gently tucked his hand under Mel's back and did as his mother asked. "Any better?" She asked Mel.

Mel gulped and nodded somewhat. "A little." She whispered.

"I wish there was such thing as an alien epidural." Maria groaned.

"You and I both." Mel grimaced. "Jesus Christ!" She shouted at another contraction.

"Language." Liz scolded absentmindedly.

"I'm in labor give me friggin' break!" Mel almost shouted but thought better of it. "Can we please go to the hospital, they have drugs. Drugs are good."

"No." Maria, Liz, and even Matt said for probably the hundredth time.

Mel whined and then another contract hit and she bit back a scream of agony. "Ok this is getting ridiculous."

"Do you feel like you have to push?" Liz asked from down at the end of the bed.

Mel thought about that for a moment. A minute ago all she had bee feeling was the pain, but now she had this need an urge to push. Mel nodded.

Forty-Five Minutes Later:

"Never again." Mel muttered to herself repeatedly as her father ran a hand over her healing her exhausted body. Though he couldn't heal everything he could heal the rest of the pain that occurred afterwards like he had done for the others.

"Well another little girl has graced our family." Liz said walking over and handing Mel a small bundle in a towel. "She had light brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was lighter then Mel's, but she was beautiful.

Mel looked at Matt. "Guess you'll be out voted all the time." She said.

"Unless we have a son at some point." He joked back.

Mel snorted. "Ha. Like you are ever coming near me again." She said almost seriously.

Matt chuckled. "Then I'm ok with being out voted."

Mel smiled. "What should we name her?" She asked.

"We're going to go tell the other grandpa." Maria said. Mel and Matt nodded and then got back to the task at hand when they were out of the room taking Max with them and the door was shut.

"Michaela." Mel giggled. "My mom told me once that Maria had been adamant on having a little girl and naming her Michaela, but then you graced the earth and she didn't get the chance." She teased him.

Matt laughed faintly. "Ok Michaela, but she needs a middle name. And I figure you have two so why not her."

"Marlene…Michaela Maxine…M and M." Mel said and then a smile crossed her face. "Michaela Maxine Isabelle Guerin?" She asked him.

Matt smiled. "It's perfect. I wonder how dad and Max will like it."

Mel giggled. "I dunno, but she's my little Mika. Correction our little Mika." She said brightly.

"And in a few months we'll be married and we'll have a complete family." Matt said.

"Yeah. Zan and Jess too." Mel said softly looking at her sleeping gently who would occasionally squirm. She had become baby equipped the last few months of her pregnancy because she would help her aunt Isabelle whenever she could. But it was getting difficult because she was a balloon and couldn't even see her own feet.

There was a gentle knock at the door. Matt walked over and opened the door letting the others in. Max, Liz, Michael and Maria were standing on one side of the bed while, Isabelle and Jesse stood in on the other with Kyle. Jess, Chaz, Harley, Harper, and Zan were in the living room waiting.

Oh yeah they had told the others about their secret the night they all had dinner at Harley and Harpers place, they took it real well asking all sort of questions about what they could do and they still accepted them for who they were and the baby Mel was carrying.

"So did you name her?" Michael asked looking at the baby.

Mel smiled and nodded and then looked to Matt. "Michaela Maxine Isabelle Guerin. We know it's a mouth full but…" Mel started.

"Huh, a third generation alien baby named after the original three." Maria said laughing softly to herself and she grasped Michael's hand.

Mel smiled when she saw Michael was holding back his real emotions. "Want to be a loveable, cuddly, teddy-bear?" She asked him jokingly and Michael chuckled.

"Are we missing something?" Matt asked.

Michael smirked. "Private joke." He said.

"Yeah you would have to have been there to understand." Mel put in. She saw her mother with tears in her eyes Maria was smiling, Max was just in a daze and the rest were all smiling brightly for them.

Zan walked in. "There was a vote and I lost. When do they get to see the baby?" He asked laughing.

Mel giggled. "Any damn time they get their lazy ass off the couch and come in here." She said back playfully.

"Melinda Alexandra Elizabeth Evans." Liz said.

Mel smiled guiltily. "Sorry."

"I'll let them know." Zan chuckled.

"Hey?" Mel called. Zan turned back. "You know it wasn't nice of you to one up me and make me an aunt at the young age of twenty." She said teasingly. He was adopting Shayn, which would legally, well as legal as documents went with this family, make Shayn Mel's niece.

Zan chuckled. "You made me an Uncle at the tender age of twenty two, I guess this is just payback." He joked and walked off out of the room leaving the adults laughing and the teasing banter and playful fun.

Matt took Michaela from Mel and the holding chain started. After about an hour of hot potato and once the chain was finished to have included Jess, Harley, Harper, Chaz, and Zan everyone started to leave the small apartment. Max and Liz were going to stay in the guest room and look over Mel for the night to be sure that she held properly. Being able to heal herself she could just as easily get it over with but Max said her body was tired and he didn't want her to exhaust what little energy she had left.

So there she lay in bed while Matt lay next to her holding their sleeping little girl. "I never thought I could actually love another human being as much as I love you Mel." Matt said softly.

Mel smiled lazily looking over at them. "Yeah well now you are forever stuck with us." She giggled softly leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Matt smiled. "I wouldn't leave even if you shoved me out the door." He joked.

"Good." Mel said sweetly and her eyes started to droop. "Love you Solider boy." She whispered.

Matt smiled as she fell into a light slumber. "Love you too Lindy bug."

Three Months Later:

Everything had been wonderful since Michaela was born. She had a mother and father who loved her and today they were getting married. "You ready?" Mel turned at the sound of her father's voice.

She smiled. "I sure am." She said. "Does Matt have Mika?" She asked. Max nodded.

"You look beautiful." Mel was wearing a long satin silk strapless gown that hugged her again slender figure. It was a light shade of lavender and it pooled at the floor. Her hair was hung in long broad curls like Matt preferred with a few diamond clips keeping a few strands from falling in her eyes.

"Thank you." Mel said sweetly. "Can you believe I'm getting married?"

Max chuckled. "No I can't. Especially to Matt. If you had told me three years ago that my baby girl and best friends son were going to get married after hating each other for so long I would've called you insane." He said teasingly.

Mel smiled. "Thanks." She drew out sarcastically. "I really love him. I should've seen it a long time ago." She threw in sincerely.

"Well love his a funny thing. I really didn't realize how much I loved your mother till that day she was shot it was like the thought of her dying wasn't even an option to me. I didn't care if I exposed myself as long as she was alive."

"Well everything worked out and you two are still together." Mel said brightly. "So is it time?"

Max nodded. "Yeah." Mel link arms with her father and he walked her to the double doors of the largest hotel they had in town leading into the 'party room.' Lot's of people were there, college friends, their friends, family and there was Matt down at the end of the aisle smiling and holding their three month old daughter in his arms.

They had decided to have her in the ceremony so that it was a real joining of their family. Even though they were already one, having that endless bond was the most joining it could get. Max walked his daughter slowly down the aisle as guest sighed happily at the beautiful bride making her way down the aisle ever so slowly.

Reaching her soon to be husband and baby girl she kissed her father's cheek and joined them in front of the priest and alter. "We are gathered…" Everything seemed to fade away for Mel as she looked over at Matt out of the corner off her eye.

Matt was a great father, he took wonderful care of their little girl and she seemed quite content to sleep through the ceremony. Jess was standing to her left being her maid of honor and Zan stood to Matt's right being his best man. They had agreed that they would be each other's other at each wedding.

Mel and Jess had laughed and called them insane. The ceremony seemed like a blur when it finally came to a close and Mel was brought out of her trance by the clapping and cheering of the guests around her as she took her baby from Matt and held her while his arm wrapped around Mel's waist and they turned to face everyone. Mel turned to look at Matt and he gave her a slow soft kiss and they both smiled and started to walk back down the aisle.

1 Year Later:

Matt POV:

Well now their both my inspiration. Matt thought as he sat propped up against a tree watching his wife and fifteen month old daughter played in the shallow end of the Valenti pool. He had a sketchpad in hand and was doing what he did best observing and drawing. After marrying Mel, Matt had gotten a loan from the bank to buy a small shop in town that he transformed into a gallery of his own.

Mel now worked as an intern at the Daily Roswellian and spent the rest of her time with their little Mika. "Daddy!" Matt felt a small wet body collided into him plopping down in his lap and he was knocked of his thoughts.

Matt looked down at the giggling the little girl in his lap and smiled. "Can I help you?" He asked. Mika shook her head and smiled at him. She was getting teeth but didn't have very many and her smile was so cute.

"Mika why don't you go pester Grandpa Mikey." Mel told her daughter walking over and plopping down next to Matt and her little girl.

Mika giggled and climbed out of her father's lap and went in search of her grandfather. "Grampy Mikey!" She called running, well more so waddling at a fast pace towards where the adults were.

Matt watched as Michael turned around smirking at his granddaughter and then picked her up kissing her cheek evoking several giggles from her. "Pawn her off on Grandpa Mikey cause you know he can't resist." Matt joked turning to face his wife.

"Is it so wrong to want a little alone time with my solider boy?" She asked playfully.

Matt leaned in his lips a hairs breath from touching hers and he grinned. "No." He said before pressing his lips to hers in a ferocious kiss.

When they broke away finally they're chests were heaving and they were smirking at each other. "So, what are you working on?" Mel asked snuggling up to him. They heard a squeal and saw Mika chasing Michael and Max with a small version of a hockey stick Michael had gotten her for her first birthday.

"She's got a hell of a swing." Matt mumbled softly.

"She gets it from her father." Mel said kissing his cheek and then his attentions were turned back on her.

"I'm just sketching." He said showing her the black and white piece he was doing of Mel and Mika playing in the pool.

Mel smiled. "That's beautiful." She said sweetly.

"Yeah but not as beautiful as the real deal." Matt said smiling at her. Mel smiled back and then looked back towards their daughter. She was know being held at arms length away while Max lay on the ground holding her up and smirking cause she couldn't reach him with her hands and every time she got close he'd lift her up.

"She is beautiful isn't she?" Mel asked sweetly.

Matt smiled and wrapped his arm around her slightly wet upper body. "She get's it from her mom."

Mel rolled her eyes at his corniness. "Cheese ball." She said playfully.

"I'll admit to that, but you have to admit you are gorgeous inside and out."

"Fine, but looks don't matter as long as you love the personality." Mel said. "And she's definitely got personality." Mel said giggling watching as her daughter finally got a hold of Max's shirt and fell onto his abdomen laughing a deep laugh from within her belly that was so cute.

Matt chuckled. "I think that's DeLuca blood in her." He said jokingly watching as his daughter got up and went after Michael again who was taunting her all in good fun of course.

Mel smiled. "Probably. But I think even Michael has a little of that." She said smiling as Michael scooped up the little girl and blue a raspberry onto her tummy making her laugh even harder as he didn't it a second time.

"Grampy Max help!" She shrieked in delight. Matt laughed lightly as her father went to rescue her. When Mika was back on the ground she headed straight for her parents. "Daddy!" She squealed running into his arms. "Saf me!" She squealed crawling in the small gap between Matt and Mel to hide behind them.

Matt smirked at his father and Max and they both laugh out loud. Life was great and they had the most beautiful little girl to show truly how wonderful life was. Zan and Jess were married and Shayn had a legal father now. Isabelle and Jesse were still happy raising, Alexandria, or Lexi as Mel liked to call her. The three little girls were great friends. Kyle finally found someone to love and he was engaged to said someone.

Everything was great in the backwards town of Roswell and for a change the aliens were living in piece without the threat of their secret being discovered. Yep everything was perfect!