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Hermione stood in the darkening silence. She didn't know how she had wound up here for the second time. A smile crept over her face and soon she was blinded by a bright light. The butterflies in her stomach multiplied ten fold fluttering their rampant wings against the lining of her stomach.

A strong hand made contact to her face. A familiar hand that had once traced the curves of her body, a hand that she used to dream about that she used to crave. The same hand that felt so familiar that her skin prickled with anticipation she had only felt once before. His other hand was placed delicately on her waist and his eyes found her amongst the blinding light they were both used to. His cool gray eyes sending chills down her body.

Then the music began to play…

Eight years earlier…

Hermione Granger, soon to be seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat lazily on the back porch of her cousin's house, watching the clouds crawl across the sky. She had one hand waving a non existent breeze on herself. She soon decided that this too was expending the little energy that she had left. She had a school book in the other hand reading for her final N.E.W.T level class.

"Hermione!" screamed a voice. She knew by the voice that it was her cousin's, and by the urgency and tone she was excited about something.

"I'm out back" She called to her.

Soon she could hear her cousin's flip-flops slapping her feet furiously as she ran across the kitchen out the backdoor on to her porch.

"Hermione we only have an hour to get ready," She said excited, her hazel eyes twinkling with excitement.

Hermione barely looked up from her book.

"Get ready for what?" She said.

"We're going out tonight, with my friends."

"Can't go," Hermione said not putting down the book. "I have a lot more reading to do; you know this is the most important year."

"You say that every year," Her cousin pouted. "Plus Richard is going to be there, you haven't seen him in ages."

'And I want to keep it that way,' She thought.

"Cheryl, you know I am kinda into Ron now," She said finally closing the book. "I don't want to mess that up."

She looked up at her cousin. Her cousins looked at her with the same eyes she possessed, a Granger family trait. She placed her hands resolutely on her hips, as if she wasn't going to move. Her tanned skin made Hermione's looked as though she had drowned in a cave. Her short brown hair fell just below her cheeks and her plucked eyebrows were wrinkled.

"You do this every holiday," She started. "You are either here reading on the back porch where you can read in the air conditioned house. Or you're at the studio practicing for god knows how long, and for what I don't know."

"I like to keep in shape, plus I didn't bring any clothes." Hermione said picking her book back up again. She already knew that it was pointless to argue with her. She knew that she was going to have to go out again even if she had to see Richard again.

"Don't worry, you can borrow some of my things, we're about the same size." She said smiling. She took the book from Hermione's hands. "Now go get ready we're leaving soon."

Hermione tried to take her book back but failed at it miserably. It was too hot and she was tired of the sun, maybe it was time to go out for once.

Draco Malfoy wiped the beads of sweat that was pouring down his face. He had always loved the Holidays. He liked to keep to himself most of the time, reading we he got the chance and playing quidditch on his own private field that his parents set up for him. He was practicing hard so he could beat Harry fricken Potter once and for all. He looked up at the setting sun trying to decide what he was going to do tonight. He knew that his parents were going to go to the debutant ball of Pansy Parkinson, because it was her seventeenth birthday, but he already had an excuse to weasel him out of going.

Tonight it was just going to be him and him alone. He liked his time alone, the time where he didn't have to be the Slytherin prince, a time where he could be just himself. He flew down to the ground knowing that practice was over. He weary muscles made their way across the pitch to the manor.

When he got to the manor he was surprised to see Zabini in his room waiting for him.

"Zabini, what are you…"

"Don't worry about that, get in the shower and get dressed, we're going out tonight."

"You're not going to the Parkinson ball?" he asked lazily taking off his protective padding.

"Of course not, and I know you have already cooked up some excuse not to go to that cow's ball either." He said smiling.

Malfoy smiled himself, Blaise knew him well, maybe too well.

"Zabini, I really don't want to go, I'm tired I was just going to stay here tonight." He replied taking of his sweaty robes.

"And do what, get drunk and then wank yourself off," He interjected chuckling at his own joke. "I assure you, your hand wont mind."

Malfoy grabbed one of his pads and threw them at him.

"Just c'mon," He pleaded. "I promise it will be fun. You're what those bloody Americans call a "wingman" I need you to come. You attract all the girls."

Draco stopped undressing himself and looked at his dark skinned friend. His high cheekbones stood out against the feeble light that the sun was giving off. His flawless face broke out into a grin.

"And you don't?" He questioned.

"Look Drac, I promise, you won't be lonely tonight and since your parents are going to get trashed and stay at the Parkinson's I bet we can find someone to warm your bed for tonight, and maybe tomorrow morning."

"Alright I give, as long as we don't go to a muggle club. I couldn't get the stench out of my clothes for a month."

"What are you talking about; the house elves do all the work." He said smiling again.

"Blaise, promise me, no muggle club."

"I don't make promises, just get dressed." He said chuckling. "Be back in an hour, thought you might want to go grab a bite before we go."

He turned on his heel to leave the room. Malfoy finished undressing, his robes pooled around his feet. He shook his head because he didn't know what he was getting himself into.

Hermione sat in the back of her cousin's car her arms crossed over her chest.

"So Hermione are you seeing anyone," A voice whispered to her.

"Richard I already told you yes, and stop looking at me as if I am lying." She inched away from him.

She couldn't believe her cousin had done this. She had to sit next to Richard for an hour and a half while he was trying to look down at her chest. She occasionally stabbed his hand with her salad fork when he had gotten too handsy with her. She could see the marks where metal made contact and she smirked to herself.

"So do you think mom would approve of us using our talent in this manner?"

"Aunt Audrianna, of course not." Hermione said laughing. "She would be questioning us right now, asking why are we wasting time with this sort of art form and not perfecting the basics of the classics."

"So your aunt still runs the dance studio then?" Asked Hermione's life long friend Ryan who was sitting in the front next to Cheryl.

"Don't remind me, good thing I gave that up ages ago." She said exasperatedly.

Hermione soon found her heel in Richard's shoe. He had way too much to drink tonight.

"Richard if you don't stop I will make Cheryl stop this car and leave you where you stand."

"Are we almost there, I want to change in more comfortable shoes?"

"Yes," Cheryl said.

"Zabini, you said that we weren't going to come here ever again."

"Well I lied," He said smiling. "Let's go since we are already here. Muggle girls are so easy to manipulate. All you have to say is that you have a lot of money and they will come flocking. Each and every single one of them will be clambering to sleep the rich kid. It never fails.

Malfoy sighed and followed behind his friend.

The club was crowded full of their peers, some dancing, some looking for friends that they were supposed to meet up with. Hermione couldn't wait to cut loose. Cheryl was right; it had been such a long time since she had any real fun. They made a beeline for the dance floor. Richard went straight to the bar and Ryan was not too far behind, he was talking to some of his friends he had seen lingering.

Hermione started moving instantly to the song that was playing. This is the only time she felt truly alive, when she was on the dance floor. He hips swayed gently back and forth to the song. She threw her hair over her shoulder and danced right next to her cousin who was soon taken up by a guy who wanted to dance with her. Hermione continued dancing until she felt a guy come up behind her and she started dancing. She laughed loudly but wasn't heard over the thumping bass.

Draco Malfoy stood sulking on a near by wall. A lot of girls were throwing him interested looks. He ignored them. He could barely see Zabini's figure that was off to the far side of the dance floor, and even then he didn't know if that was him. The beat was pulsating through the wall he was leaning against. The lights were flashing lighting up the dance floor at opportune moments.

He soon grew bored of the girls looking at him and scanned the dance floor. A few pretty girls approached him. They barely held his interest for long and so he soon made his way over to the bar. He looked at the things he could order and since he wasn't eighteen yet, he had to settle for a pumpkin juice. He asked the pretty bar girl for one and she looked at him as if he was crazy.

"We don't serve pumpkin juice here," She said annoyed.

He looked at the list. "Alright, I guess I will have a ginger ale?" He questioned.

"Are you sure about that?"

He just shrugged and made him the drink placing a lemon inside it with a small red straw. He took it and drunk it slowly. He had to admit it was pretty good. He took a seat at the bar which was pretty empty. A guy was sitting on the far end drinking some type of brown liquid, his eyes focused on a spot on the dance floor. Malfoy followed his gaze, to where he quite didn't know, there was a mass of people on the dance floor.

He soon noticed Blaise's towering figure dancing with a pretty short brown haired girl. Another girl soon made her way to the bar, but he barely noticed her looking at his friend on the dance floor. The girl was at the far end of the bar where the guy was currently sitting. She didn't look too happy. He wished he had some light so he could see ten inches in front of him. He looked back at the dance floor and Blaise was still dancing with that girl. It was a slower song and she was grinding her hips against his.

Soon the light shown on their faces momentarily and then it grew dark. The girl leapt from the bar stool and made a beeline for the dance floor.

Hermione nearly broke out into a run on the dance floor. She had just seen, but it couldn't be… she had to be delusional. It couldn't be Blaise Zabini from school. She couldn't signal her cousin, it would have been way too obvious. So she waited for the song to end. She was surprised when he gave Cheryl a hug at the end, but wasn't that surprised to see a hand squeeze her backside.

Hermione sighed and as soon as he was a far away distance she pulled her cousin off the dance floor.

"Hey did you see…"

"Yes I saw that guy," Hermione said sternly. "He goes to my school."

"Wait, what?" She was catching her breath. A pink tinged had crept up her face from dancing. Her eyes were still shining with excitement.

"C'mon let's go," Hermione said suddenly.

"One more song?" She pouted.

Hermione was worried. What would the likes of Blaise Zabini of the Slytherin house, would want to do in a muggle club? She knew out of her better judgment that she should leave, that it was dangerous, but she couldn't say no to her cousin and she couldn't explain to her in the car why she wanted to leave so hastily.

"Ok, one more song," She said. "Then we have to get Ryan and Richard and leave this place."

Before she could finish this statement she could feel herself being pulled on the dance floor.

"Did you see that girl I was dancing with, She was a hot little number don't you agree?" Blaise said smiling.

Draco shrugged; he wanted to get out of here.

"Look she's back and she's on the dance floor with her friend. Keep her friend busy so I can get to know her a little bit more." He said smiling.

Malfoy reluctantly got off the stool leaving some muggle money and the glass on the bar. It seemed as though the massive crowd had multiplied. The music that was blaring from all sides was down tempo beat but still easy to dance too. He came up behind her long brown haired friend and touched her waist.

The dance floor was completely dark when he had came up behind her and touched her waist. She froze momentarily and looked for her cousin who was being pulled off the dance floor and towards the bar. She doesn't bother to turn around to look at who had touched her. She was too busy looking for her cousin.

Dance with me across the ocean floor
Sail away to heaven's open door
Step right up you're the next contestant
In this sweet charade
Take a number, wait while I twist your fate

She loved this song and she backed up more into her dance partner. She felt exactly how solid he was as he held her close to her. He was warm, warmer then a normal person should be. She began to slowly, gyrate her hips in a slow rumba like style. She was going to have fun torturing him. She pulled away from him momentarily but his strong hands pulled her back. Hermione liked dancing with him, his hands didn't wander and his breathing was steady and slow in her ear. He wasn't grunting like any other boy would.

On the mating game
Mating game

Hold me close enough to drink my rose
The devil in my pocket turned to gold
Sorry to warn you, you're in a daze
Tonight I'll love you, but tomorrow go away

She could then feel his warms lips brush up against her bare shoulder. She knew she should have stopped then and there, but she didn't. Shivers shot down her spine.

Malfoy stood there and let her do all the work, using his hands as guides. She made his blood boil, the scent of her was intoxicating. She soon was raising her hands over her head still moving her hips. She exposed her midriff which made him want to touch her exposed skin even more. He pulled her even closer to him. She was gyrating her hips on his groin teasingly. He had never danced like this before.

Step right up who's the next contestant
In this sweet charade?
Take a number, wait while I tease you sane

He was going to make her his by the end of the night.

On the mating game
Mating game

-The Mating Game by Bitter:Sweet

The song soon ended and they still were slowly swaying on the spot. He pulled back her sheet of long brown hair.

"Can I take you home?" He asked, his lips brushing gently up against her ear.

The girl froze instantly on the spot and stepped away from him. Soon light filled the dance floor and she turned around

"Granger!" He yelled.

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