Chapter 8: Mid-Day Crash

Lydia had managed to escape the Deetz household by claiming that she wanted to pick up a special coffee for Christmas dinner. Delia had just smiled and had allowed the girl to leave.

Racing down the highway, not to South Horse, but to a slightly larger town called Holmstown. It was big enough to have some stranger stores located amongst its downtown shopping area, which was exactly where Lydia was heading. The weather had changed from just being cold and humid to cold and snowing.

"Great" Lydia said turning on the windshield wipers. A car sped by oblivious to the weather. Lydia wanted to turn back when she felt her car fishtail a tiny bit. "Just a little further Lydia."


Downtown Holmstown looked like it came off of a card. There were lights and decorations everywhere. People walked to and fro. A group of carolers sang in Christmas colors. Lydia wasted no time in parking. She was sick of driving on the icy roads.

Deciding that she had better calm herself, she ducked into a café and came out with a small coffee to go and a bag of the Christmas blend. The hot liquid was her saving grace. Without it she wouldn't have made it through school, family functions, or high stress situations. She walked down the street until she found the place that she was looking for. She almost did a dance when she found that it was open until noon.

The clothing shop sold unusual clothing, for the east coast anyway. Lydia went into the shop and started going through the men's clothing. She had gotten used to sizing people up since she usually had to help out whoever she had as her costumer for her film projects. Beetlejuice looked to have a 34-inch waist, a 38-inch chest, and probably a slightly shorter then average pants length. Lydia was guessing that a 32-inch inseam would work just fine.

"Can I help you today?" An old man asked. Lydia turned and smiled.

"I think I just found it" Lydia said pulling a suit off the rack. It was dark grey with lavender pin stripes. "Wow. This is great."

"I sold one other that was like it, but that's a rare suit" The old man said. "Look at the tag. It's part of a signature collection."

Lydia looked at the tag and blanched at the price. She put the tag back and held the suit from her face.

"I guess that would explain why it's so expensive" Lydia said. The old man came around and looked at the tag.

"Well it is Christmas" The old man said. "How about we knock a hundred dollars off?"

"Really?" Lydia said with a huge smile spreading across her face. $100 would make the suit 30 off. "That'd be great!"

Lydia quickly paid for the suit and a little extra to have it wrapped. Lydia felt relieved that she had found something so fast. She beamed at the old man as he handed her the package. Lydia had always prided herself on being able to find just the right thing for people, dead or alive.


Traffic had increased on the way back to Winter River. Lydia groaned. She only had five more exits until hers was up. Lights flickered ahead and Lydia felt her stomach drop when she finally realized what lie before her. Sound seemed to stop except for the swish of the windshield wipers. Lydia's foot had found the brake and her spine started to go rigid.

She let out a gasp and did the only thing she could think of before her car spun towards the multiple car pile up….


Beetlejuice was in the middle of watching 'General Morgue', one of his favorite soaps, when he heard Lydia's cry echo in his head. He smirked.

"Just can't get enough of me" Beetlejuice said. With a snap he disappeared from the Neitherworld and appeared in a car that was hurdling towards a big pile up on the highway outside of Winter River. "SHIT!"

Lydia just screamed, barely aware of the ghost's presence. Beetlejuice did the first thing he could think of and zapped Lydia and her vehicle to the Neitherworld. The car kept spinning until it jolted to a stop. Beetlejuice steadied himself simply by being himself, but Lydia's head slammed into her steering wheel right before her air bag exploded with a dull 'poof' sound, which slammed her back against the head rest.

"Babes?" Beetlejuice asked. He tore the airbag away and moved to look at Lydia. "Lyds? Hey, c'mon kid, wake up."

Lydia groaned. Her nose was a bloody mess and she had a knot on her forehead which was already sporting nice purple and yellow shades. Beetlejuice was opening her car door before he could really think about what he was doing. He undid her seat belt and fished her from the car.

"Lyds" Beetlejuice said. A small crowd was growing around the two. Beetlejuice simply allowed his eyes to glow, successfully scaring them away. The car had hit a lamp post and the front end was crunched into a 'v' shape. Lydia made a small noise and leaned towards him. "Great. Just great."

Beetlejuice looked at the car and noticed the present and the coffee. With a blink the items were back at the roadhouse, where his apartment was. With another blink, the car was parked outside of his place, and with a final blink, Beetlejuice and Lydia were inside his apartment.

Beetlejuice laid Lydia on his couch and tried to remember what living people did in situations like this. He had no choice.


"'Ello?" Jacques said answering his door. The skeleton looked as if he were having some kind of party. Beetlejuice groaned and pulled the skeleton into the hallway between their apartments. "Be-atle-joose?"

"Jacques, listen, I need some help buddy" Beetlejuice said. "It's Lydia. C'mon." Beetlejuice dragged Jacques into his apartment. "Look at her. What do I do? Mouth to mouth?"

"Mon dieu! What did you do?" Jacques asked.

"Me?! I didn't do nothing" Beetlejuice said floating above Lydia as Jacques leaned over to check her out. "She came to me like this."

"I thought ze great Be-atlejoose left no survivors" Jacques said after feeling Lydia's pulse.

"You kiddin' me?" Beetlejuice said. Jacques held up his finger bones, which had some of Lydia's blood on them.

"I believe ze last time zere was blood around I was alive" Jacques replied. After a few minutes of Jacques poking and proding about, he turned to Beetlejuice. "She has a bloody nose, half of 'er face is bruised, and I bet zat she will 'ave a huge headache."

"So…nothin's broken?" Beetlejuice asked.

"Your friend is fine, except" Jacques said standing up and looking at where his nails had once been. "She is alive."

"Tell about my fleshy friend and I'll feed you bone by bone to a sandworm" Beetlejuice threatened. Jacques gave him a solid 'hmph' and crossed his arms. He glanced at the girl and nodded.

"Only for her" Jacques said. "Since you have brought 'er around you 'ave been tolerable to live next to."

"Thanks, bone brain" Beetlejuice said. He gestured with his thumb. "Now get out."

"Merry Christmas to you too" Jacques said before leaving. As soon as Jacques left, Beetlejuice was sitting next to Lydia.

"Lyds?" Beetlejuice asked. "C'mon, babes, wake up for BJ." He smirked and cracked his neck. Gently, almost suavely, he bent down and kissed Lydia. He pulled away when he didn't feel her respond. "Guess I ain't Prince Charming."

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