A few weeks had passed since Flora and Stormy had found out they were pregnant and they had told everyone about it. The weird part of their story was that they got pregant with each other's baby so Tecna tried to find a logical answer for their pregnancy. In the end she had to give up because there was no rational explanation for it. In the end they decided it was a miracle. Bloom had prepared a get together with all her friends before they had to go to Alfea again. As they all arrived at the royal palace in Sparkx they were greeted by Bloom and Myrta. They all gathered in the living room were they started to share the latest news about each other.

"Well Sky, how are you and Darcy doing?" Bloom asked the happy couple.

"We 're doing fine Bloom," Darcy answered as she looked over to her husband who just smiled " and we have big news to share with all of you. Sky and I are expecting a baby."

"What???" Layla wondered.

"Yes, he is keeping up his reputation in the bedroom. We only needed one night to get the job done. Personally I would have preferred to get pregnant a little later." Darcy sighed.

"Let me guess, it happened during your wedding night." Stormy teased.

"How did you know?" Darcy said as she looked in Icy's direction who was as surprised as Darcy. Stormy started to laugh and soon everyone was laughing. Darcy then looked at Bloom who started to show.

"Well Bloom how are you doing?" she asked.

"I 'm doing fine and I hope you 'll do as well as I am in a few months." Bloom replied.

"Tell me about it." Stormy said as she thought about her own morning sickness "You 're past the worst."

"Yes she is." Flora envied Bloom.

"What about you Stella, how are you and page boy doing" Stormy asked.

"He 's a squire and soon he will be knighted," Stella responded upset "And as soon we are married he will be my prince. Which is going to be very soon since the two of us have been sleeping with each other for a while and ..."

"Let me guess," Layla interrupted "he knocked you up didn't he?"

"Yes I did. The damned condom had ripped during intercourse." Brandon sighed.

"Welcome to parenthood." Sky stated making everyone smile.

"Okay, who hasn't gotten pregnant by now." Icy wondered as she looked around. Layla, Tecna and Myrta raised their hands making everyone look at Musa and Riven. They just smiled at the rest who were waiting for their story.

"Well," Riven started "We went on holiday for a few days and one night we went a bit too far and well now Musa and I are expecting a baby."

"Dad was not too happy about it but since Riven had already proposed at the beginning of the summer, we are going to get hitched next month. When are you going to marry Brandon Stell?"

"Well we were thinking about six weeks from now." Stella answered.

"How did your parents take the news, Stella?" Flora asked.

"Dad was angry at first but after he had cooled down he just told me to do the right thing now and get married to my knight. Mum on the other hand was furious that I got myself pregnant. She told me that she was still too young to be a grandmother." Stella answered making everybody laugh again.

"What about you Layla? What have you been up to?" Myrta asked as she looked over to the princess of Tides.

"Nothing special, I just met this cute guy who I dated last week." Layla remarked.

"Details please." Stella wanted to know.

"We are not compatible. He was way too different for my taste and he always plays it safe." Layla told the gang about her date.

"They 're not all wild ones like you." Tecna stated making everyone smile.

"What about you Myrta?" Layla asked.

"Well, Stormy and I found our father again and we spent a lot of time with him." Myrta said to her.

"It seems to me like you and Stormy have formed a bond too." Stella joined in.

"Yes we have." Stormy said as she looked over to her younger sister.

"What about you Tec." Musa asked.

"Timmy and I spent most of the summer at my place. One night he surprised me by proposing to me..." Tecna started off but got interrupted by Stella.

"What did you answer?"

"Well, see for yourselves." Timmy answered as he pointed at Tecna's hands on which a ring with a big sapphire stone on it.

"So when is the big wedding?" Riven asked.

"We were planning to get married after I graduate at Alfea." Tecna answered.

"How are you and Bloom doing lately?" Flora asked Icy who looked at Bloom with a naughty smile on her face.

"We are doing just fine, thank you." Icy told Flora. Everybody had a story to tell about what they had done during the summer but at one point Icy looked a bit depressed making everybody look at her.

"Hey Icy, what 's up?" Stormy asked her.

"For years I 've been keeping a secret from you two," Icy started as she looked at Icy and Stormy "Do you remember that night that my stepfather had thrown me into that wall with the spike?" Stormy and Darcy nodded as they remembered that night.

"Well," Icy continued "He didn't just hit me around he also raped me that night. I never told you because I wanted to make sure that the two of you wouldn't do anything stupid to him. He had never done it again but I have the feeling that if he could have he would have."

Stormy than stood up enraged making Flora look at her.

"THAT BASTARD," she yelled.

"What 's wrong with you?" Bloom asked.

"I 'll tell you what 's wrong," Stormy continued "When we were twelve I once caught him outside the bathroom playing with his genitals while he was looking at you, Icy. At the time I just kicked in his balls telling him not to do that ever again in front of us. The next day I caught him outside your bedroom ready to go in and have his way around with you but I stopped him and offered myself to him. I knew that one day he would get you alone and do it with you anyway so this seemed better than letting you have you to deal with this too. I couldn't let this happen to you too. It was bad enough to see you being used as a punching bag. He accepted and promised me that in exchange for me he would never have sex with you. For two years I have been his sex slave and never stood up to him once. He even promised me to let Darcy alone too. I start to doubt if he even kept up to that end of the bargain. If he had raped you he might have done something to her too." She finished with tears in her eyes making Flora and Icy comfort her. Bloom then turned to Darcy who was too surprised by these revelations to say anything.

"I guess you didn't know about all this." Bloom said to Darcy who shook her head.

"I didn't but whenever I was alone with this bastard he forced me to give him a blowjob. So it seems like he had his way around with all three of us and Stormy was right about him not keeping up his end of the bargain." Darcy said making Icy and Stormy look at her.

"When was that?" Stormy asked.

"It started when we were thirteen. I was home alone with him because the two of you were doing the groceries and he then told me to open his trousers and take his manhood out of it. I refused at first but then he told me that if I didn't he would beat up Icy and have sex with her. I then did as he asked and then he told me to suck it. Before I realised what was happening he came in my mouth. I was about to spit it out when he ordered me to swallow it or he would do worse to Icy. Since Icy was already taking most of the heat for us I just did. When he left the room I ran to the bathroom to throw up. That was the beginning of a long year for me. Every time the two of you were out to do something he would take advantage of me." she told her story. When she had finished she started to cry in Sky's arms. Sky held his wife in a tight embrace assuring her that from now on everything would be all right.

Sparkx, Bloom's bedroom.

Icy was holding Bloom in her arms while she thought about the events that had happened in the past evening.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Bloom asked her.

"I wish I had known sooner what was going on when we were young. Stormy going to bed with my stepfather to keep that fate from me, Darcy giving him blowjobs whenever he felt like it and I never noticed." Icy answered.

"They did it all for you. You were used as a punching bag so they tried to share the burden with you. I think that if they hadn't you would have been dead by now." Bloom told her "We probably would have never met and you would never have given birth to Dawn. You should be glad they helped you out this way."

"You are probably right. If they had let him do whatever he wanted I would have been dead or at least been a shadow of the person I am now. I was so glad when he died of a heart attack. I think I have found out why he died of it: too much sex." Icy laughed as she kissed Bloom

"Speaking of which, you seem to have naughty things on your mind right now" Bloom whispered as she felt Icy's hands make their way up her chest underneath her nightgown.

"You have no idea." Icy whispered in her ear.

Sparkx, Stormy's bedroom.

Flora and Stormy were sitting together on the bed wondering what to say to each other. Stormy looked up and started to speak: "I 'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner about this but I was afraid that you would treat me differently if you 'd know. I 'm used to dealing with this on my own."

"Don't you worry too much about this. I knew that when the time was right you 'd tell. Maybe you had planned to tell me on a more intimate situation but what the hell. At least you got that of your chest." Flora reassured her.

"Yes, it weighed heavily on me and the longer I was putting it off to tell you the heavier it felt. I had already planned on telling you one of these days. I wish I had known about the things that had happened to Darcy and Icy than I had taken him down once and for all." Stormy told Flora.

"How did Icy's father die?" Flora wanted to know.

"Well on the day he died I was out with Icy to do some shopping for her stepfather while Darcy was at home...doing the laundry. She was alone with him and she told us that the bastard always wanted a blowjob when they were home alone." Stormy said trying to stop a laugh.

"What 's so funny." Flora asked.

"I think that Darcy was giving him the time of his life until his ticker gave up on him. I guess the excitement was too much for him." Stormy enlightened Flora who started to laugh too.

"Stormy?" Flora whispered in Stormy's ear

"Yes Flora," Stormy asked

"I want to sleep with you." Flora said as she let her hands explore Stormy's body.

"You naughty girl..." Stormy moaned

Sparkx, Darcy's room.

Sky and Darcy were lying in each other's arms thinking.

"Sky?" Darcy asked.

"Yes, honey."

"I couldn't tell this with everybody present but whatever was told to be the reason Icy's stepfather had died, it was all a lie. At the time he got a heart attack he was with me getting what he wanted from me. He died during his orgasm and I let him die."

"I can understand why. If I were in your shoes I 'd probably done the same."

"I think the others will have figured that out too. The doctor was called after Icy and Stormy were back from shopping although they first checked out if he was dead. I think we all had enough of this guy."

"Maybe it is about time to let go of the past and start looking at the future. The three of you are heading to a beautiful future: you are my wife and soon mother of my third child, Icy is Bloom's girlfriend and possibly one day her wife and Stormy will be a mother of two children together with Flora"

"You 're probably right, my dear. We are headed for a great future." Darcy whispered as she pulled Sky closer to her and started to kiss him.