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"Where is that girl?" A teenager grumbled impatiently, crossing her arms over her breasts. She fiddled with her glasses and then twirled the strands of black hair that hung down both sides of her head. The teenager was waiting in front of a college. She impatiently glanced down at her watch and threw her hands up in exasperation. "That's it!" She growled and stormed off towards campus. Really, the nerve of that woman. After setting up this time at night, she stood her up! Well…we'll have to fix that, won't we?

Though she was making a lot of noise, stomping around and grumbling, nobody seemed to wake up. She finally reached the correct door and expertly kicked it down.

"If you don't get out here this minute…!" The last part of her threat died in her throat as she stood there, staring at a body slumped on the floor. Though it was still pretty dark, the lump on the ground was definitely dead – the dark stains on the carpet proved that. But…getting over her shock, the girl noticed the person wasn't the girl she was meeting…he wasn't even female.

The black-haired girl numbly turned her head towards the bed, aware of a lump, signifying that possibly the murderer was still here.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Case File: "Degree in Turnabout"
Day 1

November 15 11:14
Wright & Co. Law Office

After I proved Maya's innocence, (During that incident at Kurain Village…you should have seen me!) there haven't been any jobs for me. Nobody knocks on the door and bursts inside, ready to pour their hearts out about how there had been a murder and this was all a misunderstanding and so-and-so didn't do anything at all. On one hand, it was pretty relaxing not to run around, looking for evidence, and I think I've regained some years (It really does seem true when people say that stress can shorten your life…). On the other…I haven't been getting any money and somehow, I got just about as much money troubles as Detective Gumshoe.

Maya was getting bored as well. I guess even she would after having nothing to do but go to the usual burger place or just hang around in the office, rotting. Pearl left for the Fey Manor after asking me a lot (Really. A lot.) of questions. I didn't mind her asking me curiously about certain shows on the television, but she kept watching soap operas and then stares at Maya and me at certain parts…("Oh, Rick! I truly do love you!")

And that's why I jumped when three quick, sharp raps echoed from the doorway. Maya excitedly soared from her place on the couch and almost ran into the door instead of opening it. I followed behind her, trying to get a glimpse of the could-be client. However, my partner closed the door and sighed.

"So? Who was it?" I asked, though the answer was obvious.

"Nobody was at the door…" The spirit medium replied glumly. I stopped myself from letting out a depressed sigh. I guess I should be happy – the lack of cases meant that not a lot of people are in trouble – not a lot of murders and such, I mean. That would be considered a good thing, right?

Nevertheless, when there was another knock on the door a few seconds later, I couldn't help but rush past Maya and whip the door open, catching the knocker off guard with her fist still raised.

"Uhh…" She stuttered, quickly moving her hand to adjust her glasses. "Well…Phoenix Wright, is it not?" The girl looked around the age where she would be in college. Her hair was black and long and tied into a braid and she had several strands of hair hanging down each side of her head. Said bangs were about chin length.

"Yes, I'm Phoenix." I replied, at a loss to say anything else.

"Well." The girl appeared to have recovered from the surprise. Thinking back, I probably shouldn't have opened the door in such a hurry. "You're a defense attorney, right?" I didn't get a chance to answer. "I would like you to defend my sister-"

"Okay." I said a bit too quickly. Thinking back, I probably should have waited a bit to say that too.

"Ah…I didn't explain anything just yet…" The girl seemed taken aback by my eagerness to take her sister's case, so I invited her in my office and plopped behind my desk. She took this as an indication to sit down and talk business. Maya lurked around the newcomer with inquisitive eyes.

"My name is Seiyaku Mizuki and I go to Gatebridge College. My sister, Seiya Mizuki, has been accused of murder on campus. The victim's name is…ah…whatshisface…" I sat patiently as Seiyaku 'hmm'ed and 'haw'ed, trying to procure the name. I didn't have to think to figure out that the victim of the murder wasn't all too popular. At least not with this person. "Ah!" I couldn't help but jump in surprise at the sudden outburst. "I remember someone calling him Vigo…"

"You don't know his name?" Maya asked curiously.

"Ah, you'll learn it eventually in court." Seiyaku waved her hand, as if dismissing the matter. (Really…she doesn't seem that worried about all this…does she really have that much confidence in me?)

"Well…it would be nice to know the victim's name before hand…" I coughed nervously, hoping that I wasn't going to embarrass myself in the court by not knowing the victim's full name.


"Yes ma'am." Oh great. A woman with a temper. Von Karma would be great friends with her. If they didn't fight first.

"Well, anyways, my sister's accused of murdering this guy. I think you can handle it." Like I have a choice. I did accept the case a moment before. But a thought occurred to me.

"Why would she be accused for this murder though?" Seiyaku hesitated, making me almost regret accepting the job.

"Well…the victim was found in her room…" Oh. Well, it could be worse… "…And my sister was in the room as well when I discovered the body…" And now it just did. "Well! Get ready for the trial tomorrow!" Seiyaku said, suddenly sounding suspiciously perky. Before I could even say 'Hold it!', the black-haired girl shot out of her chair and slammed the door behind her.

I slumped back against my chair and sighed, running my hand through my spiky hair. If only my new client wasn't in her room at that time…well, I did want a case, and now I had one. Maya seemed excited enough.

"Ooh! Isn't this mysterious?" She cried. "C'mon, Nick! Let's go to the Detention Center!" Yet again, I didn't have time to yelp 'Objection' before Maya grabbed me by the arm and flew out the door.

November 15 1:21
Detention Center, Visitors Room

We made a quick stop before stopping here, to buy some burgers for Maya. I patted my poor empty wallet (it was in my pocket of course) subconsciously while she filled her own belly and ravenously devoured the cooked cow. Then the door opened and a girl who looked similar to Seiyaku solemnly walked in. Obviously the defendant, Seiya.

This girl also had black hair, but I did notice some really faint dark red highlights. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail but had hair hanging down in front of her face, almost like her sister's. The only difference was that Seiya let down enough hair to remind you slightly of The Ring. She wore a cream-colored, floppy hat that hid most of her face. Fitting her droopy demeanor was her baggy black T-shirt with a skull and crossbones on it and several skull necklaces that I noticed when she first walked in – they clanked a bit against her petite chest. She looked pale and thin, almost unhealthy.

Seiya sat down in the chair behind the glass and immediately found the floor interesting. (No wonder she was accused…besides the fact of being found with the victim in her own room, she does look rather shifty and suspicious…) Several minutes of doing absolutely nothing passed. My partner brought it on to herself to liven our client up. "Hey, Seiya! This is your attorney, Phoenix Wright, and I'm his partner, Maya Fey! We're gonna be defending you!"

When Seiya continued to stare at her shoes, Maya pressed on, determined to get a conversation going. "Me and Nick believe you're innocent, but you're gonna have to answer a few questions." No response. I bet Maya would be tempted to sharply rap on the glass and ask in a singsong voice 'Helloooo…anybody home?'

"So Nick." Maya turned to me when it was obvious that the gloomy figure in front of us wasn't about to say anything. "Go ahead and ask your questions." I coughed. Right. Questions.

"So…" My mind was racing already. Introductions were already done, "…Do you mind telling me your relation with the victim…ah…" Oh yeah. Her sister left me the benefit of doubt.

"Vigo…" I almost didn't hear her say it; the voice was that faint.

"Vigo…?" I urged, hoping to get the name of the victim at last.

"…" She stopped there.

"You don't exactly remember the victim's name either?" Maya inquired thoughtfully. "Your sister forgot it too. He's not very popular, is he?"

"…Actually, he is." She mumbled softly. The unsaid question was promptly answered afterwards. "I don't talk a lot to other people…" I almost doubted that and wondered whether it was the other way around, seeing how depressing the girl looked.

"So you don't know the victim at all?" I asked. The girl slowly shook her head in response. "But…" She suddenly said, staring upwards this time. I could imagine a glazed look in her eyes, even though I couldn't see them.

"But…?" I echoed. Seiya jumped and stuttered out an apology for spacing out and continued her previous statement.

"…I think he's the tall blond guy…" Seiya replied before staring back up at the ceiling.

I remembered her apology from before and curiously asked, "About spacing out…do you do that often?" There was a long pause in which Seiya slowly tilted her head down from the ceiling. I imagined her blinking in confusion.

"Ah…sorry…I just space out a lot…it's just something I do…" She started tilting her head upwards slightly, but then stopped herself, avoided our eyes yet again and continued, "So what were you asking me?" (She answered my question without realizing…)

"Do you know anybody who might have a grudge against either you or the victim?" I finally asked, hoping we would get more information than from the other questions. However I doubted that someone this quiet would suddenly start talking her mouth off, telling me every little detail of...everything.

"…No…" Seiya went back to looking down at her baggy pants. I jumped as out of nowhere, several chains came flying down and locked themselves up with two red locks.

Maya noticed my surprise and whispered to me, "What is it, Nick? Another Psyche-lock?" I nodded in response and muttered back, "Two" before looking back at Seiya. It was tempting to break those locks and figure out who had a grudge on my client or the victim (and therefore was the most likely to be the real murderer) but I had yet to investigate anything. I would need more information before unlocking those locks. Before we left, Maya had a question of her own.

"Why're you so quiet and shy?" My partner asked, peering curiously at the introverted defendant.

"Ah…um…" She stuttered back, starting to play with her own fingers. "I just am…I usually don't talk to people unless I get a good feeling from them…" Apparently she didn't exactly 'get a good feeling' from us at that moment and this was probably all I could get out from her. At least we got words other than 'No' or 'Yes' from her.

She stood up from her seat and bowed in apology for possibly causing confusion and told us how to get to her college, the scene of the crime. (I know she doesn't know I don't have a drivers license just yet…but it still hit a nerve…) Then she bowed again and walked into the door that the guard held open for her. The necklaces clanked as she stumbled backwards from the impact. (That's really spacy…)

When our client staggered through the door, we walked out of the building. Maya said, "Seiyaku's right. She doesn't seem like a murderer, does she?"

"If she did murder, it was probably an accident." I couldn't help but say. It was easy enough to imagine spacy Seiya tripping with a knife in her hand, right into a hapless victim, or maybe bumping into someone while walking around on a cliff, subconsciously pushing an innocent tourist off. I tried cutting off my train of thought, nervous as to what she might accidentally do around me. "We should probably head off to Gatebridge College now." I straightened my blue suit and, slightly scowling, hailed a cab.

Hahahah. Apparently, Phoenix doesn't have a drivers license. Hum. Maybe I'm wrong though.