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November 17, 11:30
District Court
Courtroom No. 6

This was possibly my last chance. Yveri was now on the stand, and if I caught her, then the whole case would finally be over. If I didn't, well…I just have to catch her. I was probably staring at her too intensely, because Yveri seemed to suddenly notice me and she smiled coldly. Then, she looked away again because the Judge was now banging his gavel and starting the trial.

"The court will now reconvene for the trial for Ms. Seiya Mizuki." The Judge said. "Hm…so this is the victim's girlfriend?"

"Yveri Jalus, at your service." Yveri leaned on the stand on her elbows and smiled in a seductive manner. All of a sudden, every man in court got a bad nosebleed. (Alright, that was a joke.)

"…Ms. Von Karma, what did Ms. Jalus witness?" The Judge asked, staring down at the very attractive college girl. (Not that I like her.)

"She's here to prove that Ms. Mizuki is guilty, Your Honor." Franziska replied.

"It's…rather cold out…" The Judge commented, noticing how little Yveri was wearing. "…don't you have a coat?"

"No, Your Honor." Yveri responded, still smiling in that strangely seductive way. No wonder everybody thought that Vigor should go out with her. They were going with the 'most beautiful girl in the school going out with the most muscular boy in school' stereotype. And Yveri definitely had to be the most beautiful girl back in school. (Not that I like her.)

"Um…shouldn't you wear a little bit more then…?"

"Your Honor, can we move along with the case now?" Franziska growled, reminding him that he was in a court.

"Ahem. Right." The Judge coughed through his thick white beard.

"Honestly, I don't know who shot my boyfriend, but he wasn't shot in my room." Yveri suddenly started, shifting her weight so her cleavage could look more seducing. "I heard those accusations, defense attorney, and I should tell you, I did not, in any way, shoot my boyfriend. The last I saw of him was after we left the party."

"Very well. Can you testify about that, please?"

"Yes, Your Honor." Yveri said. Seductively. I need to find a synonym for that.

"I did go to the party, but I left early with my boyfriend back to my apartment.
"I went inside, but Vigor said he needed to do something and left.
"Vigor never took one step into my room that night, so I couldn't be the murderer the reporter saw."

"I see. If you're telling the truth, then it really can be only the defendant who did the murder." The Judge nodded. "And if the last witness was telling the truth, then the defendant was being harassed by the victim before she killed him…so it was a self-defense murder?"

"No, Your Honor, the defendant is completely innocent."

"Then prove it, Mr. Phoenix Wright. Go ahead and foolishly cross-examine this perfect testimony." (Too bad it wasn't perfect. It was too short for my taste, plus of course it was revealed later on that Yveri wasn't telling the truth anyways.) Franziska grinned cruelly at me before glaring at the Judge. "What are you doing! Start the cross-examination!"

"Yes, ma'am! Right away! The defendant may begin the cross-examination!" The Judge shouted hurriedly before Franziska could raise her arm in time to whip somebody, to the relief of several personals in the court at the time, including me. "Erm…I mean defense. The defense may begin the cross-examination." He swiftly corrected.

"Aw man, it's gonna be hard to find anything wrong with that testimony."

"…I'll just have to press really hard then." With my confidence bolstered, thanks to my trusty partner, I charged forward. The first thing in that testimony that caught my attention…

"Why did you leave the party early?"

"Oh, Vigor wanted to. I came along to make sure he came back safely, because I was afraid he was too drunk. Is that good enough for you, defense attorney?"


"What's wrong, Nick? You just made a hissing noise with your teeth." Maya whispered.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm fine." I hastily replied, then turned back to the matter at hand. Yveri looked back calmly and just smiled again. (She reminded of one of those women in one of those shows that Maya's obsessed with. Some animated thing about pirates. Yeah, that's it. And that woman's name…it's a bird…or something…) "Um…I'm guessing you don't know what the victim was going to do before he died?" I asked her in my normal, talking voice. (Not too loud, not too soft.)

"That's right, defense attorney." Yveri shifted her weight again on the podium, now supporting her head with only one arm while the other rested on top of the surface. "I have absolutely no idea what my boyfriend set out to do that night."

"You mean he never told you anything?" I haven't had many girlfriends in my lifetime, to be honest, but I always thought that being boyfriend and girlfriend, you had to share everything or face the wrath of your girlfriend.

Yveri shrugged. "I never know where he goes out at night. He drinks, and I know he does, because he always came home late and…well…drunk."

"Was he always a drunkard?"

"No." The answer took me completely by surprise. I thought that she would have said 'Yes', because this questioning that I was doing was beginning to lead up to the death of Terry. I almost shouted 'Objection' before I realized she said the opposite of what I thought she was going to say. I covered my 'Ob…!' with a loud cough.

"Are you alright, Mr. Wright?" The Judge asked, looking at me in slight annoyance. "Do you need a break or a drink of water?"

"No, no…I'm fine, Your Honor. Do you know when he started drinking?"

"Objection!" Franziska shouted angrily. "Your Honor, this has nothing to do with this case!"

"Hm. I think I agree…" The Judge nodded. "Mr. Wright, is this really important?"

"Yes, Your Honor. If you would just let the witness answer…"

"He started drinking after the death of his brother, Your Honor. He was also a very violent drunk." Yveri smiled gently up at the old man, who was obviously unused to beautiful young women smiling at him. (Not that I'm attracted to her in any way.)

"Ah. Um. That is…can you testify about the death of the victim's brother…?" The Judge swung around his arms as he talked, and his gavel was still in one of his hands. It almost started for someone's head, but his grip tightened around it in time, and all was well.

"I'd be glad to." Yveri nodded. I only wished she was this compliant when I asked her questions.

"Vigor's brother, Terry, and the defendant over there, were friends.
"One day, last year, they were working on a chemistry experiment.
"An explosion occurred, because of some wrong mixtures, and Terry died."

She shook her head sadly, and looked up again. "It's very sad. Vigor was so excited about his brother being in the same college as him…and on his very first year, he died. That's when he started drinking, Your Honor."

"Hm. I see. I think I know what happened now." The Judge nodded, suddenly non-flustered. "The victim was full of grief for his brother and decided to commit murder in revenge. Unfortunately, he was murdered instead."

"Wh-whaaaaat?!?" I really didn't want the case to go that way! At this rate, the Judge would bang his gavel and shout in a deep, growling voice, 'GUILTY!' Seiya was innocent, I was certain of it! What a sneaky trap. Yveri was still smiling softly. Damn her.

"You're right, Your Honor." Franziska smirked, showing delight in my horror-struck face. (The spectators were beginning to murmur, but the Judge showed no signs of swinging his gavel. I could hear a strangely familiar voice shouting, 'You bastard! You promised you'd get her outta this!')

"At this point, I could declare the defendant guilty." He commented, adding to my despair without any apparent knowledge.

"Y-your Honor, I should still do the cross-examination…" I pointed out weakly.

"Ah yes. Go ahead, Mr. Wright. I'm not sure what good it'll do." (Yeah, thanks a lot.)

"It's all or nothing, Nick…good luck…" Maya said mournfully besides me, almost making me break out in tears for the stress.

"Um…how close were…the defendant and the victim's brother?" I started, but never got an answer, for Franziska butted in.

"Objection! That has nothing to do with this case whatsoever! The victim's brother is dead, and there is no use questioning about the relationship between a guilty woman and a dead man." I made no indication of any retort and the prosecutor smirked at me, obviously confident that the whole case was in the bag now.

"Uh…how bad was the explosion?" I continued, and this time Franziska didn't interrupt.

"Pretty bad, considering it killed one guy." Yveri responded, and it was then I noticed something weird.

"What did the explosion do to the defendant? She was there at the time also."

"Who knows? You'll have to ask her yourself, but right now, I don't think she's in the condition to do so." At that point, everybody in the court looked towards the hat that I could only assume had Seiya under it. She had sunk low under her stand at this point, and her face, I imagined, was very distraught.

"And how did Terry's death affect…you?" This time Yveri was caught off guard, and she showed it by suddenly standing up straight, then leaning on the podium again, as if nothing happened, though she wasn't smiling anymore, but staring at me warily. At least I was considered a threat to someone.

"Why would you ask me that? It affected Vigor the most. I'm only his brother's girlfriend; I didn't know him all that well. Vigor was his brother. Terry's death drove my boyfriend to drink, not me."

"Yes, but how did Terry's death affect you?" I repeated patiently. My tone seemed to have struck a nerve with Yveri, because she answered it gruffly.

"Not much. Like I said, I didn't know him very well. It was very sad of course. His death really took a toll on my boyfriend. It was horrible to watch, really, so I guess his death affected me in an indirect way."

I decided to continue pressing. "It must have affected you much more than that. You visit his grave, correct?"

"That's true, but only because I feel obliged to. Vigor never visits his grave, you know."

"And you had a picture of Terry besides your bed." I pointed out.

"You don't know if that was actually him, defense attorney. It could be my cousin for all you know." D'oh! She was right, of course. Call it a hunch, but I knew that was a picture of Terry. Unfortunately, I couldn't prove that it was. Damn.

"Are you done with this line of questioning, Mr. Phoenix Wright? I'm beginning to think that this is a waste of time." Franziska drolled from the other side of the court.

"This is rather tedious…" The Judge added from his perch. "Are you done, Mr. Wright?"

"Arg! I can't find anything wrong with her testimony!" I moaned, "There's no way out but a guilty verdict!"

"Nick, there's gotta be something else! Something else we overlooked!" Maya shouted at me. "You can't give up!"

"May I leave now, Your Honor?" Yveri smiled, and finally stood up straight. "I think you have enough evidence…"

"Yes, of course. Thank you for your time…" Dammit! There had to be something!

I desperately cried out, "Objection!" which got everybody's attention. (It always does, no matter where you are.) The Judge hardly looked patient.

"Yes, Mr. Wright? Do you have anything to tell us?"

"…Just one last chance…I think I have something. Please, Your Honor." The Judge, being the lenient man he was, stared darkly at me for a bit before nodding.

"Fine. I'll give you one chance to prove to the court that there is a possibility of the defendant being not guilty." Okay, got my one chance. If I slip up on this, it would be over. I had to come up with something fast.

I went over the whole trial today, and wondered again, what happened to Seiya in that explosion? Since it was powerful enough to kill, it must have done something to her as well. I looked at the hat, and then finally thought of something. It was risky, but then again, pretty much everything I did was.

"Your Honor, I have one request. I would like the defendant to stand up and take off her hat." Franziska immediately whipped me, no hesitation. Maya looked at me weirdly.

"Foolishness!" She (being Franziska of course) roared angrily, raising her whip once again. "How can this foolish request have anything to do with what we're doing now?!"

"Mr. Wright, I hope you're not wasting your chance!" The Judge added before looking towards Seiya. "Well, defendant, please take off your hat." The hat disappeared from the podium. "…Stand up, please." The podium was silent and still, as if staying uninteresting would make everybody go away. "Stand up, please." The Judge repeated, this time glaring. Even though the Judge wasn't the best glarer (Franziska would be the best here), Seiya slowly stood up, growing paler every second, obviously disliking the attention thrust onto her very much. But nobody was looking at how pale her face was, they were looking at the bandage around her left eye, and how her right looked glazed and unseeing, mostly because it probably couldn't see very well. I was amazed. My luck can be astounding sometimes.

"Well…ahem…this is…" He stuttered, caught off guard.

"Your Honor…my client, as you can see…is blind in one eye and apparently…uh…almost blinded in the other…" I also stuttered, caught off guard as well, but I recovered quickly. "…So I wonder how she can shoot a man in the middle of the forehead so accurately."

"Well…then this changes everything!" The Judge finally said, apparently unaware of all the talking that was going on now. (One familiar voice shouted, "Dammit, you made me worried!") "Then the only other person who could kill the victim is Yveri, isn't it?" Said girl was shooting glares at me now and tugging on her short hair nervously, while still managing to show off her cleavage (not that I was looking).

"Objection! Your Honor, the vision of the defendant is questionable. I would like to check with her doctor on how well she can actually see." Franziska declared, practically unfazed. "I suggest we prolong the trial." Dammit! I couldn't let her do that! I had to prove right then and there that Yveri was the guilty one.

"Objection! It's blatantly obvious that it's impossible for the defendant to have done the murder, and therefore, the woman that Mr. Monger saw was Ms. Jalus! There's no other possibility - gah!" You guessed it. Franziska brought out the whip.

"I say that it is possible! It is!" She roared again, her face contorted in absolute anger. It was very scary. She whipped her own podium to gain attention that was already on her. "The witness wouldn't kill her own boyfriend, of course!"

"Ms. von Karma, I have to say, I doubt the defendant's guilt." The Judge bravely stood up in Franizska's line of fire, but amazingly, he wasn't whipped. I wish I had that luck.

"I didn't do it! I didn't! I would never kill my boyfriend!" Yveri finally snapped, and she had started crying hysterically, slamming her podium, shaking her head, and all around moving about. Her breasts jiggled as if there was a party going on in there. (Not that I was looking.) "It wasn't me! It could have been…it could have been Andy! He was at the apartment too!" And on and on she went, silencing pretty much everybody in the court. The Judge was thoroughly confused, and tried to comfort her whenever possible.

"You don't love Vigor, do you!" The same line, said before, only met with a different reaction. Yveri stared at me, still crying, though this time she fell silent. Her mouth was open in a silent…well, it was open slightly. Then suddenly, she screamed.

Everybody winced, of course, (and the Judge grew even more baffled because, like all the other men, women were a confusing, emotional, fickle, thing to him.) because of the sheer volume, plus she started to pull on her hair, which looked very painful and messed it up badly. At the end, she made a loud 'THWACK!' when she threw her head onto the stand and stayed there for several minutes. The Judge started, "Um-" but was interrupted by Yveri, who had stood up again, still crying, but now staring at me. Not in loathing or anything, but more of a 'help me' stare. A bruise started to form on her forehead. I tried staring at it instead of at her face.

"Yes, I don't love him." She whispered.

"You love his brother."

"I thought I loved him! I really did! That's why we got together in the first place!" She wailed, and I was worried she would start pulling her hair and banging her head again, but she merely kept crying.

"But it was only peer pressure, wasn't it."

"Terry was always around, and I didn't know anything until he died! And then I changed, and Vigor changed…we started fighting. I was going to break up with him, finally, but when we were alone in my apartment, he started shouting. He was obviously drunk. He shouted…'You don't love me, you bitch! You don't love me! You love my dead, jackass of a brother!' And he started advancing on me. I hit him on the head with his beer bottle and took out his gun and threatened him with it so he wouldn't come closer. But…I was distracted by a flash. He saw that and jumped towards me, and…I just pulled the trigger. And the first idea that popped into my head…frame the person who killed who I really loved. I dragged his body next door and hid in the bass case when I heard her sister come." By this time, Yveri had composed herself once again and she looked up at the Judge, this time, not smiling. "Your Honor, I am guilty. I murdered him. I murdered the man I thought I loved."

There was silence in the court (I believe Andy had a field day and was probably writing on a notepad somewhere), except for Franziska's frustrated poundings on her podium and her mutters of 'Fools' and 'Impossible'. The Judge coughed, and said, "Well…um…that was a surprising turn of events. You did it again, Mr. Wright."

"Thanks, Your Honor." I replied mournfully. The whole confession was a bit depressing.

"Without further ado, I declare the defendant…

Not Guilty."

The Judge's booming voice led towards much cheering and celebration and confetti, which showed Gumshoe was at work. "The court is dismissed."

November 17, 1:03
District Court
Defense Lobby No. 2

"You did it, Nick! C'mon, Seiya! Be happier!"

"Ah…but Yveri really did frame me…" Seiya, still one of the most depressing person I've ever met, looked down towards the floor, wringing her hat in her hands. "This really is entirely my fault…if I hadn't made that one mistake, Terry wouldn't have died…Vigor wouldn't have started drinking…Yveri wouldn't have to kill him…"

"No, it wasn't your fault! You couldn't have known!" Maya tried to comfort her, but knew she wasn't good at it. She looked at me desperately, pleading me to come up with something to cheer her up.

"Uh…" I started, inducing a glare from my partner. "…Seiya, you were mixing two chemicals, right?" I got a solemn nod. "And the explosion was apparently made by you when you made a mistake?" Another solemn nod, and a glare from Maya. "And why weren't you killed by the explosion?"

"…Apparently, Terry stood in front of me to protect me…" She muttered.

"And that's when you were almost blinded. Terry's death wasn't your fault, Seiya. Only the explosion was your fault. You would have been killed, but Terry decided to protect you. You didn't cause his death, he died to protect you, of his own free will. He didn't have to stand in front of you, right?" Seiya nodded again, but this time slowly, as she explored this new thought.

"…You know, I started wearing this hat because I felt ashamed that Terry died, but I got away with only blindness…" Seiyaku suddenly tackled Seiya at that moment, so I had no idea what she was about to say next.

"You did it! You got a Not Guilty verdict!" She shouted happily to her sister, even though I was the lawyer. I was happy to pass on the tackle though. "Why didn't you tell me you're blind?!" Seiyaku suddenly shouted, shaking her sister angrily. I was about to step in bravely, afraid of what could happen next, but all of a sudden, Seiyaku broke into a wide grin again. "We gotta celebrate! Wright! Weird girl! We're gonna get some steak!"

"Uh…can I come too?" Gumshoe asked meekly behind us.

"Sure! Whatever!" Seiyaku replied before dragging Seiya away towards her car, cheerfully unaware of Maya's peeved face and ignorant of who her extra passenger was.

"Done." Phoenix Wright, ace attorney, sat back in his chair, a look of success and discomfort all over his face. "My fingers really ache now…"

Phoenix wasn't entirely sure why he wrote his case files in a certain way. He didn't think anybody was going to read them in the near future anytime soon. Maya certainly wasn't interested in reading about cases she had already been to. She'd rather watch whatever ninja/feudal era/cartoon show happened to be on at the moment. So while Phoenix set the newly-written case file in its place, in the shelves that also held Mia's old files, Maya didn't stir from her spot in front of the TV. Nor did she stir when someone knocked at the door of Wright and Co. Law Offices.

Not even stirring when, in reality, it came from the wall.

Puzzled, Phoenix walked over to the door, opened it, and looked to the right. Seiya was there, staring in front of her, obviously unaware that she had just missed the door by a few inches. Seiyaku was there as well, and she tugged her sister to her side and smiled at the lawyer. "Hey, Wright. Got your pay, plus a little tip from us." With a flourish, the check was presented to all in all its glory. Phoenix almost cried with joy.

"Oh, you didn't have to…" He answered, though he took the check anyways.

"I'm very grateful, Mr. Wright." Seiya said, staring at his shoulder. "You saved me and I'm finally not ashamed about my eyes."

"That's why she took off the hat." Seiyaku whispered to him.

"If you want, I got some tickets to a circus," Seiya continued, apparently unaware of the little interruption. "Three, in fact. They're a little early…but I got them courtesy of a friend of mine. We're not interested, of course, but I thought you and Maya would like them."

Before Phoenix could respond, Maya ran up to the door. "Really? A circus? Thanks!" She swiped the tickets, risking a paper cut, then glanced at Seiya again. "Hey, you're almost blind, right?" She ignored a sharp nudge at her side and a hissed 'Maya!' in her ear. "What do I look like?" Seiyaku appeared not to care, and Seiya didn't seem insulted.

"A big, fuzzy mass." She replied, smiling at the top of Maya's head. "I don't think you have purple hair, do you?"

"No, my clothes are sorta purple. Nice try, though!" Seiya smiled one last time at her before turning back to Phoenix.

"Thank you again, Mr. Wright. I'm sorry for knocking on your door and then running away…"

"That was you?" Phoenix stared at the once shy girl. Well, it explained why nobody was at the door at first. "But weren't you supposed to be at the detention center?"

"Ah, I told the folks there that she only wanted to find a lawyer. That convinced them." Seiyaku said. Phoenix didn't seem surprised. "But then she up and ran away at your door. I chased after her until she ran into a wall, then came back t' hire you."

"Oh." So she trusted us after all. Phoenix made a mental note to edit something in the file someday. "Well, thanks for the tickets," He said, knowing that Maya would never let him refuse them. She took it already anyways.