Fluff and Death

It's 5:41 am, and I'm high on tiredness. It's about time I make a fluff story. And, I will use one of my favorite cartoons for it: Ed, Edd, and Eddy! Finished at 7:08 am. Wow.

(Nazz's P.O.V.)

I opened the door to my house, and dropped my stuff on the floor. Immediately, I went to my bedroom, and plopped on the bed. I looked over to my mirror, and saw the old photo. The old gang, Rolf, Kevin, Sara, Jimmy, myself, "Big" Ed, smart Double "D" Edd and... Eddy.

I sighed, and closed my eyes. So many times, we called them dorks, all because they wanted jawbreakers. "For only a cotton picking quarter, you cotton picking city folk can get your own cotton picking critter!" Eddy's voice rang in my mind. "I'd take it all back, if I could." I whispered, before falling asleep.

(3rd P.O.V.)

"Nazz... Nazz, wake up!" Nazz awoke to Eddy calling to her. Nazz's eyes opened, and she found herself back in the Cull-de-sac. "Eddy? You're alive!" She yelled, running to him. He sidestepped, and she almost fell. "Hugs are a quarter." Eddy joked, stretching out his arms. Nazz laughed, and gave him a five, and embraced him. "Well, someone wants a little loving." Eddy pushed the envelop. "Shut up." Nazz said, punching him.

"Eddy, how are you here?" Nazz asked the now grown Eddy. He still wore the same old blue jeans and yellow shirt. He had grown a thick head of hair, and let his hair grow wild. "Huh? Waddya mean 'How am I here?' You act like I'm dead." Those words pierced her soul like an arrow. The image of Eddy in the hospital bed flash in Nazz's mind.

"But Eddy, I saw you on your deathbed... no one can survive drowning and the hypothermia." "Nazz, what are you talking about?" "We were at the beach, and I went to far out in sea. You came after me, and the current swept you away from shore. You were lost for two days, and wound up in a fisher's net... and it was all my fault." Nazz began to cry.

Eddy looked upon Nazz, and felt his heart breaking. His goddess of beauty, and love was sad. He couldn't bare it. He lifted her chin. "Nazz, never, I mean N.E.V.E.R. NEVER talk like that again," He wiped her tears away. "And, don't cry anymore, it kills me to see you like that."

At that word, Nazz awoke with a start. She was in a bedroom, similar to her own, but bigger. She was lying on someone's chest. She looked up at the person's face and felt overwhelming joy. She softly nudged the person until he awoke. "Good morning Eddy." "Beep. Beep. Beep" "Huh?"

In a flash, Nazz awoke, and was at Eddy's side. The respirator beeped. Ed was sleeping in a corner. 'Mono brow' was in the far left corner, and Edd just walked in with coffee. "Nazz, I got you some coffee." He said, handing her a steaming cup. He then scratched his hatted head. "Double 'D' what's beneath your hat?" Nazz asked. Edd grinned, then removed his cap. He revealed a pulsating skull.

Nazz cringed. "Genius can have a devastating effect on one's anatomy aspects." Eddy let out a sigh. "Sock... head?" "Eddy, you haven't called me that in years." "Where's lumpy?" Ed suddenly woke up. "EDDY?!" Ed ran to his companions side. "I want you to know... you're an idiot, Ed. And Edd, loosen up some..."

Eddy gasped. "Also, Sara's still a brat, Kevin should get a construction job with his shovel chin, Johnny's weird, Jimmy's acting stinks and no one misses Rolf." Eddy turned to Nazz. "And Nazz, it's not your fault. I'll see you two later." Ed began to cry, and Double 'D' guided him out of the room. "Eddy, I..." "Come here." Nazz complied. "Kiss me." Nazz hesitated, but then kissed Eddy. "I love you, Nazz." "I love you, too, Eddy."